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  1. Dang it, i did do some searching and did not find the topic posted yet. Hopefully mod can delete this thread
  2. Source: https://kotaku.com/ea-temporarily-removes-microtransactions-from-star-wars-1820528445 After getting the lowest score in the history in Metacritic, with the user score of 0.9 , I believe gamers have made their voice loud and clear that loot box are not welcome to stay especially for full price titles. Hopefully this will deter other greedy developers from implementing loot boxes in their games.
  3. You can get 6 pin to 8 pin adapter . For example like this https://www.amazon.com/JacobsParts-6-pin-8-pin-Express-Converter/dp/B00JLTCMFC
  4. Cool video and even cooler project. Hope i have the chance to try it myself.
  5. @LinusTech already used this.He showed it at WAN Show. Go to 1 hour mark.
  6. works in malaysia Might be cancelling my cable subscription after this.
  7. Over the last 4 years, you've spent 566 hours playing this selection, which includes 172 items, is valued at $2260.05, and requires 715.3 GB Still new on steam. Most of spent time were from clicker game
  8. I would love to stream hearthstone and heroes of storm with it. Thank for the giveaway.
  9. They did offer both refunds and game compensation to anyone that still holding to the game. http://www.dualshockers.com/2015/10/28/batman-arkham-knight-returns-to-steam-offers-free-games-and-team-fortress-2-content/
  10. Source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/21/an-offer-creators-cant-refuse/ Personally i disagree with this method. It is such an underhand strategy to make creators provide content for their services. I believe that they should provide a great platform for creators until the creators want to join their service. This bullying method is not the way to do it.
  11. Slow mo for me. Love to take high speed video.
  12. But they already did 4k on z5 premium. Contradicting with their on action.
  13. Nintendo likely sees videos like this are now going to compete directly with (or be more closely associated with via YouTube’s “watch this next” algorithms) the plethora of Mario Maker videos that will flood the internet soon and they don’t want to give a lot of unintended press to people using ROMs and emulators, or making Mario levels in a way other than their new software.This are the same things SEGA did few years back.
  14. A recent review by displaymate reveal that s6 in fact has the best display. You can read in depth review in their website.The old galaxy s had contrast problem but the current amoled screen has eliminate that completely. http://www.displaymate.com/Galaxy_S6_ShootOut_1.htm
  15. ExDreamer


    I watch good mythical morning and unbox therapy.
  16. Rising Thunder is the fighting game built by the fighting game community’s most enthusiastic leaders, and it’s been built specifically to address what’s wrong with the genre.So no more quarter circle input and all special can be done using a push of a button. Gameplay video Register here: http://www.risingthunder.com/ I get the key 2 days after registered, so it seems pretty easy to get in.
  17. @SpaghettiCarbonara maybe you could add this in the main post since most people dismiss the claims since it coming from 8chan.
  18. My only worry with wireless charger in public place is that it would use battery charging cycle more aggressive because you would only charge it about 30 to 1 hour, no where enough for full charging. This may result in battery dying a lot earlier than extended. Big trouble for non-removable battery smartphone.
  19. There are some stock from seller in my country but i'm not sure if they send international . You might want to ask them before placing order. http://www.lelong.com.my/avexir-blitz-32gb-4x8gb-ddr4-3000mhz-avd4u30001508g-4bz1r-red-led-easyit2u-164695222-2016-06-Sale-P.htm http://www.lelong.com.my/avexir-blitz-16gb-4x4gb-ddr4-3200mhz-avd4u32001604g-4bz1r-red-led-easyit2u-163853143-2016-05-Sale-P.htm http://www.lelong.com.my/avexir-blitz-32gb-4x8gb-ddr4-2800mhz-avd4u28001508g-4bz1r-red-led-easyit2u-164653682-2016-06-Sale-P.htm#descpContainer http://www.lelong.com.my/avexir-blitz-16gb-4x4gb-ddr
  20. Well, this monitors use a standard qi wireless charging, so any phones that support this standard could use it no matter the brands. You could even use it on iphone if you are using wireless charging case for iphone.
  21. Most wireless charger now cost around USD 15 to 50 USD .For me, i would pay that extra money for innovation and extra convenient in the future.If it cost over USD 100 from other monitors, it would be a different story.
  22. Source : http://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-wireless-charging-monitors-628636/ http://global.samsungtomorrow.com/samsung-electronics-unveils-worlds-first-wireless-mobile-charging-monitor/ I think this would be nice if it become standard in all monitor moving forward.The benefit of charging your phone without any wired connection far outweight the disadvantage of the extra cost. This could eliminate clumsy wire management.
  23. Currently using 10 dollar mouse so it's pretty uncomfortable to use.I would love to own one of this
  24. Asus even advertise overclocking on their laptop as a feature. So i believe that nvidia should leave it to the manufacturers to decide whether the laptop should support overclocking or not and how would they handle their warranty.