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  1. Agree
    StarsMars reacted to drgon boy gaming in grapics cards   
    this rtx 3090 is a beast 
  2. Agree
    StarsMars got a reaction from NineEyeRon in Specialist pc vacuum cleaner   
    Compressed cans of air are really bad for pollution
  3. Funny
    StarsMars reacted to ooferr in Would it makes sense for LMG to buy/ hire Bitwit, etc   
    I was wondering would it make sense for Linus to but bitwit’s channel or employ bitwit under LMG? I feel like it could be a smart investment considering that just the news of Linus buying him would boost his channel and also that Bitwit doesn’t have such a well monetised channel as Linus. If Linus were to employ Bitwit under LMG, he could make him atleast 50% more profitable. Idk maybe this is stupid after all that would be like LTT monopolising the tech space but i still think it’s an interesting topic.
  4. Agree
    StarsMars reacted to Slottr in Installing a new motherboard & CPU, will I need to reinstall windows on my SSD?   
    I would
    You might be able to get by without doing so, but this just completely avoids any issues of drivers crossing over and whatnot
  5. Agree
    StarsMars reacted to dbx10 in ThermalTake copied Noctua, but Noctua copied Nidec.   
    I'm not sure this qualifies as copying altogether, because most engineers will fall back to known design principles. There's only so many ways to efficiently push air with fan blades.

    But then you said ThermalTake. You just know they flat out copy pasted the design. It's freaking ThermalTake.
  6. Informative
    StarsMars reacted to ProjectBox153 in Which version of linux for a noob?   
    I find that Mint works very well on lots of hardware, and it's easy to find your way around if you are at all used to Windows. I personally use the MATE edition, but you can choose from Cinnamon or Xfce as well. 
  7. Informative
    StarsMars reacted to Dutch_Master in Which version of linux for a noob?   
    I'd suggest Mint, the Mate edition. Mate was made to look like Win-XP. It's based on the same underlaying platform as Ubuntu, so a lot of that docs also apply to Mate.
  8. Informative
    StarsMars reacted to martward in Which version of linux for a noob?   
    I would suggest going Ubuntu if you're not familiar with linux. It's not necessarily the easiest as far as I know, but there is so much support online. Everybody and their grandma's are using Ubuntu and the internet forums are filled with questions and answers about the platform.
    There is a lightweight version called Lubuntu, but I have no idea whether it is any good.
  9. Agree
    StarsMars reacted to michalj82 in RGB Air Cooler for Ryzen 9 5900X or 5950X   
    Any air cooler may be RGB if you'll install RGB fans on it.
  10. Like
    StarsMars got a reaction from OGKRG in Good for $70?   
    I haven’t heard anything bad about them. Another asetek cooler. Seems like a great deal
  11. Informative
    StarsMars reacted to rice guru in Powering Fostex T20rp's?   
    the 80 ohms highs are more shrill and more unrefined than the 250 ohm just overall less control. the 250 ohm is more pleasant but does need power
  12. Agree
    StarsMars reacted to Chris Fortune in Can my GPU handle it?   
    I would only upgrade the screen that you game on as the support screen doesn't need higher resolution or refresh rate, if that isn't ok for some reason then maybe limit the secondary screen in your windows setting to limit the load on the GPU
  13. Funny
    StarsMars got a reaction from Blai5e in Is My GPU Messed Up?   
    You will find the solution to your problem in my past posts.
  14. Informative
    StarsMars got a reaction from Mark Kaine in Is My GPU Messed Up?   
    You will find the solution to your problem in my past posts.
  15. Agree
    StarsMars reacted to Fasauceome in Is My GPU Messed Up?   
    If you want people to assist you, you need to include all relevant info in one post
  16. Agree
    StarsMars reacted to Mark Kaine in new installed evga rtx 3080 ftw3 ultra gaming causing random restarts   
    it's a PSU issue... ya'll are falling for the recommended PSU thing (which is frankly reckless at this point from whoever says it, and that includes manufacturers...) 
    1000W high quality PSU and the issues will vanish (most likely) 
  17. Agree
    StarsMars reacted to Action_Johnson in This fan is not ok...   
    I'm sure whomever is selling that totally doesn't have a disgusting house.
    I have found that cleanliness of computer internals is directly correlated to how clean people keep their living situations. 
  18. Like
    StarsMars reacted to warlock257 in RTX 3070 - Watch Dogs Legion, only 30fps?   
    Follow up...
    I picked up a i9 9900K for cyber Monday, and WOW did it work. My frame went to up 75fps, with Very High settings.
  19. Agree
    StarsMars reacted to Spotty in When building a new PC, which part(s) is most likely to be DOA?   
    If you drop it and damage it it's not DOA. 
    Everyone: "hard drives are susceptible to shock damage"
    You: "I better shake them to see if they're okay"
  20. Agree
    StarsMars reacted to Wheresmehammer in AMD as well as Nvidia (and/or partners) take advantage of the consumer by skyrocketing the price of graphics cards.   
    You are rather annoying, you know that?  yes mods i know this is a personally aimed dig at the OP, but their other thread was just as silly too.
    There may be an economics 101 book or for dummies somewhere, read one.
  21. Agree
    StarsMars reacted to Letgomyleghoe in AMD Ryzen 9 5950x ideal temperature   
    sub ambient of some sort
    realistically though 60-70 degrees is probably the best you'll get under full load (without LN2 or other exotic methods)
  22. Agree
    StarsMars got a reaction from whm1974 in Does anyone else feel like there is no reason to upgrade?   
    Being content with what you have will serve you well.
    I agree that it would be nice to see more affordable components. I don't want to see PC gaming become only for the lucky.
  23. Like
    StarsMars got a reaction from Gingercan in 1060 -> 5700XT didn't give me a huge performance increase.   
    I imagine you could see a giant improvement with a more up to date cpu. You will probably be able to find a ryzen3000 and b550 board this black friday/boxing day/cyber monday if you're interested.
    CSGO can run on mashed potatoes with copper wire running out of it.
  24. Agree
    StarsMars reacted to BTGbullseye in IS 10GB ENOUGH? 3080 or 6800xt ?   
    The AMD Ryzen 5000 series changes that, as they outperform in single thread operations as well.
    The Ryzen 5000 with an RX 6800XT on a B550 or X570 motherboard will be your best bet for performance. It will exceed the performance of any other price-comparable component combination.
  25. Agree
    StarsMars reacted to Marbo in How are computers cooled in space?   
    Wasn't there an LTT video at a NASA museum? 
    I recall the Apollo computers having liquid cooling. 
    Found it