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  1. Well, for anyone interested, I did go ahead with the swap and it is all still working fine. I had disabled the cached disk prior to the swap, so all data was saved on the slow media.
  2. Hi, So just to clarify, what ports do you have available on the GPU and on the 2 monitors? if you are using HDMI to DVI, and a DP, can you use a different cable setup at all? Another couple of things. Are you using GeForce Expirience to get the drivers? After the DDU, if you boot back into Windows(Not in safe mode, safe mode limits display output itself), do the 2 monitors work ok with the Native windows drivers(before you install NVIDIA's, the monitors should still work fine) ? Are there any Windows updates waiting to be installed? Is yo
  3. Hi, Yeah, more or less. Go to MSI's website and download it. There even is a short video with the basics on their page too: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/MPG-Z390-GAMING-PLUS#down-bios You need to make sure that while the updating takes place, you don't lose power or something as this will mess up your whole board. Read up a bit about it on the forum, I'm sure there is plenty of info laying about. I would still suggest going through a CMOS reset before BIOS upgrade. If that solves it, it will save you a lot unnecessary trou
  4. Hi Try removing the CMOS battery and unplugging the power cable for about an hour or so. This will reset your BIOS. It might help. Also, if you manage to get it to boot, check for BIOS updates.
  5. Hello, If this is what you get: Try to go back into the display settings and check what the multiple display setup is. Make sure it says Extend these displays:
  6. Hi All, I've got myself in a situation where I need to replace my motherboard with a different one - from MSI B450 Tomahawk Max to Asus ROG Strix B450-F I was just about to do the actual swap when I remembered that I have StoreMI active on my secondary drive+extra SSD, the Windows drive is not affected. Would replacing the motherboard mess things up? I know I can't remove StoreMI without wiping the HDD, so I am trying to avoid backing up the whole 2TB drive somewhere else. There isn't anything that important on it, but would prefer not to loose if possible.
  7. That's awesome! I'd be verry happy if i get the razor blade 14! It is a fantastic machine on which i'll play The Witcher 3 and Doom and League of Legends and many more!
  8. It looks Awesome! I just got my new gaming rig and this would be a great extension to it!