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  1. Hello guys I am looking to hook up an IPS display to my laptop and my PS4 through HDMI. I have had issues trying to find the IPS displays here in Indonesia and after searching for a while I found the LG 22MP68VQ-P I heard that it also comes with AMD FreeSync and I heard as well that it may go up to 75hz, is this true? I heard HDMI only supports up to 60Hz on some cables and 120Hz on some others. I plan on playing PS4 games and PC games such as CS:GO, League of Legends and some singleplayer games such as Doom. I may do some casual photo-editing and video-editing at times. As
  2. Responses and recommendations are still appreciated guys
  3. My cable TV setup box has a HDMI port which I am currently using to hook up the box to my TV using a HDMI cable.
  4. Hello guys. I have an Asus ROG gaming laptop and I play on buying a monitor to hook it on to. I first planned on getting a 144hz display since I play a lot of CS:GO and I'm looking to get better (I'm DMG), but I changed my mind ever since that I heard that there may be complications regarding the HDMI cable and that some versions of HDMI may not support up to 144hz or 120hz, so from then on I decided that I'd get a IPS display. I have had issues finding the right display for me since prices and stock at Indonesia are not the best and are unreliable at times. My budget is around $200
  5. Theres not really an end-game to GTA Online, it just goes on and on till one day where you probably have purchased everything possible; such as all the cars, weapons, yachts and their respective modifications. I started out by just robbing shops. You can also do jobs which are sent to you on your phone but I find them quite boring. If you're lower leveled, hunting people down may be tough because they may have armored vehicles and better weapons than you. What I enjoy doing most in GTA online is just spending time in first person and cruising or parachuting. Trust me, GTA Online is way a bette
  6. So if that means the SS Rival 300 beats the Zowie FK1 a bit based on it's hardware. So if I were to choose between a SS Rival 300 and DA Chroma, which one would you recommend hardware-wise? It's hard for me to get the other mice you suggested since they are very very uncommon here in Indonesia and shipping can be quite the hassle.
  7. What does g mean in regards to acceleration? Well I use the claw grip, I play on 800 DPI and a 1000Hz polling rate, and from the looks of it, the Deathadder Chroma would suit me better. As for alternatives, the only other mouse that ever got as close to these 2 (FK1 and DA Chroma) besides the SS Rival 300 and the Logitech G502 was the Final Mouse Tournament Pro, but I'm afraid it may be too light for my liking and I've heard that it feels somewhat fragile due to how light it is. What would be some other alternatives? Edit: I've been looking into the SS Rival 300 agai
  8. Thanks for the information, it really helps me out. Have you heard anything about button input lag on the Zowie FK1? I've heard from multiple accounts that it has a delay from when you click the button to when it registers as a click on the computer system. Also another thing is, will the Zowie FK1 run fine on 1000hz polling rate? I've also heard that it tends to jitter. Does this have to do with the sensor? Thanks.
  9. I was playing CS:GO and during a really important clutch moment, internet went to 1000 ping and I died. I got so pissed I started yelling things about satan and sodomy in a mix of Indonesian and English. I started hitting my head as well with my the palm of my hand multiple times while smashing my mouse. My parents woke up and I was restricted from playing for the rest of the night
  10. Its hard to find Zowie mice here in Indonesia and most shops (if not all) also don't have a 2 day period / return policy as well. Rarely are there any shops here in Jakarta, Indonesia where I can return an item I have purchased. Most of them do not have the mice on display either for me to try, unless its a convention in which they only happen once a year. Which is why I have to be extra sure before purchasing the mouse.
  11. Hello guys. My old mouse is the Razer Naga Molten 3.5G and I'm looking to replace it because of it being old and feeling fragile due to me dropping it a few times. Another factor is that I play more FPS now. After researching about the countless mouses out there, I have narrowed by options to these 2 mice. I have came across other mice such as the SS Rival 300 and Logitech G502. Yes, I have tried the SS Rival 300 and the Logitech G502 and I dislike the SS Rival due to the shape and comfort. I dislike the G502 because of it's shape, comfort and weight. From my 2 options above (FK1 and DA), I ha