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  1. I apologise if this is out of topic. Need your help with this issue. I am using Samsung S8 for over a year. Yesterday suddenly after opening camera, the screen turned yellow with reduced brightness. and black vertical lines appeared all over the screen. Restarting, switching ROMs dint help. The lines show up in 30% birghtness to 70%. the issue randomly comes after using phone for few minutes. i also notieced when i have a complete black wallpaper, the screen instead of displaying complete black, very dim red pixels are active in black area. Last good image is
  2. Thanks, now the curve looks something like this.
  3. I got a gtx 1070. i have configured fan curve to start the fans at 35c. After the temperature hits 35c, the fan speed starts at 1%. But instead of fans spinning at constant speed, they turn off and on continuously(temperature is still above 35c here.) These drops happen till fan reaches its 30% speed, and after that there is there is no drop in the fan speeds. Any idea why this happens?
  4. Its been few days since i got a used 1080 ti. And its getting heated crazy on the backplate and specially the 2 exposed vrms on the backplate. i see that even if the backplate has very little direct contact with PCB, it gets very hot, then imagine actual temps on the components. As gamer nexus vid says the cooling on this card is meh. so i was thinking just remove the backplate and put 120mm x 2 fans on the pcb with some support. that should ideally cool the pcb and vrms below it ? or should the vrms be cooled from the top ? i know that the rubber between hea
  5. will it be a bottleneck on 1080p @60fps as well ?
  6. GTX 780 has its minimum power specs to 600w. your power supply does not have a 8 pin cable because it cannot supply sufficient power on the 8 pin. You can still go ahead and use adaptor for 6 to 8 pin, but it will definitly cause instablity due to insufficient power in demanding games.
  7. hi, i am getting a good deal for new Asus Gtx 1080 around $500. Currently running Gtx 570. I will be gamming on 1080p. no plans of changing that in long run. Will this card hold up like 5-6 years from now till i get unplayable framerates? or should i shell out more money and buy RTX 2070 at actual price only for its new features?
  8. thanks, shall i check the voltage in these cables or something else ? i suppose if there was no correct voltage the GPU would not start in the first place.
  9. i checked this review - https://www.kitguru.net/components/power-supplies/zardon/antec-truepower-750w-new-series-review/2/ Connector Antec TruePower TP-750 ATX Connector (540mm) 24 pin 12VI 5.25″ Drive (540mm+150mm+150mm) 3 3.5″ Drive connectors (+150mm) 1 SATA (540mm+150mm+150mm) 3 8 Pin EPS12V (540mm) 1 12V2
  10. Hi, my pc config Antec true power 750w MSI GTX 570 Asus sabertooth x58 Intel i7 950 stock 16GB DDR3 ram so it has been 7 years since this configuration is running without any problems. Recently, strange thing happend. When i open any game and after random minutes in game, screen gets blacked out and i have to hard reset the machine. GPU temps are well under limit. Some times it crashes within few seconds of same game, other times its runs for 5 min or so. GPU has 2x6 pin connectors, and it was hooked to default(2x6+2) PCI-E cables o
  11. its awesome.. currently running a gtx 570.. planning to upgrade with this monster <3