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  1. Somebody please help me, I'm literally desperate, all of my music and production work is on here
  2. 4670k Maximus VII Gene 16gb Hyper X RAM GTX 970 RM650 psu I was watching something on Amazon Prime when my PC just randomly switched off and then when I tries to turn it back on, the fans would spin for 1-2 seconds and then power off, then this would repeat until I switched the PSU off. I have tried removing everything other and booting with just the CPU, motherboard and RAM but I still have the same issue. I checked the PSU by jumping it and plugging in a molex LED strip and thst worked fine. I reseated the RAM and tried each of the 8GB sticks in each slot one at a t
  3. You know the oil cooler on the BMW is what makes it JDM style right?
  4. This looks so cool! Amazing you can get such a big high quality picture from so close to the wall!
  5. He says he's going to sleeve all of the cables if you read the posts
  6. I would use this in an matx Music production rig as those extra cores would really help with signal processing.
  7. Thanks a lot man, much appreciated! Indeed I am a music producer, I mainly make progressive house and stuff Its just a MIDI keyboard, the MPK49 from Akai and I love it, such a powerful tool with the faders, assignable knobs and MPC pads!
  8. I honestly don't see why any of these are strange choices? ROG motherboards probably have the best features on the market and aesthetics (imo). Why does it matter that its an i5? You don't have to use an i7 just because its an ROG board. The 4670k still gets hot when you overclock it so the H100i keeps it nice and cool and I can have the fans really low so the system is basically silent. Don't see any problems with Corsair PSUs either.
  9. If I'd had a black PSU and all black cables it would've looked pretty good! But I really needed a new CPU and I love ASUS boards and I thought I might as well go for the best. (Plus I think the Gene looks amazing)
  10. Why would you say that? I'm planning to upgrade my GPU to a 970 after Christmas when I have some more money but I mainly use this PC for music production and video editing
  11. Woops I changed it now haha
  12. THE FINISHED BUILD Here are some photos of the finished build! I have two Akasa Vegas 60cm white LED strips around the edge of the inside of the case. I also changed the stock fans on the H100i to SP120s and connected the to the motherboard with a 3pin fan splitter. Here's my desk and the PC under it! Thanks for checking out my build guys! Any feedback and comments would be much appreciated!
  13. So here's the only pictures I took of the build in progress! Thanks for checking it out!