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    Live Events Engineer. Working in Audio, Video and lighting fields.
    You will find me in the audio section 90% of the time as well as occasionally in hobby electronics and whenever complex projection topics appear.
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    Live Events Industry


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    HP Omen 17" RTX2070

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  1. That difference is so small that just buy opening the case up and probably airing dirt and dust out from inserting the sound card would result in similar changes.
  2. Thats nice because i did find thomann customer service really good was nice ordering from them
  3. Since your using pounds Id recommend Thomann as a purchase place even with import duty they are cheaper then UK stores like gear4music and provide better veraity Depending on the style of microphone. Something more studio style or suited to a quite room Id got NT1 otherwise I'm a big fan of Sennheiser microphones and nothing beats a E935. Thats more of a live style microphone. Used for singing on shows and bands etc. Its got a tight pick up pattern so wont pick up as much background noise. But both microphones want you to be close to the mic.
  4. Wouldn't bother with the MV7 if your not going to use the USB. Most common thing people find is the XLR output doesnt sound as good as Shure has done some magic processing on the USB which works really well. Also wouldnt bother with the SM7B for singing its more a radio podcast then singing microphone. I didnt rate blue microphones when they were still a audio company now there just logitecs bitch.
  5. Ahoy Hoy

    Irig Pro Duo

    You aware of any spectrum analysers which can use both channels so I can see both channels audio frequncy response.
  6. Ahoy Hoy

    Irig Pro Duo

    Anyone here have this little portable interface or know about it able to solve this question for me. When recording to a Ipad or computer does it record two channels or is it a single channel recording?
  7. 400 quid is a decent budget. When you say music stream what we talking about? Interface Yamaha AG03 or AG06 depending on what you do in music. There a nice mixer interface designed to be a interface mixer. Has lots of inputs for keyboards guitars or other instruments. As well has some basic effects like reverb etc if your a singer. Microphone Rode Podmic My go to for podcasts. Very good microphone for 100 quid. Work amazing for discord and games etc. If your a singer maybe not the best but would manage. Stands Little table stand Big table boom ar
  8. Id go with a TV. It be a lot of money for a decent projector to go bright and the install costs with mounting it on the roof and running cables. You also have the problem with people walking infront of the projector as its a bar people will do that. Its normally better to go with multiple smaller TVs for a bar rather then one big one. But if you got a budget of 4 grand just find a local install company. get it done proffesionally.
  9. Connector is a Amphenol MC4F Bit of googling you will find a xlr adapter or you can make one if your nifty with a soldering iron
  10. Have you tried in front audio port? Some motherboards have better front port audio compared to the rear IO. Its different between brand and model on whether the front is better or if its the rear.
  11. Ahoy Hoy


    Right, had enough of my crappy DT1770s breaking had three replacements headphones and this is the second time this pair have broken and going to need to go for repair. Give me your recommendations £300 to £400 mark (about $500 ish for you yanks). Looking for something which are incredibly comfortable as the beyerdyanmics can get uncomfortable after a while. Really liking the comfort of my Sony 1000mx3. Probably going to go open back as well. So far looking at senny with the HD600, 650 or 660s. Anyone got any other ideas.
  12. Sennheiser SK100. Its too little packs with a flap for two AA batteries and a jack port on the top with a belt clip on the back, you can buy a adapter to attach them with a hot shoe for around a tenner. H713 does make a important point. Country is very important as there are regulations on usage of certain frequencies for TV, phone, emergency service and as well as public use.
  13. Unless you live in a desert youll need to get a water proof case for the projector or get a water proof projector which Im not aware of many of them existing. If its only for occasional use it be better to get a normal projector and take it in and out when you want to use it. How ever dry it is under the patio cover water in the atmosphere will kill it quickly.
  14. Second hand older Sennheiser wireless transmitter and receiver belt packs go for around £150. Be a saving of around 100 quid. They are profesional standard so you can trust them to work well. There's also loads of similar cheap Chinese import stuff on amazon. As the saying goes buy cheap buy twice.
  15. Do you still have them. Sennheiser has excellent parts available especially for their pro range. The HD280pro you can buy every part from them to the stage you could build a new pair of headphones from parts. If your not skilled enough to do the repair it wouldn't cost much to get someone who is. My 2 cents on the topic at hand. Most modern high end motherboard have decent audio. Compared to equipment worth hundreds its a big difference in stats but in day to day listening its not a meaningful / noticeable difference. You will get day and night differences between changing headphones whil