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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @ 4.3 Ghz
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    ASUS Prime X370-Pro
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    G.Skill Trident Z RGB 2x16GB 3600C16
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    Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+
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    Phanteks P400S Tempered Glass
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    Samsung 960 Evo 250GB & Seagate Barracuda Compute 2016 3TB
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    AOC CU34G2X
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    Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280mm
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    keycaps are MT3 Dev/tty

    Switches are glorious pandas lubed with Krytox 205g0

    Stabilisers are lubed durock with the kbdfans foam stickers underneath

    Plate is polished brass from LaserBoost

    case is a walnut 65% made by u/lxkhn

    cable is made by CableLab

    PCB is DZ65 RGB V2 Hotswap
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    Xtrfy M4 Retro
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    DAC: Schiit Modius Amplifier: Yamaha AS501 Headphone Amp: Schiit Asgard 3 Speakers: Dali Zensor 3. Subwoofer: Dali E12-F Headphones: HifiMan Ananda & Sennheiser HD 558 IEM: Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Oppo Find X2 Pro

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  1. https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2021/02/25/innuos-announces-phoenixnet-network-switch/ Here we have a $3500 10/100 network switch (yes megabit not gigabit) claiming to be "audiophile grade", thought that it could make a good "$H!T Manufacturers Say" video
  2. I HIGHLY rate the Arctic Liquid Freezer II, ive got the 280mm model and it keeps my 1600X under 70 degrees at 4.1ghz with 1.45 (the absolute limit of 1st gen zen for long term) it even kept it below 80 degrees during a 4.2ghz cinebench attempt at 1.55v I didnt check power draw at 1.55v but at 1.45 im pulling upwards of 130w
  3. also i forgot to add that 2.4ghz will simply be used as a legacy option in his network as all of his devices feature 5ghz networking and also his entire flat will indeed be covered by 5ghz so the 2.4ghz is only relevent to those older devices that do not feature 5ghz support, and those devices most likely would not be able to utilize any more than the 300mbps on the nano any way, so this is a non issue.
  4. yeahh i much prefer the fact that their is only one cable to worry about, it makes positioning of the unit much easier, the router itself for him is perfectly fine so we are not worried about that we are simply changing up the wifi so im not really fussed as we already have the gigabit ports in the existing router. in regards to using "their" power adapter, this isnt quite accurate as it is not "their" one, it uses 802.11af which means you can pick up a different injector if you wish to use another one, but the main benefit for using 802.11af over a barrel power jack is the fact i
  5. in regards to the clients, the main devices would be: iPhone XS MAX Samsung Galaxy S10+ 2018 5k iMac 2017 Macbook Pro I'd expect the Macbook & iMac to be able to hit 900mbps or so, however I'd be interested to see what the S10+ can do as its only got 2x2 but at the same time it SHOULD support VHT160 as that is required for wifi 6 spec, so i would be interested to see if using VHT160 would give the S10+ higher speeds than the iPhone would be able to pull off.
  6. Thanks for your suggestion! I was just looking through the specs of the R8000P in comparsision to the NanoHD, at first glance the R8000P should be faster, however the NanoHD (on paper) has a higher bandwidth available on a single band (1625 vs 1733mbps), in the real world the R8000P appears to offer around 600mbps which is about 50-100mbps less than what ive seen people getting with the NanoHD which I believe to also be more reliable so at the moment i am still leaning towards the NanoHD, ive just looked and ive seen a couple of people running around 900MBps with the full fat Unif
  7. One of my friends has just moved into a new flat with a 1 Gigabit Hyperoptic internet connection (im not jealous i promise), he is really happy with it but wants more over wifi, he is getting around 350MBps over wifi which i would like to try to increase as much as possible, the budget is around £200ish or so and currently im looking at a Ubiquiti Unifi NanoHD, which im expecting around 700-800mbps from, am i expecting too much or is this possible? any ideas on configuration for the NanoHD to get maximum throughput? any recommendations on other access points/routers that may
  8. So I can currently buy a pair of KEF R100s for £370 brand new which seems like a steal so im wondering if they would be a worthwhile upgrade to my Dali Zensor 3 speakers I use on my desk at the moment, mostly for music but also for some movies, I have a Dali E-12F Subwoofer for the low end
  9. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how much a couple of TVs are worth, the first of which is a Panasonic TX-L24X5B which is a very nice quality 24 inch 1080p TV which I bought back in 2012 for around £300, the next is a Samsung UE32H5500AK, which is a TV that my mate bought for around £250, it's a 32 inch 1080p TV, now both are in good condition however the smaller Panasonic has nicer colours when tuned correctly and it just looks sharper, annoyingly I cannot seem to get a good estimation on the value of these TVs anywhere so I'm hoping you guys could help out
  10. That is the pre face lifted version, the new one is lighter and much more powerful, seemingly more powerful than audi lets on
  11. Last week I would have agreed with you, however as the new facelift of the RS3 has 400 hp, this means that the car is in fact only 150 hp off the NON PERFORMANCE version of the RS6, and then when you take into account the fact that the RS6 weighs 435 kg more than the RS3, it really does mean that the RS3 has really gotten close to the RS6. In regards to power to weight the RS3 is right around 264 hp/tonne, this is in comparison to the 282 of the RS6, as you can see very close, however this is all but specs on a piece of paper and I would still not be convinced, however I did see a video the ot
  12. Ah yes, I think the problem with the term "supercar" is the fact that it does not have a definition, my definition is the fact that it has to be exotic, personally i don't really see the RS6 as being that exotic, yeah it is really fast and all and has tonnes of power, but it doesnt tick that exotic box. now here is where my personal definition fails me, as although the RS6 is not seen to be exotic, that inline 5 within the RS3 for me is what I would class as exotic, this is because it is horredously unique and sounds that way, However I can think of many cars that also are seen to be "supercar
  13. I've got a question, when does a car become a supercar? I know an RS6 is commonly regarded as a supercar but how about the just as fast/faster as well as more unique RS3? but does this mean that the term supercar is being diluted?
  14. Oh trust me I will, I'm going to remove the drivers as well to prevent the chance of over spill onto the surround or something
  15. Hi, I own a pair of Dali Zensor 3 speakers and they look really good without the front grills, however they feature a gloss front to them, this means 3 things, fingerprint magnet, dust magnet and would scratch easily, so I'm wondering if it's a good idea or not to use the ceramic coatings they use on cars on the fronts of them in order to add a glass like layer over the top for a hard protective layer and increased gloss levels, cheers.