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Everything posted by BigD1970

  1. Plemo Black Mamba...25 bucks on amazon
  2. What i did was connect another sub to the computer sub then ran extra speakers from it....2 subs..4 speakers.
  3. Install the fresh os without the hd being plugged in...I would say you should reformat the hd after that ,then transfer files,then delete the os file from the hd.
  4. Plemo,black mamba for under 20 bucks...i like it better than 100 dollar mouses ive used.Sold at Amazon.
  5. Theres a video on youtube with linus reflecting its price point under 200 dollars.
  6. I would suggest a plemo,black mamba mouse for under 20 bucks and its just as good as a corsair in my opinoin.Cant suggest a keyboard since everyone likes a different style or look.
  7. Corsair 450d or nzxt h440.
  8. Maybe the fans are hitting the casing?
  9. Thats about as funny as affordable health care hehe.
  10. About 20 bucks and you can rent 2 at a time.So much easier than buying a game and regretting it.
  11. Ok looking at your gif made me think i was on lsd lol.
  12. Try other ports or a driver issue...Try to reinstall the disc if it has one.
  13. Happy Birthday dude.Please dont fire slick today. B)
  14. Im 42 and ive had 8 of them,the one i have currently has been for 12 years.
  15. You can pay my bills too nsa....Thats the name of my rig.
  16. The same reason guys have blue things from lack of concern on a females part? :lol:
  17. I will dip my ladle in your fishy swan

  18. They dont have support because they dont want to deal with angry customers.
  19. onborad...is that tech for on the motherboard?lol