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    2x 24 inch old 1080p panels
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  1. My old job placed anetgear switch inside a shed in a school, where summer ambient inside the shed gets over 50c easily. STRAYA
  2. I’d have just kicked the guy out. All trying to resolve it for him does it enforce that he can use this kind of behaviour. And yes I’m not just saying that as I do regularly kick people out for aggressive behaviour at my place of work, kicked a ringer (fella working on stations) out last night who was carrying on because we were sold out of Bluetooth speakers (petrol station) then when told we had none out back became very violent and shit. So I call over my other staff member to work counter as I removed him myself fuck assholes they get nothing from me.
  3. The culture in Australia is great, a lot of it is about forging your own path, and yeah I've heard of the stupidity of London prices, Fuck living in any kind of city let alone that I'm a Country Boy lol. The 3 Bedroom house I rent is 390pw and is basically the cheapest place on the market (grew up with the owner so they knocked off $100pw off the cost) so yeah starting prices for a house here is about 2k a month, Some of the newer 2 bedroom houses are nearing the 3 mark, with high end 3 bedrooms nearly 4. I share with a friend I've grown up with but have lived alone in this town in
  4. 1 bedroom unit prices to buy where I live are of a similar price (20 thousand pound less but still not that far off) The living with parents thing is a Cultural thing with cities and high population centres and not a price thing. No one lives with their folks out here after 20, but house prices are still crazy high but out here we have a real culture of independence. I moved out of home at 17, hit the road and travelled living place to place.sometimes rocking up in a new town with only 100 bucks left to my name but thats life in the outback.
  5. we always have two people on minimum, 3 on Fridays. we call Thursday nights fight night as its the day everyone on wealth-fare gets paid. I get my counter-hand to call the cops and stay behind the counter during any encounter if I can. I'm lucky in being a big fella so with most situations just presence can be enough to defuse a situation, and the ones who aren't defused can usually just be restrained.
  6. I don't know a single person who does PC gaming who lives with their folks. and I think you'll find the gaming demographics sit in a lot higher age bracket then you'd expect. Your powerbills are crazy with so many different things thrown on em, I pay 0.25/kw AUD and a 50c a day surcharge. none of this 50 million taxes and surcharges, the actual power consumption of your bill is less then half the cost and still at a higher rate then i'm paying. thats just crazy. If you had my power consumption you'd be paying nearly 600 for that month just because of surcharges and taxes!
  7. Bruh the stories I could tell you working in my job. I work in a 24 hour roadhouse in outback Australia, we have fights nearly a nightly basis, I've got torn work shirts and been in about 9 brawls at work in a 12 month period. I will tell people to get the fuck out of my store if they're humbugging customers, i've pulled grown ass men off women they're head stomping into the kerb, the other night on the other supervisors shift he had to tackle a bloke after he saw him kick a 1 year old child with steel caps. It takes a special kind of person to work my job, you have to be prepared to get h
  8. Would i Suggest it? no, While its what I'm getting I've been using smart Watches for a long time, My first being the Sony Smart Watch, it comes down to do you really think you'll benefit from it. I already sometimes go solo with my watch when i go for bike rides or Canoeing so the LTE is a benefit for me, but if you can't think of a regular reason you'll be without the phone and with the watch, I'd say save the coin and get the Normal one.
  9. Hey, I'm also From Australia and I'm replacing my Pixel XL with the X and the LTE Watch I'd personally say get a minimum of the 7 if you can, Nvme Flash will make a massive difference in day to day usage
  10. I have a credit card, debit card, two prepaid visa cards, one AUD and one for USD, Road side assist membership card, associated fuel discount card, Healthcare Card, Pensioner Card, Supermarket Loyalty card, Medicare card, Truck License, Car License and Forklift License, Working With Children Clearance card. I could need use of any of those cards any day at anytime. I also have a 32GB Sd card and two different sims in my wallet, incase i travel to an area with different reception so i can just swap over and use that network Straya.
  11. literally bought a new car a month ago, and its made in 2004, and it doesnt even have airbags, power windows, central locking, none of the fancy electric stuff just a good old turbo diesel
  12. Wired or wireless, across 3 different modems and routers, including 2 Telstra Modems and a Netgear R6200 which worked at 100/40 in a previous town. The NBN is Horribly inconsistent regardless or technology due to limitations of certain pieces of hardware in the switches, but i know the fibre isn't the limitation.
  13. Telstra, pay for 100/40 attached what i get speedwise, it's still good but its nowhere near advertised FTTP, if i pay for 50/20 i get about 15/4
  14. Pixel XL is a good choice for replacing, I'm using it as my replacement provided by carrier
  15. You forgot to end your post with /s Point out the last time apple acknowledged a hardware fault without first shafting its user base for an extended period of time, I'll wait. I got a Note 7 launch week, and had it replaced before moving to a Pixel XL after the final recall, it was a solid phone but keeping it essentially voided my house and car insurance. Edit: will add I came really close to getting myself and iPhone 7 Plus, in the end it was a 2 month wait vs getting it that day. brand loyalty is for idiots.