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  1. I have a couple that I've done some different things with: XBMC Media Centre uTorrent client Home server NES Emulator/Quake 3!
  2. Hey there, I looked around for quite some time too and found the post about the bathroom scales weighing in at 15.4kg. The post underneath is quite relevant as well stating that you will have to factor in packaging for the sub too. You said yourself that the seller lives 6 hours away which is a fair amount of time for a sub to be bouncing around in a post van. Basically, the sub probably weighs 15.4kg plus packaging so no, I think you're out of luck sorry.
  3. I actually started a thread not too long ago about this. I own a Mac myself and was able to make the podcasts with audio and a few frames at the end for BoTW. A few replies guided me to PM Linus and Slick which I did and got the reply that a Podcast is in the works! So just hold out and I'm sure they'll bring something out soon.
  4. Don't be ditching us over at ComputerLounge bro! You get a lot more attention over here though tbh so fair enough. Looking bloody impressive
  5. I was thinking about this, yeah. I'll send a forum message and a tweet to both and see what happens.
  6. Yeah, I've read most of the topics on here about this and most people reckon that it's not something that they (LMG) have the time or resources to bother with it.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm a long time LTT fan and have been lurking here for a bit. There has been the occasional thread popping up here and there and also a poll about having The WAN Show podcasted. I have been a fan of the podcast idea from the start as I podcast a bunch of stuff myself so I decided to look into it. I have (I'm sorry) a Macbook and therefore Garageband which, although being useless for everything else, is quite good for making podcasts. Having a bit of spare time I decided to make them with chapters and album art. I've posted some of these on my SoundCloud for the meantime but