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    Live Events Engineer. Working in Audio, Video and lighting fields.
    You will find me in the audio section 90% of the time as well as occasionally in hobby electronics and whenever complex projection topics appear.
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    HP Omen 17" RTX2070

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  1. If you search HDMI audio extractor with the audio output you want you will find one. There all cheap Chinese rebrands of stuff so its country dependant so no me linking one as it wont be the same in another country.
  2. Its basically crap these days. With the increase with computer capability video game audio engines have sky rocketed in capability. They no longer do just 7.1 as the highest setting and actually the best surround sound is stereo. These headphone software's like razer hyperx etc etc, take the 7.1 data from the game and virtualise it to stereo. Its like having two microphones spaced out at ear positions in a surround sound speaker room. The game audio is played through the speaker the speakers and the difference in audio volume and pitch from the sound speakers being in different posit
  3. 1. should i buy a mic arm? im worried just having it on a tripod on my desk will pick up my keyboard and mouse clicks. i have put a image where im planning to put it (the sloth represents the position) It probably pick your keyboard up. Maybe some effects could be used like the Nvidia stuff to reduce it. Close the mic is to you the lower the microphone pick up volume has to be so less likely it is to pick up other sounds around you. It comes with the tripod so try it and if you think you need to position it closer then maybe get another stand to have it closer to you. 2. w
  4. For the standard close vocal microphones Shure PGA48 or AKG P5 Large dynamic only thing going is either a cheap Behringer C or the Thomann SC400
  5. I read the first post and said out loud I bet there not plugged in.
  6. Ill give you a sneak peak. Still work in progress but I'm slowly making a audio interface recommendations. This is my medium price section where its above the cheap stuff but not stupidly expensive. Ive cut the meh ones out and only kept decent choices. I still havnt done the high end yet or the strange one of a kind ones like the Go XLR. Regarding mic choice I would go Shure because Im a fan boy for big German brands beginning with S. But might as well coin toss it or if you see one drastically discounted maybe go for that. Also head up big images inside.
  7. You would plug the headphones into the interface. Interface are like sound cards. Plug a USB in the computer then should recognise it as input and outputs like any other audio device. Most have XLR inputs and headphone and speaker outputs (either jack or RCA depending on models), some have Midi. Thats about it.
  8. I think your using mixers for a job they are not design to do. They are supposed to be mixers the USB computer connection is just a extra to record the mix or for sound play back. Its normally a second thought and they don't always work the most logical way. And using them as audio interface can leave some mixed results depending on models. Its also normally a massive waste of money as most people seem to only have two or three inputs yet have a sixteen channel desk. Just wasting money on 10 unused channels. I think youd have more luck with Yamahs mixer interface AG03 and the AG06. They a
  9. aaahhh you got that one. Honestly I dont know in that case. I cant see why just setting your output as Razer Headset in windows wouldnt work and not plugging the razer headset into the GO XLR
  10. Should work fine. The Go XLR has standard jack connections on the back. I cant remeber if the razer headset has two jacks or a combo. So at most you may need a splitter. I probably wouldnt plug the mic in.
  11. Don't think the pop filter will do much for you since none of your problems so far are related to pops caused by speech. Looks like the microphone has a standard mic screw so the screw type stands will work fine. The "hug" type stand not to sure its hit and miss who knows if that will work.
  12. Yeah so if you want those things go for it there just isnt anything doing that and I think youd like the software. If you dont then you can get the same quality audio interface or 100 quid but it just be used for plugging the mic into the computer
  13. Virtual surround sound doesn't need a sound card or specialist equipment. Its just software which most modern games have built into the game engine. The only time you would want a sound card is for surround sound system to give outputs to send audio to different speaker. But most people dont do that as digital audio has become the main thing for surround sound speakers.
  14. Unless you want the extra features of the Go XLR like the software sound effect buttons etc its not worth while. But if you do then there isnt anything which offers that kind of stuff.
  15. Its hard to say if the change in microphone will change much Have you got the microphone in cardioid mode? If you dont do. I think could improve the keyboard noise with microphone positioning. If you can get the keyboard behind the microphone. I think from the stream you got the microphone horisontal?