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    BigD1970 got a reaction from Demonicreature in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    What the??????
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    BigD1970 reacted to GingerbreadPK in Gaming mouse and keyboard help   
    Wouldn't you want wired for those games so you have no input lag?
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    BigD1970 reacted to Sammael in New Rules   
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    BigD1970 reacted to Paralectic in PSU gets really loud when SLI.   
    Probably because the heavy load on the PSU, it's not uncommon.
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    BigD1970 got a reaction from Shahriar Mahmood in My Take on the Dominator Platinum Light Bar Upgrade Kit   
    I think they should have sold the kit clear with many different film colors to satisfy the end users.
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    BigD1970 got a reaction from xox in Throttling?   
    Ok looking at your gif made me think i was on lsd lol.
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    BigD1970 reacted to Tmh85 in Arc Midi R2 Pull Config H100i   
    Theres no difference in performance between push/pull or push and pull.
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    BigD1970 reacted to joelthezombie15 in TV hit the lowest of low   
    YES that annoys me the most And like animal planet isnt even about animals half the time anymore. I refuse to trust anything on history anymore. they are always lies. 
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    BigD1970 reacted to John.U in Do you let Steam run in the background?   
    Curious to see if people let  their game clients like Steam run in the background of Windows. I personally don't because I'm ocd about anything not essential running in the background. 
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    BigD1970 reacted to nsyedhasan in Which cherry mx blue should I get   
    Ducky Shine 3, K70, or Cooler Master.
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    BigD1970 reacted to flibberdipper in Computer Running Extremely Slow With New Hardware   
    Well, back up your data and do a fresh install of Windows. Slap the drivers on and run it bare (i.e. the programs you need to run) for a while. If everything is working good, slowly put updates on it, and then do your programs. If you notice it slow down after a certain thing, you found your culprit.
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    BigD1970 reacted to beebskadoo in iBuyPower Steambox Thoughts and Observations   
    Otallytay. allkay eemay
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    BigD1970 got a reaction from MariusJS in Single loop & Dual D5's or Dual loops?   
    I nood to know what nood means.
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    BigD1970 reacted to lachyman in a good motherboard for the 4820K ? and some questions(detailed info)   
    Get a 4770K and a Z87 board.
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    BigD1970 got a reaction from prolemur in Can I replace Corsair K70 switches?   
    That would be a whole ton of work.Maybe dye the existing keys...still lots of work.
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    BigD1970 reacted to Bluejay0 in 780Ti vs MSI 780 Lightning   
    Wait as MSI might be conjuring up a new Lightning for the Maxwell series and they are officially working on a 290X Lightning. The card you currently have is a very strong card and I wouldn't change it until later.
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    BigD1970 reacted to TechFan@ic in broadwell is coming to desktop in late 2014....   
    Broadwell on the desktop would only interest me if we start seeing six core CPUs in the main-stream LGA-1150 socket.
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    BigD1970 reacted to _ASSASSIN_ in 780 or 780ti?   
    I want stop like better voltage control, quality of powerphases and features
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    BigD1970 got a reaction from flibberdipper in Most embarrassing PC part you have?   
    Most embarassing part is when the ex is online at the same time.
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    BigD1970 got a reaction from Stickeric in Do you think linus ever gets tired of tech talk?   
    Im sure he wakes up having puter gasms.
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    BigD1970 got a reaction from Dr3nz4r in Why they make such cards?   
    Back when we could download more rammmmmm hehe.
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    BigD1970 got a reaction from niksuto in You're a potty mouth!   
    Being wrong is relative to being in the wrong place with the wrong people.Stick to yourself and ull never be wrong haha.
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    BigD1970 reacted to legopc in how to do a startup repair if i don't have the CD   
    you could download an iso from the microsoft website and burn it on a disk/put it on a usb drive sorry dont have a link atm
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    BigD1970 got a reaction from CoolBeans in i7 3930k vs i7 4930k   
    So i can sell the 3930 and get the 4930 for the same price so yeah pretty much free.Btw,ive only had this chip for 3 months and have done very light ocing on it keeping it at 4.2.