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  1. So after digging around in Resource Manager while watching DPC Latency Checker, I actually think the problem has something to do with Corsair's Hardware Link Monitor software. I'm going to start digging into it from that end and see what I find.
  2. After a clean boot, there isn't a problem with the sound. After a while of uptime (less than a day for sure, usually somewhere around eight hours), there will start to be an extremely noticeable problem with the sound. When playing music, it will sound like it has buffering problems, as well as playing at a slightly slower speed than normal. Looking at a latency checker (using DPC Latency Checker), the latency will be in the red, usually over 16000µs. This occurs whether I am using the STX or the onboard audio (I tried removing the STX card altogether for a week with the same results). I
  3. Yeah, I've been regularly checking and keeping that up to date. On a random whim, I tried putting the computer to sleep next time the problem showed up (instead of rebooting). I waited a few minutes and woke the machine back up. Running a latency checker and then playing music, everything looks fine again.
  4. Yeah, it doesn't seem to matter which audio jack I use, the same problem still shows up.
  5. It's my build that Crion is helping with. I actually installed the UNI drivers shortly after the problem first appeared, and I just double-checked and I'm still running the latest version. Sadly, they haven't helped. Also, the PCI-E configuration that Crion had me try hasn't stopped it either.