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    I am a Content Creator and a streamer on twitch.tv and I make short films
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  1. I was on YouTube watching a Linus video and this AD came on about this New operating system for Laptops or old PC's that are out of date I would like to see a video about Xtra PC https://trendingguides.com/xtrapc/?sxid=1rhb81pr0scy&gclid=CjwKCAiA0svwBRBhEiwAHqKjFp9CHngA2aX2bGeA-dVPqRtilTnL3doIzB_LOnCByTqRScrWKU6RSBoCHMYQAvD_BwE&campid=8677554205&creaid=407351936600&sitenm=youtube.com&catego=undetermined&adgroupid=83883078901&device=&creative=407351936600&netwrk=ytv&dvctyp=m&adposn=none
  2. I saw this video on YouTube about the Red Mini Mag its crazy the work this guy did
  3. Is anyone going to NAB this will be my first year and I would like to meet anyone who's a Fan or From Linus Media Group I am a small YouTuber and got a free pass for the show I have my Flight and hotel setup if any of you have been to a NAB maybe you can give me some pointers on how to make the best of my time I will be there on April 5th to the 7th that's all I can stay for my GF works I will be flying in from California
  4. You should try liquid metal thermal paste in the loop i wonder how that will work
  5. I will buy the iMac pro as is right now let me worry about geting it fixed
  6. This is so awesome i hope i win but if i dont congratulations on who ever does. Check out my sponsor https://tictail.com/s/fatalgrips Use code badkarma714 on check out for 10% off