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  1. Man I really gotta look into one of those ExpressCard USB 3.0 things for my E4310. Only having two mediocre speed 2.0 ports is always... An experience.
  2. flibberdipper

    $25 Steam Gift Card Giveaway for status-dweller…

    Hey now, technically it has it. I'mma have to toss the homie @snowfox99a bone for yeeting Vega to the curb, ballin' on an iGPU, and then finally getting a 3070 for retail. RIP wallet and a speedy recovery to the eyeholes from iGPU pains.
  3. Up until just a few days ago it was basically the entirety of my XP rig (which is in my signature still). Now I think either my OG Xbox or PS2 slim are the oldest things I still use regularly.
  4. flibberdipper

    Thank you GTA IV for the epic bug where having…

    Good thing I only listened to a small number of songs on Liberty Rock Radio. Buuuuut since this is PC, I just used the user track station 99% of the time to begin with. mandatory frick u rockstar
  5. Decided to download GTA IV again with the intent of running it on soon-to-be Vista gaming rig but that won't happen since it got cucked with Rockstar's launcher. Thankfully it at least runs decent enough on my 1050Ti now. Naturally the first thing I did was stonk out Roman's taxi. Wish I could get it to stop a bit better but it'll do. Grand Theft Auto 4 2021.04.12 -
  6. Thank you GTA IV for the epic bug where having a controller turned on and the default Steam screenshot shortcut results in this. Also thank you Cockstar for making it use your launcher now, totally didn't plan on playing this on my soon-to-be Vista 32-bit gAmInG rig.


    1. BuckGup


      Hahaha, also they removed almost all the music as the rights expired 

    2. flibberdipper


      30 minutes ago, BuckGup said:

      Hahaha, also they removed almost all the music as the rights expired 

      Good thing I only listened to a small number of songs on Liberty Rock Radio. Buuuuut since this is PC, I just used the user track station 99% of the time to begin with. 


      mandatory frick u rockstar

  7. My state is a fantastic example of this. And of course, I get to live in one of the worst counties. This is fine. Unrelated, Montana do be lookin' mighty fine right about now. At least it's not solid fucking red.
  8. flibberdipper

    The backplate heatpipes for the memory are a su…

    smol pp, we need the obnoxious fins from something like this bad lad
  9. I honestly wouldn't doubt if it's just straight up out of stock like so many other tech things right now. Shit's pretty fucky.
  10. Pretty much yeah. Eh, it likes multiple cores to a point. Modpack servers obviously like them a bit more, but usually a decently clocked Haswell or newer quad-core is the happy medium. Paper helps a lot though.
  11. That is an interesting oversight for a company like InWin to make. Actually rather surprised such a fucky wucky made it through to production.
  12. If I'm not mistaken NextCloud has an automatic photo backup. Might be worth a look into if you really wanna keep things local.
  13. uhhhhhhh A Q6600 will probably shit its pants profusely trying to run a server. I think that brings it back far enough. I could technically do a temporary Windows install on my laptop since the i5 580M is just a smidge faster than a Q6600, however I am a lazy piece of garbage so that won't be happening.
  14. Decent CPU (especially if you're trying to use vanilla without something like Paper) and RAM capacity but fuckall bandwidth. My server's got a G3258 at 4.2 and it does fine with older modpacks (like 1.14 and earlier), but 1.15 and 1.16 NEED Paper or it can't even handle one person with a server render distance of 6.
  15. Eh, given the cooler you're using with a modestly OC'd 4770K I'd say you're right on the edge of normal-to-slightly-high. Haswell isn't exactly the greatest for temps.
  16. You wouldn't even notice it. That's probably why we aren't all still using wired controllers.
  17. Not having to deal with batteries, I guess? But that also comes with the gotcha of constantly having a wire both in the way and tugging at the port. Don't know how the type C port will hold up on the refreshed controllers, but the micro port on the old ones sucked ass, even for a micro ports standards.
  18. Those WiFi modules are damn near impossible to find, the fact that you found a complete board with it is insane. Still way more easy to find than the PCI riser for my 170L, which is sad when you think about it.
  19. Anything is better than Bluetooth, honestly. Getting an XB1 controller working on Bluetooth in the first place takes a small miracle of tech jesus, and getting it to work again after that requires at least a few blood sacrifices. Just pick up the dongle (and a play and charge kit if you don't feel like blasting through AA batteries), and call it a day.
  20. Well no shit it'll be better with an OS that's lighter-weight. No different than a 2 liter 4 banger trying to power a Honda Civic vs an F350. Like yes, it can handle an F350, it just won't be very happy about it. It's also why a 15 year old Dell with a hard drive can boot Vista in not much more time than my 8? year old daily can boot 10 with an SSD. Vista has less bullshit going on which gives it the upper hand.
  21. It's not "really the only option", that's why this exists.