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  1. He might be havng some life problems, so saying your worried and asking him to stop or see a counsler or something to talk to would be best. If he's doing drugs and for enjoyment try to mke him understand that he will probably regret it later, he might not listen but that's his decision. But compassion is what's mostly needed.
  2. What type of drugs? If it's serious then talk to him if not then leave him be.
  3. With a budget like that it's probably just better buying a good headset. Ofcourse hyperx cloud is frequently recommended.
  4. Usb mics I would say blue snowball. I Don't like the yeti I've had one and it died and audio takes a lot of tweaking depending on how you one is.
  5. I'm torn between these two headphones and want peoples opinions. They are priced closely on amazon right now i'm leaning towards the k612.
  6. The Z2 looks like an all around good phone, with the best thing being the front facing speakers. The custom skin looks pretty slick.
  7. Mac books are for hipsters m8 Great build series, I long for this computer more than any woman... but not as much as Luke.
  8. It was mentioned in the video that this experiment was to compare the raw gpu power between the two, nothing else. The 480 was used to show a vireity of permances, as it overclocks and underclocks well. It wasn't just 480 vs console.
  9. WUT 1D for life, Japan is lucky to be blessed to have their music in a movie, Harry styles is meh oshimen he's dreamy.
  10. http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/03/27/one-direction-to-provide-theme-song-for-say-i-love-you-live-action-film There's going to be a live action film of the shoujo anime say I love you and it's theme song is going to be one directions song happily I just thought this was pretty pretty interesting as a big 1d fan who has heard of the anime say I love you. But really I have no idea why I'm posting this, better than bieber I guess. Here's the song http://youtu.be/JzgTAyHc6PY
  11. Yeah I didn't know that. For anyone in the uk just go on todays hot deals.
  12. So amazon has this pretty sweet deal on the 3ds for only £79.99. Find it on Todays deals section in amazon uk.