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  1. Turn down the grass quality settings, because those settings seem to slightly hit your GPU harder. But really 95% is still a fully loaded graphics card, there is not really a problem here.
  2. There's no harm in cleaning the card. And if you can't spot any burn marks or corrosion after it's cleaned then there's a good chance it'll still work.
  3. It could still be a HDD issue. In your video at 1:55 you get a really bad lag spike. Exactly at the same time task manager reports your HDD usage as 100%. Also things like these: can be an indicator of a dying hard drive. Check your HDD health with a tool like HWInfo.
  4. Looking at BAR benchmarks now shows that there are still plenty of games where there's no performance benefit with it enabled at all and in some cases even a performance penalty. Who knows how BAR behaved a few years ago. Maybe they didn't want to release a feature that potentially decreased performance in too many games overall.
  5. It's not that illogical. First gear is a 1:1 ratio between memory clock and "infiniy fabric" (Idk what's intel's term for this) while gear 2 halves the ratio between those two. It's similar to a car where the second gear is usually half the gear transmission ratio of the first gear too.
  6. It seems to apply anytime there's a CPU limited scenario in any game. Even in games like Cyberpunk 2077, as soon as settings are chosen that introduce a CPU bound scenario the behaviour can be observed.
  7. Overclocking increases heat output, that's what happens. If you want lower temperatures either decrease the clocks and voltages, or get a cooler capable of handling more heat.
  8. Aren't these contradicting? Either the amperage would rise and thus to wattage stays the same, or the wattage decreases thus the amperage stays the same. I don't know more than school level physics anyway so I guess it's not worth arguing. And the reason is that manufacturers have to pick a voltage that works with 99% of the silicon without introducing instability. Manufactures do want to set the voltage as low as possible but they can't test every single chip that leaves the factory yet there still is a variance in silicon quality. You can end up with silicon that happi
  9. I'd go with the Pentium system. The whole system is on a newer platform so it has a newer motherboard, faster RAM and possibly faster storage. Also the pentium cpu is faster than the old Core-i3.
  10. Well first you'll need make sure that it's a proper monitor input port on your Laptop. Then connect a cable from your PC's GPU output to your laptop input (not an output port). At last change the laptop's source for receiving an image to the PC's GPU in the settings of your laptop.
  11. Are you sure it's a Display Port input and not a normal Display Port output? Because it's very unusual for laptops to have monitor input ports. And without a proper input port, what you're trying to do won't work.
  12. 130 FPS is pretty much the maximum the 9700k can produce in CoD warzone. With an overclock you could get a bit more fps out of it. The GPU is sitting at 50% because it isn't being utilised when the graphic settings are this low. To increase GPU load you'd need to increase graphics quality and/or resolution.
  13. That specific Motherboard does support the BIOS Flashback feature, which allows you to update the BIOS without a CPU installed by having the correct BIOS files on a USB stick. More informations on how to do this correctly should be in the Motherboard manual.
  14. What you could do is buy an 7640x from Amazon and use their 30 day return policy to return it again after updating the BIOS.
  15. The performance difference between the 1165G7 and 1185G7 is almost non-existent. The 100Mhz slower boost clock will be unnoticeable in pretty much every scenario.