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  1. amio bengali...

  2. I am also a bangali XD

  3. This is really exciting. It will most likely be introduced in tomorrow's E3 keynote. I would guess prices to be around $650-$700 https://videocardz.com/newz/amd-ryzen-9-3950x-to-become-worlds-first-16-core-gaming-cpu
  4. @CableMod Thanks. For the lengths, are they the same as the stock cables that come with the PSU?
  5. I mainly wanted the Corsair PSU because of the included magnetic labels. It's a simple thing, but attracted me towards it
  6. If you are not familiar with my current setup already, feel free to check it out here The new Ryzen 3000 CPUs have me really excited, so much so that I am planning to finally get a new build. CPUs in the last decade or so really haven't been exciting, which is why I put off upgrading for so long, but I think it's now time I am planning to spend $4k-$5k including a new 1440p Gsync monitor and keyboard. I wouldn't mind going over that budget if needed. This PC will be used for 60% gaming and streaming, 20% dev work, 20% video editing I am trying to do grey /
  7. I am confused about what you are confused about. My original post still has pictures, and doesn't appear broken to me. What's the issue here?
  8. When are 400 series motherboards coming out? I would assume Q3 2019, since Z390 just came out?
  9. So I am planning to do a build soon. I am planning to go with a black and white theme. I will get custom cables from from Cablemod to fit my theme. I think I will get a graphics card with white shroude as well. Following are the parts I am planning on getting: i9 9900k RTX 2080Ti ASUS Maximus Code Z390 970 Pro 1TB My first question is, do you guys think this motherboard will look good in a black and white build? Also, what case do you think will my fit my theme with this motherboard?
  10. Are you a Bengali

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. Bengali


      Surely is a very common question I get lol. There must be a lot of bengalis on this forum :)

    3. AbdullahTrees


      So..... are you? :D I'm from Bangladesh 

    4. Krazes


      My parents are from Sylhet, Bangladesh but I was born and raised in the UK (luckily :P

  11. This is actually a pretty neat setup. Did you build those speakers yourself?
  12. Still like how you had 317 posts in 2015. How come we never see ye around?

    1. Bengali


      I don't post, but I do lurk around the forums quite a bit :) 

  13. Haha thanks! Good to see someone appreciating my ancient set up