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    Spending too much time on making specific budget pcpartpicker lists when I know I can't afford it.
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  1. Mr_Taco

    Slow WiFi

    Ok I will do many of those things. Would you recommend 3m tape to put it on the wall?
  2. Mr_Taco

    Slow WiFi

    I have a ac1200+ Linksys router as well as a arris modem
  3. Mr_Taco

    Slow WiFi

    It is behind a 55" flat screen.
  4. Mr_Taco

    Slow WiFi

    No I did not, I kept the router settings the same.
  5. Mr_Taco

    Slow WiFi

    I am not exactly sure what you mean by that.
  6. Mr_Taco

    Slow WiFi

    It is a Samsung Galaxy s6
  7. Mr_Taco

    Slow WiFi

    Hello, I have a problem with my wifi currently. I recently upgraded to a 100 down 10 up (charter has horrible up speeds I know) When I watch YouTube my videos buffer a lot, and I ran a speed test for my down and up and I got 1mbps down and up. I know it's on WiFi, but my phone(which is what I took the speed test on) is only about 10-15 feet away from the router, and even then I should still get a good down/up. Do you guys know what could be the cause of this?
  8. Alright thanks! I will look at getting this as it looks like a really good deal for the price
  9. Thanks! I saw this at first and I was like an i7-8700 is worth $389? But then I checked and noticed that it was from Canada, sorry for not clarifying, but I changed it to USD so its all good.
  10. 3dsmax and I'm not sure if it really qualifies as CAD, but Autodesk inventor.
  11. Yes I have all of those I just need a monitor.
  12. It's my first time buying a PC and I'm not sure what to get. My budget is $1900(With monitor included) I am mostly going to be gaming as well as CAD and schoolwork.
  13. Hopefully they do, because my cousin bought a gtx 1060, and he paid $350, but the week before it was going for $289 and then I checked the following week(After the purchase) the price of it is $399, so i'm not exactly sure how it works, but it seems like they're just trying to get money, and I feel like with the new GPU's launching in Q3 of this year, they will do that on a much higher scale.