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  1. why not run it as a service in MPLS and use IS-IS?
  2. hahaha I love that antenna, its cute... I think there will be all kinds of problems with such a solution, VSWR errors, stability issues, etc and I really do not think it will work Do you have Line of Sight? If yes, then just mount a few Ubiquiti NanoBeam https://www.ubnt.com/airmax/nanobeam-ac/ and be done with it You will never get gigabit using 802.11, it is always half duplex.
  3. does that windows stuff allow for SSH into a shell? Then that might be an option.. this might be an option, but dont know 100% how it is done if at all on windows.. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/555966
  4. I did.. But what you were asking or hinting at, was how to circumvent the speedcap your ISP has given you. There is not a legal way to do that.
  5. Why is this a thing? Why does people not want to pay for the product they are getting? If you want more speed - pay for more speed, that is pretty much how the world works and how it should be - if you want something, buy it.
  6. InVis

    Help me!!

    buy this: http://www.edimax.com/edimax/merchandise/merchandise_detail/data/edimax/global/wireless_adapters_ac600_dual-band/ew-7811uac/ You will not regret it.
  7. The new (round) Ubiquiti AC line does not cost that much I recommend them wholeheartedly
  8. It still does not seem like you are listening to advice, so I'm done offering Good luck with your project
  9. I am really sorry, but so far I have not seen anything that would suggest that you have a well put together business plan other than "I have a server, I want to host something at home and make sweet sweet money" But I have not seen that you have taken or thought about the advice you have gotten here from some of us. There is a reason ISPs charge extra money for business lines, there are other things than just the speed behind it and there is a reason why hosting is not basicly free, there are a lot of costs associated with it and keep a service online at all times
  10. is it possible for you to run a cable some of the way? In that case - get an Access Point instead. if not - powerline + access point Repeaters are always a bad solution and all routers should adhere to the same standards and laws, so the coverage should be more or less the same regardless of the router (if it is consumer hardware and it is the same RF environment)
  11. Do not do it... Your ISP most likely does not allow it on your home line You need to pay for internet, power, redundancy, cooling, supoport/customer service and backup hardware when something fails, so all that needs to be calculated into your price. You will most likely be ddos'ed when some angry anti-social kid loses a game or something It is in most cases not worth the hazzle. Hosting something for close friends for free or allow donations, no problem.. Taking money for a services becomes a problem, if you are not able to keep that service
  12. You can usually just bridge the wan interface to a lan interface on the routers or use dmz and disable nat/pat. I have set my Technicolor up in a way where the WAN ip is given to eth1 - would work with larger subnets as well, but that requires some more CLI foo...
  13. like every system builder says in their videos... Throw the disk away and download the latest drivers from the products website. https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z170A-SLI-PLUS.html#down-driver
  14. if the cable only has 4 wires inside the RJ45 plug, it cannot exceed 100mbit. But check that you are using at least cat5e with all 8 wires There might be a broken wire somewhere in the cable, so test with another cable too
  15. Can you set the post as resolved then?