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    Overclocking beyond limits
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    monday: school
    tuesday: school
    wednesday: school
    thursday: school
    friday: school
    saturday: wan show, overclocking
    sunday: games
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    pc repair

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  1. ACCOUNT GIVEAWAY! Im givingaway my account because im not going to use it anymore. my reputation on this forum has slip down a lot so its time to start a new life on overclock.net :D winner will be choosen in the next 10 minutes on random.org

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    2. megadarkwood
    3. niksuto


      You don't seem to be fully stable.. Please take your time to read this thread, maybe it'll provide you with something helpful.

    4. Johners
  2. bye bye LTT, overclock.net is so much better. where did 2 warning points come from?

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    2. acepro71


      i don’t care u can go where ever u want its ur will :P

    3. epkoc


      if anyone else (from my friends list) has an overclock.net account add me. my nick is epicoverclock

    4. megadarkwood


      You should know why you got those warning points. Likes?

  3. what happens when i have a lot of likes?
  4. when will i be able to choose a custom member description above my avatar?
  5. when license is tied to bios it makes it easier to install windows on a oem machine if they lost the oem license label or forgot to activate windows manually
  6. why is the windows 8 license not tied to the motherboard bios slic?
  7. just reached 120 likes!

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    2. Lil Chillbil

      Lil Chillbil

      I still hold the record for 196 in 30 minutes

    3. epkoc


      well im going to have 500 likes nin 1 hour if u want me to

    4. Lil Chillbil
  8. your profileis so bad

    1. Joshua


      Stop being so damn childish and annoying, grow up.

    2. Johners


      Grow up mate

  9. epkoc

    random game

    join on http://pyz.socialgamer.net/game.jsp search for wderr join the game password is "ltt"
  10. epkoc

    random game

    join on http://pyz.socialgamer.net/game.jsp search for wderr join the game password is "ltt"
  11. no, it overestimates the wattage a bit, in case you have a poor quality power supply
  12. epkoc

    Civ5 key

    PLZZZZ!!!! ME NO GAMEZ ON STEAM. you exploited greenmangaming