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  1. Yeah.... I think it might be finally time for me to do a upgrade, tho this CPU has been doing great in gaming for 4years now. It does support the 10 series however with a twist by looks of it, and its pretty shitty of NVIDIA. The problem is they actually downclock our memory by default if we use it. People has done some testing and investigating this. You can actually disable this ''default memory downclock'' for GTX cards. This is what impacts the performance of the RTX Voice Application. on the 10 Series its downclocked by 500Mhz and on 20 Series its downclocked by 200Mhz. The
  2. I just uninstalled RTX Voice and tested. Tho it seems to be gone but it was only a ''Recording'' and not a live stream. Now I got my keyboard sneaking in. (Mechanical keyboard)
  3. Hey Guys I got a problem with my audio while streaming using OBS on Twitch. The problem is I sound like a Robot/Crackly, Not really sure what's going on here. Today I installed RTX Voice to remove background noise (keyboard) not sure if its RTX Voice that's doing this? My set up is (with the RTX Voice Installed) AT2020 > GoXLR > RTX Voice (Chat -Mic) > OBS > Audio Track 1 Mic (RTX Voice) > Audio Track 2 (Broadcast Stream) Buffer Settings for GoXLR is 512 Samples at 48k Hz 48k Hz across all CPU i7 6700k (4ghz)
  4. Update on this post. After doing some research on the web, a lot suggest on getting a UPS with AVR build in, Surge and Spike protection. I got myself one with all of these build in however I still get the problem... Could it be that my GoXLR Mini is at fault? I can still hear the ''click'' in my headphones when the freezer either goes on or off to do its thing. The Freezer is only about 4-5 Months old.
  5. Anyone else has any ideas?
  6. My PC is plugged into surge protector extension lead on the right wall, and the freezer is plugged in left of the wall. I've done a bit of research and I come across something called a ''LINDY Mains Conditioner Power Strip 6 Way'' It's an extension cord with a filter. Will this be at help if I plug the freezers into them, then into the main wall ?
  7. Hey there, recently I switched from my Blue Yeti Mic (USB) to at2020 (XLR) along with the Go XLR Mini. I noticed that whenever my freezer switch on/off to do its thing I can hear a pop sound through my headphones I got connected through my Go XLR Mini. Is there something I can do to prevent this? A special plug?
  8. Hmm interesting on the motherboards. Something to take in mind. Thank you again for this. Alright. Thank you
  9. Hmm, If I would to upgrade my CPU to a 8700k and maybe get another 2 RAM sticks and run it in Quad Channel, would that be an improvement? Also I just ran a Heaven Benchmark. Got few stutters in there too.
  10. These are my speed and temps taken from CPU-Z and Core Temp. Games : Apex Legends and PUBG.
  11. Hi it's been awhile since I posted on this forum. I need some help to either address or understanding my issue I'm currently experiencing with my computer. I noticed that my gaming experience always involve FPS stuttering, I've looked online, did some research about this and found solutions but non working. Recently I upgraded my graphics card from GTX 1070 to GTX 1080, thinking the stuttering would stop and/or ease out but still there with my new card. I can't pin point what's wrong but perhaps someone here on this forum could help me. My system :
  12. Ok now at this point, I have no idea what to do.... It still gives me render issue...
  13. So after the first log I posted, Made changes to what needs to be. Stream is not as lag/stutter as it used to be, but Log Analyzer still gives me the render lag issue, but not critical this time. This is the new updated log https://obsproject.com/logs/ejZc47fKSh1x1Wtd Also I can feel that frame rate cap I needed to do. Ouch... why OBS.... whyyyy ?
  14. frame rate cap, as in lowering my actual monitor refresh rate down from 144hz to 60hz or use MSI Afterburner to set a frame rate cap? Tried that already, 2500,3000, 3500 , 4000 non seem to be working. Don't think its a bitrate issue but a GPU Overload issue as stated by Jurrunio
  15. Hi. Calling out obs users that can help me with this. (Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section) I seem to have a problem with my obs settings yet I cannot identify what the problem is. First. I tried looking on the internet/YouTube for settings that fits me however non seem to be working out, now I'm not 100% sure if its the actual game itself that's causing the problem or It's something I'm missing out. I'd like to start of streaming at 720p 60fps which is fine for me. I can later upgrade once I get more viewer ship etc. I ran the auto install wizard, used its settings and