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  1. So I jsut went from a sata 120ish gb ssd thats like 5 years old now to a 500gb wd nvme ssd. Im cloning my os over right now and noticed that the average response times were much higher on the nvme. Thats the nvme and below is the sata ssd Please note those averages are the numbers im talking about regardless that the cloning finished before I took a screen shot. So simply put is task manager wrong? if all my speeds seems fine does that mean everythings good? Any tips or suggestions?
  2. people whos a this is normal for wifi tend to have had bad experiences. Comcast atleat for me has been having this issue since March. I used to have 20% packet loss (yeah that bad) now its much better but i still get some packet loss and a lot of spikes. I suggest trying it again wired as it could be wifi if it still occurs your best bet is to call your isp.
  3. monitor or the desktop/laptop? What monitor do you have?
  4. not really. Even very high quality and silicon winners cap much lower than that on Ryzen. Remember clock speed isn't everything a higher ipc can easily allow a processor to overtake a "faster" processor.
  5. be able to yes. Python is extremely flexible and there definitely is a way. if i was you i'd look into making a more basic web crawler and then move towards your main goal. I say this because web crawlers are popular enough to find a lot of guides to get you started. If you're asking more about specifics then you can edit your main question to add that.
  6. fps spike cuts out internet so does graphic glitches that being said i've actually had a similar thing. A power outage(it flickered on and off for a few minutes happened while I was asleep) seemed to have messed up my monitor. Every once in awhile it would flicker grey for like a second. Long story short I got a new monitor same issue and found out the power thing destroyed two of my display ports. Luckily i use one display port and one hdmi. So try a different display port/video out, then trying using DDU and reinstalling the game, then i'd look and see if a program is running that is stealin
  7. Honestly for just gaming and general usage you kinda hit the needle on the head with that build. That build will grow into itself really well especially if you play at 1440p.
  8. What do you plan on doing with your pc? As a whole that seems like a pretty solid build as is.
  9. If you're willing to wait then i'd suggest the r7 4700 (or x if you aren't into OC). That being said I have a r7 1700 and its only at 3.7ghz and it streams no issue at all. That's with cpu encoding as well so if you get/got a 20xx or 30xx card and use hardware encoding I can't imagine even a r5 1600 (aka 6 core) would have an issue. The main reason streaming is hard is when the cpu has to encode so when that's mostly or completely removed most cpus can stream. Linus was using a i5 4 core with a 2080ti in his VR(and streaming) rig for a long time because of that reason.
  10. Depends on if each thread can handle that and mostly how fast your internet is. Faster internet without a thread bottleneck yes but honestly I kinda doubt it. I would look at your download speed vs your internet speed that would be a good tell.
  11. Good hopefully the other releases aren't as plagued by scalpers.
  12. Then wait........... They will get back into stock and while it will be a problem it becomes less of a problem the cheaper a product. Maybe a month after they come out and i'd expect any PERSON who wants them could get them.
  13. My moms phone case has this issue. I've cleaned it with dish soap and even scrubbed a bit. You can get it to the point that it doesn't stink up a room but once you get it on there it kinda is stuck. AKA if you smell the case its likely to always have a hint.
  14. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1250946-viotek-gnv34dbe-free-sync-flicker/
  15. So I recently bought a 21 by 9 monitor link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B086BLFMZW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Part of the reason I was interested in it was because it was pretty much a step up in every way from my 1080p 144hz tn free sync 24inch monitor. Issue is that so far I can't get free sync to work without occasional flickering. Its VERY subtle but it does occur depending on the content. If I am watching a video in VLC and have it as a window the whole screen will have a small flicker (repeatable). Any advice? I didn't see anyone mention this in the A