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    Once again dehydrated.
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    I am working through a Masters of Clinical was Immunology
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    Postgraduate Student


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  1. Honestly I don't care about the notch on my phone. I watch Youtube and Disney plus, but it doesn't seem to get in the way.
  2. No, I don't know what internal medicine really is either

    1. like_ooh_ahh


      They’re the pharmacology nerds, basically it’s a stepping stone before someone becomes a cardiologist, neurologist, immunologist, infectious disease specialist, etc.



    2. RorzNZ


      I think thats general medicine. 🤷‍♂️😡😳

    3. like_ooh_ahh


      I think what you’re looking for are family medicine physicians because they treat patients of all ages. 


  3. Hello Sony XM4 no longer have to listen to bs 

  4. I really hope we see more Temuera Morrison as Boba. That was fantastic.
  5. If they remove the charger and earpods from the box they can fit more
  6. When you standardise the concentration of cells in a suspension


  7. IMG_0146.thumb.jpeg.ae0460fec549aab02af010cb2f934090.jpeg


    Me: Why do I have psoriasis

    Immune System: Your pDCs have uptake foreign DNA and recruit th17 inflammatory cells. 

    Me: Thats my DNA

    Immune System: Thats not really my fuckin problem

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    2. RorzNZ


      My mums got it too. Humira was ok, Embrol better, but infliximab seems to really knock its block off - we've been able to lower her prednisone substantially. She's also just had a hip replacement with the next one going in march (due to osteonecrosis presumably long-dose steroids). Pretty awesome to see her pretty much on Panadol when recovering from surgery. Also lowered dose of celecoxib. I'm not sure if she's on sulphasalazine anymore. 


      Just such a relief because its been so long and she hasn't been able to walk properly. She's also been on such a cocktail of drugs, so is excellent she can lower the doses or drop them. Definitely the best christmas miracle this year was infliximab!

    3. like_ooh_ahh


      My rheumatologist skipped TNF-α inhibitors such as those as they cause significant immunosuppression and since I live in a country where TB is very common, I can easily contract TB since TNF-α is important in creating granulomas that wall off the infection. Instead of TNF inhibitors, I was prescribed with a IL-17A inhibitor instead (Scapho) which is more specific to the IL-17A pathway.


      Part of my treatment is physical therapy and so far, the PT gave me the best advice to do more swimming and after my diagnosis, I've been swimming a lot more and it's been good. I lost weight, I feel better. Since few people go to pools and beaches, I can perhaps take a week off after this academic year and just and have the entire pool to myself. :P


      I'm not sure as to why she got a sulfazalazine and prednisone prescription but I'm glad she's doing a lot better with her new treatment with infliximab.

    4. RorzNZ


      She also has arthritis in her wrists. Prednisone just does wonders for anything with the correct dose. 


      We also don't question the rheumatologist haha (even though she didn't diagnose the hip!)


      Glad you feel better. Mobility and QoL is definitely hard to achieve, great work. You do med school so you should have a holiday or two!

  8. I could see an mRNA vaccine against Influenza because we have well-described regions to target for a vaccine (hemagglutinin and neuroaminidase). However as we have a routine process for creating a seasonal flu vaccine, we would probably not see any funding for one. Mass production and funding are the primary drivers for these novel ideas. Without COVID I doubt we would see a real mRNA vaccine. I'm not sure of any vaccines against Rhinoviruses, as they cause the common cold - not really a problem regarding severity. Antivirals that target the viral replication seem to work well for
  9. i mean, what would be the difference in this compared to a real scam? EDIT - and who would think that this isn't a scam? Companies obviously have the information needed for a christmas bonus - they don't need your details.
  10. I'm not a medical professional, and I always suggest people consult their GP for advice regarding medicines and interventions. GPs have appropriate medical history and can advise accordingly. I am a clinical immunologist, so I have a greater knowledge of vaccines, the clinical trial process etc. I am currently researching colorectal cancer. (However I have also been involved in two laboratories in NZ researching COVID-19, and developing our vaccine response, more discussion than collaboration however!). A vaccine stimulates the immune system to react to a particular antigen included i