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    Greenbeard reacted to Taf the Ghost in Comcast sues Vermont over not wanting to build communication lines   
    Like everyone else, I don't like Comcast as well, however they might have a court case here. 550 miles isn't actually that much of a build out, and they likely already have plans for further increases anyway. But since we're getting into deep technicalities, the headline is probably just the legal case.
    That's really what Comcast is suing over. 550 miles of Cabling isn't supremely expensive, as they'd be adding new customers with it, but the cost of those add-ons that got dropped on them is worth the court case over. 
    For as much of a "Comcast is horrible!" storyline this allows, this looks a whole lot more why things are so messy these days. Comcast is no saint and the government of Vermont is trying to extract free services for itself from them. I have no dog in this fight, so a "pox on both houses!".
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    Greenbeard reacted to Railgun in Nintendo ordered to pay $10,000,000 for Patent Infringement   
    It's true that Nintendo needs to chill out when it comes to legal things but they do not deserve this. These iLife people are patent trolls. The Wii did not rip off of some baby detection thing by any practical means at all.
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    Greenbeard reacted to Lurick in Finally Someone Decided To Do Something About Miners   
    Tell the difference between mining, folding at home, and other applications. Then tell my why I should be punished for using a card I bought and should have software that can arbitrarily decide that I've done something a company doesn't like. Maybe the next step is they burn your System ID into the card and if you try to sell it then it won't work.
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    Greenbeard reacted to LAwLz in Vega Mining increased with new beta driver   
    I am so confused by the hate for miners.
    In one thread you have people literally saying you should buy AMD GPUs out of pity because they need money and Nvidia becoming a monopoly would be bad.
    Then in the next thread, you got people booing people who are actually buying AMD GPUs because they are good at something and they genuinely want to use AMD GPUs.
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    Greenbeard reacted to Dietrichw in Vega Mining increased with new beta driver   
    No, AMD makes great compute cards. It doesn't matter what they are used for. Although I would rather have them try to fix their gaming drivers first but never have them intentionally gimp performance. That's shady.
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    Greenbeard reacted to AnonymousGuy in Google says it will ban Neo-Nazi site after domain name switch   
    I'd support revoking registrar authority for this selective censorship shit.
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    Greenbeard reacted to Crossbred in Google says it will ban Neo-Nazi site after domain name switch   
    This isn't a good path for google or any company to take politically...
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    Greenbeard reacted to tom_w141 in AMD Threadripper won't come with native support for NVMe-Hardware-RAID at launch   
    Not available at launch might deter some but at least when available its free.
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    Greenbeard reacted to manikyath in AMD Threadripper won't come with native support for NVMe-Hardware-RAID at launch   
    bleh. i've yet to find a reason to have bootable nvme raid..
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    Greenbeard reacted to DrMacintosh in AMD Clarifies Why Threadripper Uses 4 Silicon Dies   
    As long as I get them multi threaded tasks for less than what Intel charges I'm happy idc.
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    Greenbeard reacted to Hunter259 in Apple ordered to double down on patent payment after failing to adhere to previous ruling (506 Million USD)   
    Yay for being able to patent something and never actually make a product out of it. Totally is a good thing and helps the advancement of technology.
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    Greenbeard reacted to sazrocks in Google to put auto-playing videos in its search result   
    Never really understood autoplaying videos. If I want to watch a video I will click on it. Its not like it takes much effort.
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    Greenbeard reacted to f22luke in AMD '#Rekt son' reply to Intel's "four glued together" statement   
    Why because they didn't cram in as many meaningless names like Intel?  The Intel slide had duplicates and was full of names that had nothing to do with "ecosystem" unless you define it in the broadest possible sense.  
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    Greenbeard reacted to tom_w141 in 13th Doctor is a Female!   
    You know what? I don't mind the gender/ethnicity of the actor/actress.
    What really pisses me off though is when some Feminazi points out the doctor has always been a white male and that the next one NEEDS to be a woman. NO IT DOESN'T. When you force "equality" like this you end up with crap like the ghostbusters remake, feminists are you proud of that 1?? Open the role to everyone and hire the best actor that applies regardless of race/gender and hey if that's a white man then better luck next time. IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD CAST A NON WHITE MALE BY DEFAULT.
    Ofc I like the show and i'll still watch to give her a chance but I just have a feeling it will be shit because forced "equality" like this always is.
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    Greenbeard reacted to Syntaxvgm in 13th Doctor is a Female!   
    Here's what the outraged feminists about things like ghostbusters need to understand - nerds don't care as long as these conditions are met-
    -The change isn't made specifically because of gender. 
    -Stay away from drastic changes to existing characters
    -Is the change good or made with respect for the content in mind? Or was it shoehorned in for the sake of change or even to 'improve' by retcon? (this applies to anything really, not just gender/race changes)
    Seriously during that whole ghostbusters shit when the trailer was downvoted into oblivion, the like/dislike ratio for the new star wars was very good. The trailer looked good and like it wasn't pissing all over the fans. It was also done for the sake of gender "let's make it an all female cast", all while looking like a piss poor reboot. It would have gotten hate with a male cast, but without the people defending it and more importantly calling anyone who disliked it "misogynists", suddenly this change makes it free from deserved criticism. 
    With star wars, the fans didn't get the impression that "IT'S STAR WARS BUT WITH GIRLS", and didn't feel like it was about to take a dump on their favorite movies from the childhood. (George Lucas did that already with the prequels.) In fact I didn't hear any disappointment about Rey until after the screening, and it was more about the move itself- ie her using the force suddenly with no training.  
    In the case of doctor who, a show I seriously dislike the fanbase of, the doctor rotates so it doesn't seem like a drastic change for the sake of change. What will happen though is if the new doctor/season displeases that fanbase (that horrible fanbase), 'news' sites like vice and shit will treat them like 'angry gamergaters' and you know the whole spiel, because clearly they can't accept a female main character, not because any fault of the content being bad or anything. Then they'll cherrypick actual misonginist comments and paint the whole fanbases's disappointment with them
    It's a self feeding outrage machine really, I feel like they do it on purpose in some cases. It certainly feels like Ghostbusters was a stunt that shit on the fans, and I don't even like the originals in the first place.  I think you're right that you just have to rip the bandage off and you don't have to wait until the 'perfect' moment, but I think it's more about how it's broadcast to the fans. Is it them coming out ahead of the outrage and preaching to the fans- "the new character is female, get over it, and if you don't like her you are a misogynist" or "here's our new character". Coming ahead and not making a big deal about it really does a lot in terms of simply treating the fans like they can handle it. Unfortunately this is only partly the studio/creators in cases like this, it's usually part up to who shit sites like vice take the news as well as general social media users. 
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    Greenbeard reacted to TetraSky in Rockstar is talking with OpenIV developer, issues new statement on mods.   
    Please fix your quotes for night theme users. Highlight the text and click "Remove format". (The Tx button beside Size)
    Even if Rockstar says it's ok, at the end of the day, Take-Two are the ones deciding so it's meaningless even if they say it's ok. If they wrongfully believe a mod can affect the online component, it will be issued a C&D letter, filled with spelling mistakes.
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    Greenbeard reacted to NumLock21 in Foundry 42, Cloud Imperium subsidiary, takes a loan and puts EVERYTHING as collateral   
    You are the reporter. It's is your duty to give your audience some background info about who you are reporting about. Can't be bother with it? Then let someone else do the damn job.
    As for nand, well they go into your SSDs as storage capacity. There seems to be in short supply and Apple has reserved a huge chunk of it for their devices. Because of the low stock on nand, price of SSDs have gone up. This affects budget builder who can no longer get a SSD into their builds.
    In other news Tiger has relocated their office. Yeah not going to bother with who they care cause you guys and look it up.
    Dedicated sub forum is not a excuse for not putting detail info about what's being reported.
    Back on topic...
    If I remembered, last time I've heard the games was never finalized or finished. Saw the game play looks like fun, but I'm no going to spend my hard earn money on a unfinished product.
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    Greenbeard reacted to 2Buck in Windows XP patched to avert new outbreaks from three more NSA exploits   
    I don't get why shit like ATM machines are even running Windows in the first place. You'd think they'd run Linux.
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    Greenbeard reacted to captain_to_fire in Windows XP patched to avert new outbreaks from three more NSA exploits   
    That's like saying the Google Nexus One is a great phone (which it was a great phone during its time), therefore Google should keep it officially updated until now. 
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    Greenbeard reacted to desertcomputer in Computex 2017 Mega Thread   
    Source: Varies between each news item.  

    Note: I will try to update this thread as quickly as I can. Also, Dark/Night Theme users I m here for you, browse with your eyes intact. Go to bottom of this post to check last update. 

    AMD Ryzen powered QNAP NAS 

    MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Lightning
    Asus new Laptop range:  ZenBook Flip S/Asus ZenBook Pro UX550/ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490/Asus VivoBook S15/Asus VivoBook Pro 15
    ASRock motherboards. AM4 ITX,  X299 ITX, Desktop and Router
    ASUS X299-E motherboards
    In Win Cases
    Toshiba Unveils the XG 5 M.2 Performance NVMe SSD
    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti K|ngp|n Edition Graphics Card
    EVGA Laptops 
    EVGA Motherboards
    Colorful 1080ti 
    GIGABYTE Motherboards 
    BIOSTAR Motherboards
    Asus ROG 
    Dell Inspiron and affordable pre-builts 
    be quiet! Shadow Rock TF2 and more!
    Sapphire External Graphics Enclosure
    Streacom DB6 Prototype 
    Antec Case and power supply
    Logitech new mouses
    Asustor NAS units
    AMD Threadripper Motherboards
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    Greenbeard reacted to Electronics Wizardy in A little problem with Windows 10.   
    change overscann settings
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    Greenbeard reacted to Trixanity in ESL Not Allowing Transgender CSGO Players Into Female Only Tournament   
    I don't think anyone is arguing against the psychology behind it; rather it's the biology. No matter your sexuality, identity or whatever else: you either have XX chromosomes or XY chromosomes. As much as modern society is shifting towards everything being on a scale or being fluid; the fact is that biology is very binary in that scenario. It changes a lot of things including the body that's why it's controversial in sports as often male-to-female athletes have a huge advantage over their supposed female peers.
    If I recall correctly males have an advantage in reaction time and possibly other factors that might impact esports but have no source to back that up.
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    Greenbeard reacted to 79wjd in Florida Judge orders reality TV stars to hand over their phone passwords to police   
    For now.....but as I said, lines can be moved. It starts with only criminals and then it moves on to innocent civilians. 
    And regardless, even a criminal shouldn't be required to testify against himself.