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  1. You should test with a Port Scanner service such as https://pentest-tools.com/network-vulnerability-scanning/tcp-port-scanner-online-nmap to make sure that the issue is with the internet connection, and not somewhere else.
  2. What is the reason it isn't possible? I know replacing a broken screen isn't very difficult, and all the parts and tools to do it are pretty standard. I spoke to a few co-workers about it a while ago and they said it should be relatively easy.
  3. My story isn't literally "Turning it off and back on" but pretty similar. So I do web hosting support, and a customer was having an issue with a WordPress site, his themes weren't working, everything looked like it had no CSS for it, and half the site functions weren't working. So I took a backup of the server before I started working on anything incase I fucked anything up. I tried quite a few things and nothing I could do could get it to work, none of the normal wordpress tricks did the job. And after a while I noticed something... the database had nothing in it, it looked just like a new wo
  4. So I've got an Acer Aspire E5-573 laptop, which is good for the price, but has one huge issue for me. It's screen is only 1366 x 768. I want to upgrade it to a 1080p monitor. Is this possible? What kind of stuff would I need to look for to make sure it is compatible? Also where can I buy good laptop screens (preferably Canadian) I am extremely familiar with working with desktop hardware, but haven't ever done much work with laptop hardware, any advice?
  5. If you can't get to the safe boot menu from Startup, once windows launches open the start menu, and enter "msconfig" and launch the System Configuration, enter the "Boot" tab, check "Safe Boot" and "Networking", reboot your computer, and it will enter into safe mode with networking. Just remember when doing it this way, you will need to go back uncheck the safe "Safe Boot" option after you are done, or your computer will stay in safe mode. Chances are you probably have some security software on your computer, this will prove it if it is the case.
  6. That's why you need a shared VPN, so that IP is being used by like 20 people at once, and hopefully if the VPN provider doesn't lie about no logs, they cant tell what one is you.
  7. Do you use a VPN? They often block VOIP ports, so make sure to disconnect if you use one.
  8. The way you are downloading it can have a big effect on the download speeds. Through a torrent, your limited to the speed of the seeders, and it may be limited by the torrent client, I would suggest taking a look at your settings and making sure that the download speeds are uncapped. If you're downloading through iTunes or something like that, you may be able to choose the download server in which case using one located closer to you would get you the best results. Also if possible, use Ethernet rather than Wi-Fi, speeds and stability should be better that way.
  9. What kind of VPN are you using? If it is encrypted your looking at something like having 8x the amount of bandwidth used on your network, which is probably going to catch your ISPs attention if there is any large amount of traffic to the servers. And if it is a public VPN they likely won't have the open ports to allow you to host a site, or would block the traffic. If your hosting the VPN yourself, why not just host the servers there, it would be less overhead to run a simple apache server on the VPN host than run the VPN