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    koennikniklas reacted to LinusTech in August 31 2018 - WAN Show Document   
    Riley and I have known each other for almost 8 years and we've worked together in some capacity for over half of that time. 
    He asked to review a graphics card as a total joke. That's not his forte and he's perfectly comfortable with that. Even back at NCIX Tech Tips (as he mentioned on the WAN Show today) he got Ivan's help with a lot of the benchmarking stuff. Big deal. 
    You also need to understand that he's not some intern who isn't sure about his job security or his skills. Evaluating gaming cards may not be one of them but who cares? That's not what he was hired to do.
    Riley was brought in as a specialist for TechLinked. 
    Something you guys might also not realize is that Riley is perfectly comfortable dishing out his share of trolling off-camera - even if he's not sure where the limits are yet with the live audience. 
    If LMG was a horrible place to work and anyone actually took me seriously about this stuff, we'd probably have a little more turnover, don't you think? These are very talented people who could get a job tomorrow if they felt like it. 
    We tease each other, but it's part of having some fun at work instead of being all corporate. 
    I messaged Riley to tell him people were upset at the way he was treated on the WAN Show and to make sure he was okay and he had to go find the timestamps people were posting to see why he was supposed to be upset. 
    So it's probably worthwhile to try re-watching with all of that in mind..
  2. Funny
    koennikniklas reacted to GlassBomb in Scrapyard Wars 7 Pt. 2 - NO INTERNET   
    I seriously thought that it was a relative from Yvonnes side...
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    koennikniklas reacted to MaktimS in Nvidia Rumour: GTX 2080 & 2070 using Ampere (GA104) and will launch in April, GP102 is EOL   
    The naming is now just speculation. Nobody knows how they will name it. But my tip is that the names will be something like Turbo Lazer 4000GTR
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    koennikniklas reacted to CPotter in Anyone Looking for a Linus Tech Tips Beanbag Chair?   
    You are correct, we actually paid quite a bit more than $150 USD.
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    koennikniklas reacted to phil.kinnison in Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions   
    With the popularity of Google's push for "Machine Learning" I think a good "Fast as Possible"  could be explaining the basics of machine learning specifically what Google is trying to do.