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  1. Big plus to Apple for their privacy features. The new iCloud VPN thing and Safari hiding your IP are ON by default. That’s going to be a huge plus for people who don’t care enough to turn it on.

    1. SorryClaire


      2 hours ago, RorzNZ said:

      The new iCloud VPN thing and Safari hiding your IP are ON by default.

      I wonder how well optimized itll be, because we might see some complains of "really slow internet after the new icloud update" if its not that good in keeping the internet speed 1:1.

  2. Oh also speed boost and new wallpapers for CarPlay 

  3. Tip for using Monterey - untick 'Use iCloud Private Relay' from the network settings otherwise your internet will be slow. 

  4. Now they are going to have to make a new FIFA dam
  5. Not all ears are the same and tips that come with them aren't ubiquitous
  6. oh man the new iOS 15 Safari is epic af. 

    1. captain_to_fire


      Nah! It’s a ripoff of Internet Explorer 9 design that even Microsoft abandoned 

  7. Looks like they gave iOS 15 a speed boost. 

  8. I heard our Director-General of Health, Dr Bloomfield said COVID wasn't even half through. Probably right sadly enough. I think many poorer countries will be playing catch-up for years to come. Quarantine-free travel will be a 2022 thing I think. I wish more people thought like you, rather than listing to the conspiracists and media poo-pooing efficacy numbers and all the minute AEs. They're all pretty much 90% with two doses apart from Sinovac. People don't realise 90% efficacy is a hugely fantastic figure.
  9. Depends on how you take care of yourself. Medically, after 50. But you know, shove a bit of GH and test in a man and watch him go.
  10. Still hate these in-ear designs. Sure nice for noise cancelling but they fall out on me like other things in life
  11. Accuracy of diagnostic tools do not matter as much as time between screening. It is far better to have regular screening practices, especially in cardiology and oncology, rather than more powerful diagnostic tools. Theres little point in having amazing diagnostic capabilities if the patient isn't there. The popularity of the Apple Watch is great for detecting irregular heartbeats early, and stressing the candidate seek their medical professional. To use another example of Prostate Cancer - we have amazing tools, but often patients arrive symptomatic - this is far too late. If we c
  12. If it doesn't burn my ass off the next day, its not spicy enough. Vindaloos are mild for me.