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  1. Oh its a pre-built, It's probably the fact that you cloned the drive. Cloning drives in known to have notorious issues.
  2. The UEFI probably didn't have the MBR set to the correct drive since you swapped it. Secure boot wont see it and will not boot.
  3. Not so much, It's just filling the memory up then computing it. It's not constantly using that bandwidth like a game would. Mining rigs almost always run off PCI-E 1x for this reason, they want density for compute power. My 1080 Hybrid is only using 700MB right now F@H.
  4. Sounds like a good prize to me. Help somebody out with a NAS and/or media server project.
  5. Ubiquiti has a 10G switch that's $600 now. It has 4 10Gbps Base-T and 12 SFP+ 10G ports. While it is 3x more expensive than the Asus switch it does have 14 more 10Gbps ports. https://www.ubnt.com/edgemax/edgeswitch-16-xg/ https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1267265-REG/ubiquiti_networks_es_16_xg_edgeswitch_16_10g.html
  6. Load balancing does not combine internet for double speed. I splits up the traffic to each WAN line. You can set it up so it exclusively sends a device to one line or the other. This is the only way you're going to be able to have the two PCs on the same LAN while having to different WAN lines.
  7. You'll have to build a pfsense box to do load balancing for the internet connection. Then just put the third router in the same DHCP pool/subnet as the main router.
  8. A2 is the best for easy setup if you have some technical knowledge otherwise Squarespace if you want everything done for you.
  9. HD 4000 IIRC on laptops is limited to 1900x1200 at 60Hz via HDMI. It also depends which version of HDMI 1.4 it is. Just 1.4, 1.4a, or 1.4b.
  10. Pretty much the same idea here; just a differnet GUI. http://www.podfeet.com/blog/tutorials-5/how-to-configure-verizon-fios-router-to-give-network-control-to-airport-extreme/
  11. If your router is plugged into theirs then you have to double NAT the network so you can use yours in conjunction with theirs. Otherwise clone the MAC of their Actiontec and plug in yours in place of it with the same WAN config.
  12. Find somebody that cast resin locally and contact them. It shouldn't be too expensive since you're not using a ton of resin.
  13. The glass has to be molten so that wouldn't work. You could get some resin and cast it yourself. But honestly for what you'll be spending on all the resin you're better off getting someone to do it locally. Not to mention that it's a pain to get bubbles out without a pressure chamber.
  14. You can plug them directly into each other with a cross-over cable or manually assign static IPs on a dumb/smart switch as there's no DHCP. Otherwise you need a layer 3 device with DHCP for auto config.
  15. Get a phone line splitter and run a cable to your room. Then just get the cheapest phone with caller ID.