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  1. Ooosh, I heard bad about that board. Please don't overclock with the 970 serious of boards, just buy a new board or reset CMOS... (If you want to overclock) Or! you can just try lower the overclock, I don't think you need a overclock If you're playing a game like Counter-Strike
  2. Pull one stick out, or try get some more. I think It might be some dead RAM you have there. Or, you can test that RAM In a friends PC to see If It works, It may be your mobos DIMM slots. Either way, I think It's a RAM problem, personally. Good luck...
  3. Weird. Does this happen to any other game? might just be a in-game glitch or corrupt file.
  4. You can monitor your fan speeds In the BIOS.
  5. Make sure your drivers are up to date.
  6. What's the RAM you got? I need to make sure It's compatible with the CPU and mobo.
  7. Check the temps to make sure they're all safe, check the CPU ones first and then the GPU ones. Also, I'd try do a stress test just to see if you get a BSOD or anything...
  8. He's talking about Fahrenheit. 95F Is 35C...
  9. Wow It does support. " Intel's 7th-gen Core processors, presumably the latest and greatest CPUs the company has to offer. They're the successor to Intel's 6th-gen "Skylake" processors from 2015." This Is gonna be sweet!
  10. I thought so, It has a better upgrade path as well, right? (LGA 1151) and the AM3+ Is dead Also, can I overclock It? I know It has no K, but I just have heard you could??
  11. i5-6500 vs FX-8350 The better CPU? gaming wise. Thanks In advance!
  12. No, just go for a H serious or something... You will save money, there Is no difference In the board, but the overclock feature, and that you will not be using because of your locked CPU. Get some more/better RAM or something. If not get a unlocked chip, and overclock. The unlocked chip Is like $25-45 more I think.
  13. What about the i5-6500, would I be able to hit 4GHz with the stock cooler? (If I can even overclock It)