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    gergy008 reacted to Gerhard95 in Dell Precision T1500 RAM compatibility   
    Thank you so much for the help, really
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    gergy008 got a reaction from Gerhard95 in Dell Precision T1500 RAM compatibility   
    CAS latency won't affect dual channel, it should work fine if it's the same MHz.
    I recommend you choose a stick that is as close to the ones you have already if possible.

    I also believe any ol stick will work fine, again as long as it's similar to what you have.
    If you have DDR3L in the system already - get DDR3L. DDR3 may not work in a DDR3L system, but DDR3L will work in a DDR3 system.
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    gergy008 reacted to OGKRG in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    Here is my 10 year old system. Enjoy! 🤣

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    gergy008 reacted to The tech nerd 001 in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    I think i needed to share this .  i have a preety decent ram collection too

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    gergy008 reacted to Rune in What’s in the works for Floatplane?   
    I am a simple person with simple tastes. I would subscribe to floatplane if it meant firepole.
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    gergy008 got a reaction from Rune in What’s in the works for Floatplane?   
    I spotted a comment on Floatplane of someone saying they don’t feel they’re getting a compelling value out of Floatplane. I took a moment to explain what the state of Floatplane is right now, with it in beta and made a guess about the stuff the team is prioritising. I mentioned that we’re on Floatplane to support the journey, and LMG and that creature comforts would come in due course.
    However it got me thinking; as a developer I was about to start my own vessel competitior at their, demise shall we call it, until I noticed Luke and the team step forward to create their own here on the forum. I’m really excited to see the platform grow, so I was wondering if you were going to do a blog, public trello roadmap (google that) or maybe a bit more info during wan show on what you’re working on and what we can expect to see.
    Even simply saying “you won’t see much this week, I’m sorry. But we’re working on launching this cool new protocol to help load balancing and we’ve got to port everything over” would be sweet - but I have a soft spot for the details.
    Anyway just some thoughts.
    Doing a fantastic job as always and I’m really excited!
    (P.S. iOS app with chromecast for #1 priority on user features ?)
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    gergy008 got a reaction from J.b091 in What do people hate about Apple?   
    How to end a never-ending argument
    inspired by this post and the facebook status
    Being a gamer, I understand how specs are really important when it comes to the performance of those specific types of applications.
    But why are people so bothered about specs in Apple computers? Why do people feel the need to comment on everything about how
    shit Apple are?
    I really want to know what people hate about Apple, but hold up and hear me out. Like I said before, I'm a gamer too. I have a reasonably powerful gaming machine that cost the same as my MacBook Pro which I use for- my work.
    I'm a computer science student with a Mac. People look at me like I'm alien when I use it in lessons, and people are always complaining about the cost of Macs when I'm using mine in the universities Mac laboratories. People always say, "oh it's stupid how this works", "why can't I right click this is so retarded", "scrolling is backwards how stupid is that" but I don't hear complaints when people use Windows. In fact, people just rage in silence every time Windows crashes and applications freeze, and don't want to tell everyone about it. Why is that?
    Please tell me. I really couldn't do my work as efficient without a Mac. Yeah there's something psychological about the price that motivates me to do a little more with my expensive hardware, but I just couldn't work without the precise trackpad and mouse tracking, poweruser-friendly keyboard shortcuts for everything and the ability to still use the rest of my computer when one application crashes.
    Before you post, let me counter a few arguments you may have:
    Apple are overpriced!:
    Are they? While you might see specs being the thing that costs the most in a system, I see rock solid stability, ease of use and exceptional design of the operating system itself justifying the cost.
      People only use them to use Facebook!:
    Not true in the slightest. I've never seen one of these coffee-shop hipsters in my life. I don't have an instagram account and my Mac friends that do certainly don't waste their precious battery life on instagram. Everyone I know that has a Mac has them for a reason. From programmers and freelancers, all the way to student clothing designers. My old school got them and the students have been doing really well in terms of art and music since, and I see their work all the time. And when we're not in work, we catch up on our social life like everyone else.
      Mobile hardware in a desktop? Pah!:
    Mobile hardware isn't bad hardware. It means it's incredibly power efficient. People don't understand that the reason Apple use mobile chips is because the general audience for a given price point don't need super-powerful hardware.
    This reminds me of greasy and obnoxious sales people. You should buy this product, because it's faster. If only people asked themselves... will they ever use the full power of the machine?
    Couple this with apples excellent design philosophy, and you get a piece of beautiful hardware, that has enough horsepower as one would need to ensure the machine meets thermal requirements and stays reliable in the process. Bingo. I want one.
      The Mac Pro is stupid!:
    This has been busted by Linus himself. I will pay you $10 IF you can find a system that is built with workstation grade hardware designed to last a loooong time, features dual workstation GPUs, ECC Memory which MASSIVELY improves reliability, expandable as much and as fast as thunderbolt, and all fits inside a case that stays quiet, cool, and less than the volume of your (considerably smaller than usual) trashcan. and overall, is cheaper than the Mac Pro.
    Open discussion, lets go!
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    gergy008 reacted to Firewrath9 in Which Ryzen?   
    i wouldn't get a APU and a GPU, maybe a risen 1500x or a 1300x. 1300x will be faster as it has no onboard graphics.
    i hate apple autocorrect. I'm typing on my ye old MacBook air
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    gergy008 reacted to mariushm in RGB Cars. New video idea incoming!   
    Actually, those cool white (towards bluish) compared to sodium lights are safer, the downside is just that it can mess up with your sleep if you travel a lot during the night, it's harder to go to sleep when you arrive home.
    See this good video about outdoor lightning
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    gergy008 reacted to bob345 in RGB Cars. New video idea incoming!   
    This isn't under glow, its just interior accent lighting. There is nothing illegal about that. If you run lights that are meant to look like flashing police/emergency service lights though, that is a whole different story.
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    gergy008 reacted to rodrosenberg in LTX 2018 Discussion Thread   
    Count us in! 
    I didn't see a firepole last year so that would be a huge improvement! 
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    gergy008 got a reaction from Alesek in Way to stream your screen between friends   
    The perfect program for you is Join.me
    No installer for clients to view, links are visitable from the browser. Supports games better as well.

    Don't get me wrong, teamviewer is great but it has its limitations and its use cases. Join.me is better for this use case.
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    gergy008 reacted to PorkishPig in Anyone use Windows Movie Maker?   
    I used to use Windows Movie Maker in compatibility mode on Windows 10, but I can't even download the installer from Microsoft anymore. I've fully transitioned myself to Premiere at this point.
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    gergy008 reacted to LogicalDrm in copying software   
    You can try with moving install directory and all side folders you can find. Some work, others don't.
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    gergy008 reacted to Inrix in Floatplane Club as a Plex channel   
    @ByteRunner @Curufinwe_wins @Nitroblast @Ezzy-525 @Tiz @Metal_Kitty @Tsuki
    Super hyped for native integration with plex too
    Though if you don't want to wait, I have actually made a script that already does this. Automatically downloading the videos and formatting them and everything for plex... If your interested you can check it out here: 
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    gergy008 reacted to LinusTech in Note 8 Reveal 8k footage looks like crap   
    Shot by amateur.
    Lesson: Good equipment doesn't make you a good filmmaker.
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    gergy008 reacted to This_guy1998 in MSI reveals how to install Threadripper CPUs   
    That is a odd way to mount a LGA Socket.
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    gergy008 reacted to chris76816 in iPhone 6 Battery Issues   
    Honestly, just get the battery replaced. It's a super easy process and it doesn't cost to much money.
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    gergy008 got a reaction from The_Tudders in Floatplane Support   
    Thanks for this! It's good to see you have a fix
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    gergy008 got a reaction from RadSalacan in I'm going camping and I need you guys' help.   
    I know this might not really be a very good solution to your problem but I would recommend you get in touch with whoever owns the site and see if you can get permission to use a generator. That would solve ALL your problems.
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    gergy008 got a reaction from koolerone in I'm going camping and I need you guys' help.   
    I know this might not really be a very good solution to your problem but I would recommend you get in touch with whoever owns the site and see if you can get permission to use a generator. That would solve ALL your problems.
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    gergy008 got a reaction from DebatED Nothing in This forum slowly dying?   
    I'll have to admit I haven't been on as much since the design change. I don't know why, something subliminal and subconscious about it makes me not check it very often
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    gergy008 reacted to OPSJono in Linus broke the rules.   
    Completely broken post for dark theme users  can't read anything without selecting it first </3
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    gergy008 reacted to FatPenguin in How long does it take to "Reset PC"? (Windows)   
    Maybe a few hours. Do data deconstruction wipe you load the program onto a disc and put  it into the computer it securely wipes mostly all your data terminally 
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    gergy008 reacted to givingtnt in Online Tech Jobs   
    web developer