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  1. Fully updated bios and OEM battery with full warranty
  2. Well, i did some research on google , turns out after i turn off fast startup setting in power option, it fixed the problem
  3. yeap, it just doesnt turn on until i plugged in AC adapter
  4. In window it detected as healthy battery ( new ) since i replaced it
  5. Initially i thought my battery is broken so i replace it with another , but the problem still exist . when im plugged in , no problem at all. It turn on like normal
  6. Hey guys,i just installed pop os 19.10 to my surface pro 4 The problem is, there no touchscreen and pen support after i installed it,is there anyway to enable it? The second problem is due to my surface pro 4 that keyboard connector part were broken so i was forced to use a bluetooth keyboard to continue using it But everytime i boot it up , it gone through a Encrption Passphrase which ask me to enter a password, and i cant type it with my bluetooth keyboard and im forced to use a usb keyboard to enter the password, once it booted , my bluetooth keyboard can be used again
  7. Hey sir,thanks for the information. I have one question , the No USB dock support with display outputs (OS limitation) part,i quite dont mind, but is the mini display port on the surface pro 4 will work
  8. Hey guys, i was planning to get a second hand Surface pro 4 n planning to install chromium os into it. Before i buy it i was doing some testing by installing chromium os on a usb stick and it booted(typing from chromium os browser btw) But i realise my appstore was not able to installed it keep saying unable to set up or just looping at setting up app store. And when i plugging my headphone or earphone it wont detect too. Im very new to the chromium OS , i surf some online for answer but i got nothing,hopping anyone here can help me with that. And is there any tips for some beginn
  9. Well yeah...before the Control Board arrived...im currently planning how to execute it n i wonder Blue circle is Control Board Red circle is button Board Well...im planning to glue it up, but i wonder will it get electrocute if i glued it? n the Laptop Stand ill get the ButterFly Hinge (or is there a better way try recommend) Because well,my resources are'nt many so that's why im trying to make As simple as possible
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.aliexpress.com/item/636142425.html How about this? I check my panel its B156HW01 N it doesnt included a power supply cable,so what should i get?
  11. Because i dont wanna waste my old laptop screen so thats why i plan for it