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Status Updates posted by soldier_ph

  1. The Skin fits perfectly:



    And something Brand new that was actually in stock arrived today:


  2. dbrand finally sent me the right skin for my iPhone after sending the wrong one first:

    So now the iPhone and Apple Watch Setup is complete.

  3. Two new Apple Products arrived today:


  4. LMAO: Intel releases a new Platform = even more stupid marketing bla bla and more synthetic performance claims which were pulled out of the Blue


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    2. Benji


      Unfortunately they haven't shown multi-core performance by the looks of it, only "single-core" here and there. Because multi-core definitely wasn't their strong suit, as a matter of fact they got royally fucked in that department. Who, at the current single-core performance of both offers, cares about 5GHz+ and even more improvement in that area at all with the probably exploding power consumption? Unless it's a benchmark it's usually nobody that cares. The era of applications strictly being single-core is pretty much over IIRC.

    3. Schnoz


      I feel like  they  only scheduled   their  keynote on  1/11 just to beat AMD's keynote today. It's a bit pathetic,  especially that they've  done  it  before.  I  think Linus  mentioned   it in the 9980XE video.

    4. Benji


      @Schnoz Yup, and there's also comments in the shared weblink. One called AMD "peasants" apparently. Those "peasants" dominate with way less ressources and Intel keeps coming out with products that look good but are for some reason always worse than their predecessor in certain aspects. So idk if that's really appropriate.

      On websites like these, people for some reason fanboy so hard and it gets really annoying, they flat-out refuse to look at facts.

  5. It's this time of the year again Baby ! CES in an all virtual format kicks off tomorrow. 

  6. My Tesla Merch arrived yesterday:


  7. Tesla Merch just arrived ⚡👀

    1. dizmo
    2. soldier_ph


      @dizmo No, not yet.

    3. dizmo


      Then...why rep the merch?
      I get it for some things, but for things like a car company it just doesn't make much sense to me. It's like people wearing Porsche shirts that drive a Civic.

  8. Ah yes the US of A is back with another season 👌🍿📹

    1. Levent
    2. Spotty


      No political content, regardless of your views.

      • If something spans politics and tech, the discussion must remain clearly within tech and must not descend into politics
      • This covers all parts of the site, including status updates
  9. Apparently Madison has been #Hired:

    This is the Legend herself if you don't know who Madison is:


    1. sub68


      yeah I jokingly said on her infomercial she should be hired and someone said she just got hired 

    2. Benji
    3. wkdpaul


      Good for her, I hope it works because usually when the audience asks for something it's the vocal minority that talks. The main audience might not care or like her.


      I hope I'm wrong and that this message doesn't age well! :D

  10. Awaiting 4 Packages: Merch from Tesla and GamersNexus, the right dbrand skin and my Apple Watch SE. 

  11. Looking for a new Media Centre for your upcoming Next Gen Console ? Well Ikea got you covered:


    1. kelvinhall05


      Love the labels for all the measurements.


      pretty much 6"

      basically 12"



  12. Just had a Teams group call with the class and Teacher and the video and audio quality on the iPad were really good and the call really stable. Now to do my assignment 💣💥


    We're doing Online Classes in the first week after the Holidays to stop the spread of that 'Rona.

  13. After I setup my Coinbase account I did all of the tutorials to earn a bit of these small very unknown Coins like Maker, Celo and Stellar. Then after I did those I converted all into Bitcoin, bought 100 CHF in Bitcoin and 50 CHF in Ethereum and now it's off to the races ! I currently have 141.20 CHF in BTC which are 0.00502917 BTC and 52.64 CHF in ETH which are 0.07725084 ETH. Once I've doubled my 150 CHF to 300, I'll transfer 150 back into my Bank account and then reinvest with the remaining 150 in BTC and ETH again. Sadly you can't directly buy DogeCoin on Coinbase, would have to do that through another Marketplace. Elon Musk really made DogeCoin popular 😂

    1. FloRolf


      How do you plan on doubling the Bitcoin alone with it currently being on an all time high? It'll have to rise to over 40k in order for you to double. 

    2. CircleTech


      yep, right now is a terrible time to buy Bitcoin. The best time for BTC was back in January last year. 

  14. I finally successfully sold off my old Sony WH-H900N for 47 CHF and the buyer paid like instantly. Just printend out the Label for the package and will drop it off at the local Post Office on Monday. This was the last Hurrah of 2020 😂👌


    T-23 min till 2021 👀

    1. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      E-bay is just like the wild west


  15. My Brother openend a CoinBase account for himself yesterday and did some research regarding the Topic of Bitcoin and Crypto Currency. He just sent me an invite link to also open one and for that we‘ll both get 8 bucks in an Currency which I forgot was called again. Our method of investing in Cryptos now is to buy when nobody is buying and when it‘s pretty cheap. This will get very interesting. 

    1. Tristerin


      Make sure you get a very good wallet.  Mines 21 phrase passkey for example. 


      Always look to trade your worthless coins for MINOR MINOR percentages of BTC.  My 2 copper coins.  Or Litecoin, got lots of those too.

    2. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      Definitely an interesting topic.

      actually bitcoin and many other crypto currencies are not privat the opposite is true, every transaction is public. Bitcoins are just anonymous.

  16. Me and my Mom got vaccinated for the seasonal flu at the local Pharmacy today. We normally do it in early November but as it is with all things this year the vaccine too was in short supply and they only now received enough stock of it. The Chief Pharmacists told us that they now qualify for Covid vaccinations too, so once all of the Elderly and front line Health workers got vaccinated the general public can get their shot too. Switzerland bought the most doses from Pfizer/Biontech and the Swiss Army is taking care of storing, securing and distributing it. The Vaccine for the seasonal flu was 40 Bucks a shot and the Covid Vaccine is free as it is worldwide. 

    1. Benji



      at the local Pharmacy

      What? People in Switzerland get vaccinated at the pharmacy? In Germany you have to get vaccinated by a doctor.

    2. soldier_ph


      @Benji Yea it's new that Pharmacies are doing it now too.

    3. greenhorn


      Getting vaccinated at a pharmacy is also not possible in Austria, but there was a discussion about enabling it a while ago. I know some pharmacists who are not particularly eager to having to offer such a service since they would need staff trained for that and also more space to do it.
       I think I heard that pharmacies in France also offer vaccinations.
      As for the flu shot, there were a lot of supply issues here too (many people wanted to get one, pharmacies did not have enough supply).

  17. Time to Rewind 2020 ! -Pascal edition


    For Humanity this has been the worst year since the Terror Attacks of 9/11 but I won't be talking about the endless 💩 that happened this year but rather will solely focus on myself because personally this has been a very great year all things considered.



    • I was very impressed by all of the new Products that got announced and launched at CES. I was especially flashed by the new Ryzen 4000 Mobile Chips.
    • All Windows 7 Support was killed off on January 14th
    • I bought the Oppo Reno 2Z, Nintendo Switch Lite in Grey, Avantree C51 Bluethooth adapter for the Switch and Games for the Switch.
    • Switched to digitec connect as my mobile subscription for the phone
    • Spent two Weeks in the Swiss Alps Skiing 
    • I called it that Covid was gonna spread very rapidly and boi was I right. Because so much stuff already happenend in the first 31 days of the year I did a Rewind of that if you're interested: https://linustechtips.com/profile/367767-soldier_ph/?status=255494&type=status


    • This was my Setup as of February the 8th: 
    • I reviewed my Oppo Reno 2Z:



    • Me and my Brother went on a one day trip to Warsaw on the 3rd of March. Yes we did travel somewhere admits a really nasty Virus outbreak that no one yet knew how serious it was gonna be.
    • The Swiss Government declared the state of Emergency and announced a nation wide Lockdown on March 13th.
    • I started a Food Album:
    • My Brother also got the Oppo Reno 2Z as his new phone.
    • I daily drove Pop!_OS for about 3 Months on my Temporary HP Machine and switched back to Windows 10 Pro because my school was going Online due to the Lockdown.
    • I started Folding for the LTT Team on said Temporary Machine, man was that PC painfully slow.



    • My first LTT Store order arrived: 
    • Jensen cooked up someting very delicious: 
      Introducing Nvidia A100 and the Ampere architecture.
    • I got an extreme comfort upgrade:







    • I finally retired my Temporary HP PC as I received my Brand New Ryzen 4800H + RTX 2060 equipped Notebook: 
    • Setup as of August 20th:
    • I reviewed my Cooler Master MM710:





    • Bought the Logitech MX Master 3, Code 10 Backpack, Xtorm XA031 Bundle, Xtorm USB Power Hub XPD18 Cube Pro and Victorinox RangerGrip 58 Hunter:
    • Bought the Apple iPad 8, Logitech Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil first generation:





    And now for a special message from myself:


  18. I setup PiHole on my Pi 4 4G over the Weekend:


    I setup it up on a Cardboard box in another room which just serves as a small Office and as Storage. I don't have LAN in my room so that's why I had to do it like this.


    The PiHole Dashboard.


    As you can see after I grabbed the Domain which the LTT Forum is using to Display these two adds in the top right corner and in the bottom and Blacklisted them they don't show up anymore. I turned both Adblock Plus and the duckduckgo extensions off in order to try this and it works ! Now to collect all of the bad Websites and Block them. It'll take some time till I've got 'em all. I mainly setup up PiHole for my Smart TV and mobile devices.


    Have a Pi yourself and wanna try it out too ? Then here are the Guides which I used:


    If you know of good Black and White Lists of Domains then please share them with me.

    1. FloRolf


      I mean, you purchased so much swag from lttstoredotcom that I guess it's okay to block their ads lmao. 

    2. Prodigy_Smit


      Oh you reminded me of my pi hole double sided taped to the back of my table.

      That thing is so useful but so discrete. 

  19. @Schnoz Bet you can eat it in time before it disappears again ? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55454718


    1. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      I don't know if @Schnoz can do it but i can. Because it's christmas time my circulatory has completey adapted to sugar and nothing else

    2. Schnoz


      "Can @Schnoz eat  it"


      The answer is always yes.

  20. My 2 LTT Store Orders arrived this week:

    Only thing missing that I also want is the Mousepad but I'll get that once I've got a new Desk. 


    I contacted dbrand last Friday regarding the wrong Skin they've sent me for the iPhone 12 mini and this morning I got an E-Mail with a tracking number for the right Skin and another apology, just had to send them the photo of the loot which you can also see here: 

    They're just awesome. 



    Speaking of awesome stuff: I started daily driving the iPhone on Monday and so far I'm really happy with it. The Grip Case and the Tempered glass are great too, really like the clicky Buttons on the case. Hope it doesn't randomly break on me like we've seen from people on reddit on other devices. The two things I hate most about the iPhone are the lightning port and the fact that I didn't pay close attention when buying the Aukey AirCore 3 in 1 Wireless Charger. Thing is it says on the Aukey Website that it supports the iPhone 12 Series but doesn't specify that the mini does not work on it because the Coils in the iPhone are too small and thus can't properly line up with the ones in the charging pad, also the Magnets in the iPhone for the Magsafe accessories play a factor too. Will just get the Apple Magsafe charger probably and figure out how I pair it with the AirCore because its purpose will be to charge my upcoming Apple Watch. 


    I started the Auction again this week for the Sony WH-H900N, hopefully this will go smoothly now. Hate to deal with people who behave childish and refuse to pay for things.

    1. dizmo


      They must love the fact you bought those cable ties 😂

  21. Nice, I can get off work at 12am today and not have to work until 3pm as initially planned. Today is Christmas Eve baby ! Plus we’ve been wearing Santa Hats the whole day today 😂🎅

    1. Benji


      Oops, totally forgot it's Christmas 😄

      Merry Christmas! 🎅

  22. It's this time of the year again 🎄 Merry Christmas, happy Holidays and a happy new Year ! Have fun with all of the new fancy Toys you're getting. Stay safe and healthy ! Let's hope the world can recover from this terrible year in 2021 as fast as possible. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Senzelian


      @dizmo 🥱 We'll see about that.

    3. soldier_ph


      I like it how I spark these big Conversations in the last little while both Online and IRL.

    4. Senzelian


      @soldier_ph We just can't have your positivity around here. ;) 

  23. Showing off some of the work I do:



    I helped pulling in pretty much all of these with my Coworkers and and am now also managing these all the way from the top 4th floor down to Basement where the main Electrical room is. That's about a length of 45 meters. It took us to get to this stage many weeks not to mention how much time the rest of Electrical takes in this new Building to be built in & setup. Those Orange cables on the far left are Cat 7 🤙

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Windows7ge


      Depends on how the needs of the business change over time.


      Are you using side cutters? Regular wire cutters leave a nasty burr on the end of zip ties that can scratch/cut the next guy.

    3. soldier_ph
    4. Windows7ge


      Good. :)


      I will add though even in datacenteres the use of velcro oppose to zip ties is common. You can buy thin spools of velcro that you cut yourself to length cheap and it makes upgrading faster/easier. Assuming the plan isn't to add lines to the existing bundles what you've done here is fine but it's thought for the future.

  24. Remember that Status Update from me about 4 Weeks ago where I told you guys that I sold off my old Sony WH-H900N Headphones for 61 CHF ? Yeah turns out that guy never even had the intention to pay me, we had a lot of back and forth via Email and SMS and I finally reported him today after him coming up with more and more excuses to procrastinate on the bank transfer. Due to the Current situation I gave him more time then I usually would to pay me but I could theoretically report buyers even after just 10 days should I either not be able to get in contact with them or they're not willing to pay. I already got my fees paid back by ricardo (basically Switzerland's equivalent of eBay) just now and am now waiting for him to get banned from the Platform because this is at least the fourth time this happened according to the 3 other Negative Reviews on his Profile. Part of the account creation on ricardo is that you have to register with your real name, address and ID so unless that A@@hole changes all of that he won't be able to sign up again should he hopefully get banned. If you don't have the intention to actually buy the thing in the end that you are bidding on then just don't in the first place !

  25. I find it funny that they had to phrase it like this:


    It's like in Games where it says: *please press any Button to continue* and then you press the Power Button.


    Also yes OLEDs are just amazing because they just turn the pixels off when having to display a completely black/dark imagine instead of turning an LCD and showing you a dimmed, hot mess.

    1. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      I can’t find the „any“ button