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  1. The LG 27GP950 does have DisplayPort 1.4 though and my 3090 has the same ports as yours. So if that was your concern then don't worry, if that wasn't your concern I may not fully understand what is. Regardless of that I wanna thank you for pointing it out, never hurts to double check
  2. 850 ain't too bad, that would bring the total to 2550. After my GTX 1080 killed itself I survived 7 months without a GPU (waited for the 3090's to restock) so I think I can survived 2-3 more months of saving as well xD Thanks a ton for your suggestions
  3. Okay, the monitors I have still work and I can wait a couple of months to get new ones so I can save up more. How much do you think 4k 144Hz would cost me? If it's not terribly much more I rather wait to get the good stuff then get something Meh now
  4. Hi there, I don't post here much if at all but I've been looking at monitors for the past 2 days or so and I can't seem to find what I want. So I'm simply asking for some suggestions. PC Specs: - i7-8700k - 32gb DDR4 ram - Asus RTX 3090 I currently have 3 1080p 144Hz monitors which where great when I had my GTX 1080 but I got a bit more horsepower now so I would like to make use of it. How will I be using them: I'll be playing games on the middle screen while having other stuff open on the other 2 monitors. For this reason I don't want an
  5. I know it's worth the wait, all I need now is the money
  6. Wasn't the reveal rumoured to happen in September?
  7. Should I even try and plug it back in to see if it works? My gut is telling not to but I'm also not an expert when it comes to this stuff
  8. This is the only GPU I got so onboard graphics it is I guess ;-;
  9. Took the heatsink off and this is the burned area of the card. Sadly my warranty ran out a while ago
  10. I have a HX1200i from Corsair. I know it's massively overkill but they couldn't get me the psu I had ordered at the time so they just send me this one and I wasn't gonna complain about it
  11. Hello there, About 30 minutes ago my PC crashed and I heard something arc inside my PC. It tried to reboot but I already smelled something burning so I just cut the power completely. Upon closer inspection I noticed the burning smell came from the GPU (GTX 1080). I took off the backplate and have been looking at it for a while now but can't find any traces of something burning. I've build this PC about 2-3 years ago and it never gave me any problems until now. The GPU doesn't look damaged but I don't wanna put it back in and have the problem get worse. I don't really h
  12. Hi guys, I just saw the video and it was really cool. I am a DJ and the PF1000U gives me the possibility to make the light part of my shows a lot more interesting. I could fill up the whole ceiling with a gif of some sort of awesome animation. That would be super cool. Keep up the good work guys