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  1. Well you can access Bios thru Windows 10 by this Method: Start Menu > Settings > Update and Security > Recovery > Under the Advance Startup Click the Restart > Click Troubleshoot > Advance option > UEFI Firmware Settings then Restart. You should able to Enter the BIOS of the PC.
  2. Try to reset your Modem then try connect the Modem to the Router
  3. Well you can Search some Computer parts in Gilmore and maybe you can find some Great deal there
  4. I Think it's a No, They Adjust the Lighting to Look their Skin more Natural in the Camera
  5. Well I read the Specification of this Projector and it is a Great Entry Level for Projector, It would be great to use these in Movie Viewing Because im a Movie Junkie. The Resolution of the projector is 1080p and it is still good because Full HD is still in the Mainstream of the Media. They also added a Speaker to the Projector which is a plus point to love this projector and if you still not satisfy to the sound, you can pair a Bluetooth Speaker to the projector. We Know that LG has the expertise in making excellent Displays like IPS Panel, OLED Displays, Curved Screens and even some 21:9 Asp