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  1. Hey Yea I read the same about B550, and the Pcie gen 3 isnt even fully maximised buy most gpus yet? If I wont be sacrificing much then I think id rather go for the cheaper option
  2. Hey thanks for the reply. Im planning on the r5 3600 for cpu. The GPu is another whole can of worms hahaha. My original plan was the 5700xt but since its so similarly priced to the 3060ti it makes no sense to go for it, however the 3060ti is completely out of stock so who knows ..
  3. Hi Im not an overclocker or a very hardcore user, just gaming/work. im pretty sure this has been asked before but im still wondering. Ive been planning a build with a 3600 and the MSI b450m mortar max. I was pretty much set on the Mobo but havent bought yet for personal reasons, however for some reason the shops around me either havent had the mortar max in stock for a long time, or no longer carry it. So im wondering, is the b450m bazooka max wifi a good alternative? I know its cheaper, and the mortar max is the better option, but if i had no choice would the bazooka m
  4. Hey Ive been planning my PC build for a long time so id already settled on the MSI b450 Mortar Max for my R5 3600. However now ive just noticed that the MSI bazooka max wifi has recently released, and its slightly cheaper, and has wifi. As far as I know the mortar max was a reputable and well reviewed board, so would I be better off sticking with it or should I go for the bazooka as it has Wifi. I can survive without wifi but I figured that if it comes with wifi I wont need to buy an adapter in the future, and its also cheaper. Its not immediately clear to me whats
  5. Hey thanks for the detailed ans, explains why both options are so much cheaper than the competition. I get what you mean by avoid the gaming brands, and I was thinking along the same lines initially, until I realised these brands are the only ones that wouldnt break the bank. At least for me. Would you say the given Gigabyte is an internation company, theyd have a better track record and QC than the local brand ive mentioned?
  6. Hi sorry if this question has been asked before but I couldnt find anything. What is the difference between 2 monitora with identical specs if one is from a somewhat well known brand(like gigabyte) and the other is from a no name local brand? Where im from its pretty hard to find monitors for good prices im not sure why. Im looking to buy a 1440p monitor to game on. I recently bought a 27inch 1440p 144hz IPS monitor from a local brand for quite a good price. The brand is also pretty well reviewed in the local community even though its know that they either use low grade
  7. Oh okay, so I guess its safe to assume the monitor works fine then. Thanks!
  8. Hmm its also an obsure local branded custom laptop hahaha. But i havent had any issues with the laptop before. Also even if its HDMI 1.4 shouldnt it at least offer 75hz?
  9. Oh okay, i didnt know about that. But even at HDMI 1.4 shouldnt it at least offer 75hz?
  10. Hi, this may be a stupid question. Ive been looking to build a com in the next month or so, recently the monitor that ive planned to buy went on sale so I decided to just buy it first. Its rated at 1440p and 144Hz however when i connect it to my laptop to test it out the display settings wont let me change the refresh rate to more than 60Hz. Is this because my laptop screen is only rated at 60Hz? My laptop has a 1050ti in it, so I dont understand why im not at least allowed to change the monitor settings to 144Hz even though a 1050Ti may not be powerful enough to output that many f
  11. Not really, theres only one person using an Iphone, the rest are androids including Samsungs. Which settings are you referring to?
  12. Hey thanks for the reply Do you mind elaborating more on the first point? I might give it a try and see if it works for me. Hmm I wonder why a modern samsung would have such issues when the rest of my family's phones dont, but I guess something must ve wonky with mine. I know range extenders arent a perfect solution but unfortunately they were my only option. Ive tried the test and it didnt seem to help anything, ill try it again.
  13. Hey thanks for the reply. Hmmm this seems like a valid issue which makes me even more frustrated cus it looks like there isnt a convenient way for me to solve this, unless you know of a way to solve it? I simply dont know why my phone in particular has this issue.