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  1. According to the "Steam Hardware & Software Survey: March 2017" it appears that most users are using quad cores, with 50.08% with a quad core and 43.84% with a dual core. (I am assuming that when the survey says "CPU" they mean core, because I assume that most users don't have multi-socket and CPU setups.) Although the number of users with dual cores is quite high in my opinion, it isn't all that surprising. What I can't wrap my head around is that somehow they claim that 54.39% of those who took the survey have hyperthreading, this number can be found under "Other Settings (Windows)" at the bottom of the page. That is a higher number than the sum of the percentages of all the CPUs with more than two cores, which comes out at 54.47%. So therefore at least about half a percent of all users have hyperthreaded dual cores, and that is assuming that all triple cores or higher have hyperthreading. Maybe I am wrong and there are actually that many users with hyperthreading dual cores and quad cores, but I somehow feel this number is inaccurate. Is there another meaning of hyperthreading that I am not understanding? Does it merely mean multiple threads according to the survey, but that doesn't make since to me because then it should be about 98%? If anyone could explain what this means I would appreciate the assistance.


    Also I am using the numbers from the "PC Physical CPU Details" (only Windows) section for the CPU count information instead of from the graphs, which also for some reason vary slightly, although I assume due to OSX and Linux.

  2. Unless you are using one of the following applications you take advantage of openCL so by extent multiple GPUs (unless of course they are in SLI) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_OpenCL_applications. Although there are exceptions where games use PhysX and you hypothetically (wouldn't recommend) use two cards. Also it is important to note that most of these OpenCL applications only support one GPU even though they could support multiple GPUs, but they haven't added the appropiate code so they only support one.

    TL;DR: You can't use OpenCL for multiple GPUs in most consumer applications (including all games that I am aware of, couldn't find any that support it).

  3. @DaemonWarrior44 Do you think that you want to install Linux and Windows? If yes give Linux half of the space and give it 8gb of swap space. Then leave the rest unallocated. If you want to be fancy (wouldn't recommend since you don't seem to be an advanced user) you could have a second partition for your /home directory. Also, yes you don't need a separate partition for games, they will use the same partition as the OS (unless you do the /home partition thing, again I don't recommend it). When you install Windows (assuming you want that) make sure you select custom install and do the partitions in the remaining unallocated space.