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  1. https://imgur.com/a/Bowd2EY those metal hooks catch on the plastic housing when you try to remove the wires. Simply push those hooks toward the wires so that they won't get caught when pulling the wires out. To put the wires back in, lift those hooks back in place and insert the wires in the plastic housing. If you still don't get it, watch tutorials on youtube. https://youtu.be/x5_58o0WaTM?t=127 (this is a CPU power cable but it's the same concept.)
  2. Did you also check the cables that goes to the small shrink-wraped board and that 6-pin connector? every single cable on that adapter needs to be wired like https://imgur.com/20grXCC. Also, to make sure the problem is not being caused by something else like a faulty RAM stick, make sure your PC is still working fine with the HP PSU.
  3. Just like I said in my first post, the error will disappear on it's own, and it happened to another guy as well. I think there is a certain number of times that that error shows up then it goes away, or the error goes away when you clear the CMOS. I used the adapter on another HP PC without connecting the black cable on the CPU cooler and I didn't get that error. In fact, I had the cable completely removed from the adapter. If you still wanna go ahead. Cut that cable from there https://imgur.com/a/p2rE7aH and connect it to the green tac cable of your CPU cooler.
  4. The GTX1650 videos that I see on youtube show a total system consumption of under 150W. So, you'll be fine.
  5. Oh I forgot that most RX 570s are over 200mm in length so, you're right about the RX 570 not fitting in your case. HP specifies a GPU length of 167mm, but anything around 182mm and under will fit. You can find GPUs length on Techpowerup GPU database. Here's a video of 182mm GPU being fit into a HP 6300 SFF. https://youtu.be/r-TIELH9jXU?t=279 (Ignore that that 's a 6300 SFF PC, cause HP uses the same motherboard in 6300 MT PCs too.)
  6. Nvidia just released The GTX1650 Super. It's faster than the RX570, it's priced around $160, and it consumes around 100W. So, if you haven't bought a new PSU yet, buy the 1650 Super and a dual SATA to 6pin adapter. The card will pull 75W from the motherboard's PCIe slot and the rest(15W) from the adapter. The total system power consumption will be around 200W. Here a review of the 1650 super.
  7. The RX570 pulls slightly more than 150W and the total system power consumption would be very close to 300W, and that would be pushing it a little bit. So, in your case, it is not recommended to use the dual SATA to 8 pin adapter with an RX 570.
  8. That adapter looks exactly like the one I've used, and you can see that it does have the small circuit board wrapped with a black plastic protective sheet. The 1050Ti is a very bad value and I would seriously avoid it. The 1650 is both more expensive and slower than the RX 570, but you don't need a new PSU for it. There is also a third option. The 1660/1660 Super consumes around 120W at full load and has a total System power consumption of around 240W. So, you can buy a $4 dual SATA to 6 pin cable, and use the 1660 or 1660 Super with your 320W, as long as you don't overclock the GPU
  9. I've just received the HP Elite 8300 CMT with i5. For now I don't want to change the PSU (320 W). You say that the best GPU I can install in this case is a GTX 1060 with the 2 sata to 6 pin cable adapter . Which model? 6GB or only 3? Single Fan? OC? Mini? I'm quite confused with all the available models. Tristerin is right but that only applies to HP 6300 MT owners. The HP 8300 CMT has enough room for any GPU, You're not really forced to buy a single fan GPU. https://youtu.be/fUbocXdrFfw?t=972. You can upgrade your PSU and buy whatever GPU you want, but since you don'
  10. Simply attaching a wire to the Chassis fan should not be giving you Chassis fan errors, as long as the fan is correctly plugged in. Are you sure the TACH cable is grey on your Haswell PC? I haven't dealt with that specific model, so things might be a little different, I don't know. Sending a few photos might help me better understand the situation.
  11. OK, fantastic. Now that your adapter is exactly wired like mine, go to my post on the first page and see where I talk about cutting the black cable on my adapter and attaching it to the green TAC cable of the CPU cooler. In your case, that black cable I'm talking about is yellow. simply cut your yellow cable from here https://imgur.com/qlHYwlJ and attach it to the CPU cooler.
  12. Ok here's what I suggest. remove all those 4 cables from that P2 connector and put them back in like this https://imgur.com/bUhMvAW, then let me know if the PC still works like before.
  13. buy this one https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Ventilateur-Ventirad-Intel-E97378-001-pour-socket-1150-1155-1156-NEUF/183724026996?hash=item2ac6ce2c74:g:GQ8AAOSwufFchV30 or this one https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Ventilateur-Radiateur-Intel-dorigine-neuf-socket-1150-1151-1155-CPU-i3-i5-i7/273711950214?hash=item3fba80e986:g:v2UAAOSwcUBYJdl~ and since those are new, you won't need thermal paste cause intel stock coolers come with thermal paste pre-applied.
  14. There is a gazillion of CPU coolers from $10 and up. https://fr.pcpartpicker.com/products/cpu-cooler/#sort=price&xcx=0 if you're not sure which one to get, buy a used Intel stock cooler on eBay for around 5 to $10. All Intel stock coolers are the same (LGA 1156,1155,1150,1151). Also, don't forget to buy some thermal paste if you don't already have some laying around.
  15. That board will fit your ATX board with no problem, but you gonna need to buy a new cooler because that small weird HP cooler will not fit in the case. Also, that motherboard has a Z75 chipset which happens to support overclocking but since it's from HP, you know those suckers might have locked the overclock option. Anyway, let me know how it goes.
  16. yes you could buy another motherboard but you gonna need to buy a new case too cause standard motherboards don't fit in HP cases. Also H61 boards have only 2 RAM slots meaning you can't upgrade to 16GB RAM unless you already have 2x8GB RAM. You could also buy the right adapter. I could try to show you which adapter to buy exactly if I knew in which country you're located.
  17. Les couleurs ne comptent pas, all that matters is the wires configuration. follow this diagram https://imgur.com/20grXCC and wire your adapter like that. Again don't pay attention to the colors, just simply look at your cables and check where they are going according to my diagram.
  18. Ok, if that small board looks exactly like mine, then all you need to do is wire the 24 pin according to mine https://imgur.com/20grXCC. (they might have accidentally wired yours wrong, I don't know). basically, if you wire the entire adapter like mine, it will work cause the same configuration worked on both my HP 6300 mt and HP 8200 sff. Bonne chance
  19. I think you're in the same situation as THX1138T. I recommend unwrapping that small board on the adapter and then check how it's wired. Refer to the last few replies I sent to THX1138T pour plus d'infos. You may also try another PSU if you happen to have one laying around.
  20. I replied to some people who were in the same situation as yours. Simply read through this thread ?
  21. I have a HP elite 8200 sff system too and the same adapter works perfectly on it. You just need to follow those HP 6300 wiring steps.
  22. I'm running a standard EVGA 500W 80+ white PSU. Here is how my adapter is wired, check yours and see. https://imgur.com/20grXCC