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  • Birthday Apr 17, 1972

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    Gatineau QC
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    Tech, woodworking, PC gaming, cooking, fam, stuff, shiz.
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    I'm a dude like me. I bring a lot to the table because I can cook and I like to make and fix things, I'm not always stupid, and I'm not a jerk.
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    I worked as a cook and chef for almost thirty years until the call of Civil Service lured me in


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    Ryzen 3 1300x
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    ASRock AB350M
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    16G Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400
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    GTX 950
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    Thermaltake C something
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    3xhdd, 1xssd, 1xM.2
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    I blow on it occasionally

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  1. It'd be a shame if you guys didn't swap out the lids on those hard drives for some acrylic. Gotta see those platters spin baby!
  2. @LinusTech: Re: travel to events - could it be more cost-effective to hire local freelance journalists in NY and China to provide coverage, rather than have you or your employees go out there?
  3. We left a bit early to try and catch the six, which was the one that went down. Got on the seven so that worked out - dammit, I was looking forward to the Pacific buffet but the Dude was fading fast at that point, so he ate shitty pizza from the terminal kiosk instead.
  4. The Dude and I had a great day, thanks to everyone at LTT (and Floatplane Media, and special guests) for making it happen.
  5. b3ar

    #AskLTX Q&A

    Edzel: What's the most extreme or ridiculous thing you've had to do to a coworker to push production forward? Nick: Cake or pie? Linus: What fantasy/sci fi piece of future tech are you yearning to see in reality?
  6. @CPotterSo I've decided that I'm taking the car over to the mainland, because who needs money. How's the parking at the Oval?
  7. Super stoked! Any age restrictions for the jousting or hamster ball? My lil dude is ten, but he's a BIG ten - like, over five feet tall.
  8. Damn. That's epic bad luck.
  9. Depends on what you're into and how much cash you want to blow. I'll warn you, downtown Van is on a $ par with other major international cities like New York, London, Tokyo, etc. Outlying areas like Richmond (where the venue is) are less expensive to stay at. If you're outdoorsy there's a veritable fuckton of places to go, and this is probably the cheapest option. If you're crunchy granola outdoorsy, I'd recommend taking a few days and hitting up some of the Gulf islands: Hornby, some of the most epic scenery you'll come across; Saltspring, larger and a ton of artists and decent ca
  10. b3ar

    Reddit AMA!

    Tickets purchased. Missed the AMA (some of us have to work on the last day of the fiscal year, mister).
  11. I'm tempted to volunteer to cater it. I was a cook and chef for 27 years.
  12. Nope, meant the one in Nova Scotia: https://www.google.ca/maps/dir/Richmond+Olympic+Oval,+6111+River+Rd,+Richmond,+BC+V7C+0A2/Lansdowne+Station,+NS+B0K+1Z0/@45.5501445,-107.8710013,4.25z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x54860ad3c5eb4c4d:0x100acce00a5ec108!2m2!1d-123.1518888!2d49.1748301!1m5!1m1!1s0x4b5c01303d14aac1:0xec9b5bfac31f10e9!2m2!1d-62.8188889!2d45.4286109!3e2?hl=en
  13. I went to the one in 1968, and the one in 1982. I also attended last years. Out of all of them, last years smelled the best and had the least corduroy.
  14. Not even, I figure it's a fifteen minute walk from the Lansdowne station.
  15. Victoria. Happy to see it in Richmond this year, might not have to catch the 7am ferry over. Managed to keep the day under $100 last year - park the car at the Victoria terminal, walk on, TransLink DayPass and ride the ghetto limos. If I'm feeling really saucy I could take the car over and squeeze in a trip to Ikea. Or take my 10 yr old with me to LTX and my wife could hit up the Ikea while the dude and I geek out.