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  1. Can i upgrade to 16gb DDR3 1866MHz? Or do i need to keep the 1600MHz?
  2. Hi I have a laptop with 8gb memory and i want to upgrade it to 16. My laptop is the medion Erazer p6661 with an i7-6500u and at the moment 8gb ddr3 1600MHz. My question is: Will 16gb ddr4 be compatible with the system? I have done some research and my CPU can support DDR4. I can't find anything for my motherbord... Someone who knows more on this? tx
  3. Trust GXT 280, logitech mouse M100
  4. I'm a student from Belgium. Next year I'll go to university and studie software engineering. I was looking for a projector so i could share movies with friends. It's easy to take with you, so moving from university to home will be easy. Hope you'll make more of these cool teasers in the future, i liked them.