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  1. I'm friends with the IT department; we are two sides of the same coin, as I am a technician at my company. They seem not to have any idea what's going on either. This problem has already persisted for more than a year. Also, recently out main IT guy quit, and the replacement isn't up to date yet, thus me trying to find a way to fix this myself.
  2. Sorry I wasn't clear, it's a temporary profile. I can login with my account but my data is in C:\Users\account-name and I am currently using the C:\Users\TEMP.001 or what ever it is for my AppData, settings and other data connected to the account.
  3. Hi, so at work we have a persistent issue with PCs logging into temporary accounts constantly, to a point some PCs are expected to run 24/7 because it's guaranteed that they'll got into a temporary account on login. Every google session keeps on giving me the solution to the problem (the registry fix and copy-over of account data), which works at most for the next few boot-ups. after which the issue returns again. It would be a simple solution to reinstall windows when the issue starts to occur, but due to certain circumstances that is currently not possible. Has anyone come across this persis