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  1. Where I live is fine in Te Anau, New Zealand. Very quiet here atm. Hardly anyone and you get stunning views of the Southern Alps, right next to the deepest lake in New Zealand. It's pretty much a ghost town compared to what it should be, thanks to COVID. Also has some of the fastest internet in the country.
  2. No I haven’t seen anything on Apple TV even though I have a free subscription. 

  3. Keep in mind he hasn’t even played CoD4. That’s worth buying right out of prison.
  4. far out $30 USD for a water bottle. I'll stay dehydrated thank you. 

    1. dizmo


      I mean, one would assume you're buying it knowing you're supporting the brand, not just getting a water bottle...

    2. CircleTech


      Yep, you're paying for a brand. Not for the bottle. 


      If you want to be cheap while still supporting LTT, buy a $10 40oz water bottle from walmart and use the difference to become a forum contributor for a few months.


    3. Letgomyleghoe


      or buy some stickers from **https://lttstore.com** and shlap them on the water bottles. 

  5. I guess I missed it, because I use a laptop, computer is essential if you have no lappy
  6. Totally agree. Underrated. Make sure to have eye drops as well if you have long computer sessions! Must have: - Keyboard and Mouse - Monitor - Lamp - Phone charger - Tissues
  7. I think regards money, it really depends. You can win quite large amounts in e-Sports these days. In more conventional sports its arguably more competitive and requires years of training to attain a high level to live off earnings. However, it would be hard to have a long career in eSports, but in conventional sport you can play for a very long time.
  8. eSports is usually specific to one or two games for a player, but football / rugby etc are pretty transferable, and larger industries.
  9. Salt and Vinegar chips with onion soup dip is a delicacy here.
  10. No, my mistake, 2-3 hours for video games. University takes up a large amount - you need to keep working to get good grades required for scholarships etc. if you don’t commit to Uni, you shouldn’t be there, hence why 2-3 hours is too long for me. Obviously perspective is everything, so if you are not at University or high school, then perhaps you have more time.
  11. It’s not really clear, I think the 33k is meant to be like a salary, but they get away with it, because it is a lump sum, and it’s a low amount.
  12. What people say is one thing, actions are another - especially with these situations. Will have to wait and see. My comments were really for in general - remember that statistic that only two of the top FortNite players are over 18. I definitely agree that is a great thing to achieve for Joseph, and he seems to be cared for quite well. 2-3 hours a night is probably a little too much however, maybe i'm old and don't have that much time anymore, but it seems excessive (in my opinion). I think 2-3 hours, if he wishes to keep this up, will be harder in the future, when he goes to high school, and
  13. Fortnite: From piano player to pro gamer - aged just eight Summary Joseph Deen (8 years old) has signed up with Team 33, a US-based FortNite team, with a $33,000 Bonus, plus high-performance computer. Quotes My thoughts 8 is too young to be playing video games (or really have any full-time career) professionally, whether streaming or not. It's certainly healthy to play video games, but long-term effects, such as missing out on curricular activities, or other social activities, may be detrimental. That said, $33k is an astounding figure
  14. I had vinegar powder and butter on popcorn in Canada, absolutely delicious.