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  1. The first thing that comes to mind is possibly gpu usage not being high enough. My gpu sits almost at idle clocks when playing Factorio (a simple game) maybe its something like that? Please tell us what games you're playing along with possibly other pc specs.
  2. People should be aware of the possible dangers but that doesn't mean all batteries that age do that. AKA PSA remember where you put devices and make sure you keep them away from flammables if storing. Also make sure you have a fire extinguisher in your house.
  3. So the pc was completely fine for how long before it started? Are you still under warranty for the gpu?
  4. I hear that stopping around 80% is great but so far I haven't found any way besides watching it like a hawk. Do you know of a program (macos) that will stop charging at a certain point? After doing more research it seems like 5 years is a decent bet to still have around 73%-82% of its max capacity (should be noted the arm chips use less power and WILL require less charging) and the macbook air m1 comes with a 30 watt compared to the pros 60 watt so should be closer (probably still much lower) to the 82% mark. Also to note the battery is replaceable (definitely not user replaceable/shouldn
  5. So i've been doing a lot of research and already did some before. I know batteries aren't exactly ment to be abused to the degree at which we tend it (phones atleast) but im curious how much do you think longevity is effected purely by charging faster vs slower. AKA fast charging a phone vs not fast charging, using the 30 watt adapter that comes with a macbook air vs using a 18 watt or even a 100 watt. i've tried to look for a half decent answer (aka 1% less max capacity a year vs 2%) but I haven't seen enough data to really know HOW BAD it is. So i've decided to ask for your guys opinions. Ho
  6. I personally suggest the ath-m40x I love them. They have a very accurate sound (no bass boosted just sounds like how it was made). I personally find them amazing for everything including gaming. If you would like a more bass heavy sound (not overpowering but definitely boosted) the ath- m50x are a great choice. I have only used the m40xs and so far after about 4 months I have 0 complaints and at 100$ there far better than anything else i've used at that price range.
  7. You can use a program called process lasso and set obs to a lower priority (or cod to a higher one). As long as your don't drop frames in obs it should work perfectly (Aslong as your cpu isn't maxed it generally works out fine). Another issue is at least when I streamed having my gpu at 100% would cause dropped frames (one reason why streamers like dual pcs).
  8. Besides reducing background programs I don't believe there is a huge amount. I'd suggest a lightweight antivirus and then having as little things running at start up. Don't disable things that seem important such as audio services. If you need help you can send a picture of the start up using the snipping tool (hit windows key and type snip then hit enter and it should load up). https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/2944-add-delete-enable-disable-startup-items-windows-10-a.html
  9. That means Moonzy is probably right and its the monitor. Just look around the osd its unlikely to be something hard to find.
  10. So I was watching the video linked below and it shows that the temps on the macbook air m1 does sadly still get insanely hot (atleast imo?) on the cpu under sustained load. This is while honestly understandable is still worrying to me since I do plan to get a macbook air m1 and really don't want to spend 300$ more for the pro (es since the thermal throttling cutting performance doesn't bother me). That being said what are your guys opinions do you think reaching these high temps every few days will (I honestly don't use any device incredibly hard) will drastically shorten the life? Has anyone
  11. There will never ever be an app simply because that would mean all subscriptions from the app will have to give a cut to Apple. That's why a lot of ios apps didn't make the leap and instead opted out.
  12. Depends if the wifi adapter works with windows without drivers. Would have to tell us what wifi adapter it is for us to even try and find out. EDIT I have never had a wifi driver ment for pcs not work out of the box.