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Everything posted by soldier_ph

  1. soldier_ph

    YER BACK!!!!! We truly missed you!

    Now for @Tech_Dreamer to come back from the dead.
  2. Oh yeah standing Desks are worth 100 % if you can spend that amount of cash on it.
  3. soldier_ph

    Another reason to leave LastPass ; https://www.…

    Well yeah I'm completely done with moving over to Bitwarden now and have just deleted my LastPass account.
  4. The setup is still temporary and not done yet by any means:

    Next big item to buy is a next gen HDMI 2.1 Monitor.

    1. TopHatProductions115


      sees laptop with no desktop


      angry screeching noises ensue



      jk noice X3


  5. soldier_ph

    "My flash drive's not working for some reason"…

    Ha I don't use them in the first place with my Logitech Peripherals because they have a Firmware flaw where they're easily hackable thus being able to read every keystroke and or Mouse Button click. Bluetooth FTW.
  6. soldier_ph

    It so awesome that you won the keyboard on your…

    @[REDACTED] Happy Birthday and have fun with your new Keyboard !
  7. soldier_ph

    By the way, I haven’t forgotten about the 1700X…

    No one cares. /s
  8. soldier_ph

    I uh.. Bought a desk: It wasn't cheap. I'm work…

    But can it run Crysis go up and down ?
  9. soldier_ph

    I can’t stop playing Among Us! Somebody stop me

    Gotta switch to Fall Guys.
  10. soldier_ph

    Danger! Danger! Give us your money!

    I have 3 Google accounts with a combined 45 GBs of Storage that I don't use because self hosting FTW !
  11. soldier_ph

    Me while banning the same spambot for the 100th…

    Man that Ban Hammer must be real bloody.
  12. 👀

    Also oh lol I've got over 200 Notifs again. 

    1. Benji


      1 minute ago, soldier_ph said:

      Also oh lol I've got over 200 Notifs again. 

      Well, maybe check in a little more often 😉

      Or set what you actually want to be notified about.

  13. GamereNexus 2020 PC Disappointment T-Shirt: And an electric motorized standing desk from the Brand Sitag bought for 714 CHF used, it's worth over 2000 CHF. The table top is 180 x 90 cm: So as you can see this means a new room layout and a better desk setup once I have an amazing next gen HDMI 2.1 Monitor and a big LTT Mousepad.
  14. soldier_ph

    Me awake at 6 am on a Saturday because I have t…

    @CircleTechAt least I have only one day of school per week and this Saturday morning. Work the other four.
  15. Me awake at 6 am on a Saturday because I have to go to the Tutoring lesson at my school:


    My Brain:


    Paying for things is like paying a ransom for a person that's taken hostage. 


    1. CircleTech


      I had to wake up a 5:30am to get on a 6am bus so I could start school at 7 every day. 


      I do not miss high school.

    2. soldier_ph


      @CircleTechAt least I have only one day of school per week and this Saturday morning. Work the other four.

  16. The guy whom I bought the Table from is nice enough to actually delivery it to my doorstep. A friend of my mom who goes with her walking the doggos on a daily basis asked my Mom if I wanted a free use PlayStation 3. I said yes right away since I always wanted to upgrade a Console to an SSD and just in general to tinker with it. Am gonna of course sell it of, so let me know if anyone of you would be interested. If not I'm just gonna sell it here after the drive upgrade and Thermalpaste swap.


    @SchnozResident PS tinkering expert 


    This week is getting better and better.

    1. Drama Lama
    2. Schnoz


      I'd absolutely be interested (well, if I had a credit card or check to pay you with). Just curious, which model of PS3 is it? Fat PS3s are hot and inefficient, but they are the only ones to have the EE+GS chip for @PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility. The Slim and Super Slim are fun as well. Cell and RSX were shrunk from 90 to 28 nm over the course of the PS3's lifetime, which is pretty cool.


      Oh yeah and I would absolutely delid that thing if I were me (although it risks breaking the motherboard). Sony's stock thermal paste is pretty bad and has led to many YLODs.

  17. And also the Xiaomi Scooter is fixed and works now again.

    1. Benji


      I'll give it a week until the next thing fails 😉

  18. I just had a meeting with HR and I finally passed my probation ! Also bought a used Motorized Electric Desk yesterday for 714 CHF which would be worth 2000 CHF.

  19. soldier_ph

    This won't be happening anytime soon (especiall…

    E-Scooter for short range and Tesla long range. EVs FTW !
  20. soldier_ph

    me: awake at 3 am brain: [spoiler]

    7 8 9 ?
  21. soldier_ph

    Why do people ruin songs for me.... Someone on…

    I don't get attached emotionally to songs, like don't get me wrong I have my songs which I like but something as stupid as a tiktok can't ruin it for me. Good thing I deleted my tiktok account as soon as we were finished with that class project back in High School.
  22. soldier_ph

    The following day after taking the vaccine. I h…

    My Dad, he's 56, got the Moderna Vaccine today and is already sleeping in his bed. We'll see how he'll feel after his second shot in a Month.
  23. soldier_ph

    3060 12GB starts at $500 in where I live...

    Jokes on you guys, everything is out of stock here, except expensive af Ryzen 5000 + 30 Series Laptops.
  24. soldier_ph

    Amazing news! Against the odds, a Geek Squad Ce…

    @Techstorm970 Holy fuck man that is absolutely amazing ! Have fun with it ! Ryzen 5000 Series CPU and a 30 Series GPU in the same device, that's like killing two flies with one stone. I'm jealous, even though my Laptop is still super High End considering the availability level of my parts.