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    Sacramento, CA
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    Intel I5 8600k
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    Asrock Z370 Extreme4
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    8gx2 Gskill + 8gX2 Gskill RGB 3000
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    GTX EVGA 1060 3gb
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    Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 5
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    970evo 500g M.2 +120ssd + 5 hhd
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    EVGA 750 G3 Gold
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    Be Quiet 150w
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    Logitch G910
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    Logitch G6 MMO
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  1. Hi all. I work with a small company doing Video production. We are running into a Issue with long term storage of all our 4K footage. I believe only 2- 3 months ago we acquired a 36TB Raid, with is now full. We are using 4 Blackmagic Pocket cinema camera's in 4K (Blackmagic Raw/12:1) on a shoot, ranging from 1.5 Hour, to 6 hours. Just this week we have done 3 days in the studio, recording 4 hours each time with 3-4 camera angles. Some key points- - Currently there is 1 part time experienced editor. So deleting unusable clips will be slow to happen. - End products are hours lon
  2. Last night mV whV keV stoped working, as ou can see here<<<< but it is now mV keV board. I popped up the on screen keV board, and the whv keV is still not working. anV ideas?
  3. I am having problems with my mic. I've had the mic and pc for a long time but recently reinstalled windows. Microphone is picked up as a source by audio settings. But it is not working in my programs (discord, games.) Now in the Sound settings, there's a option to play the mic audio through the speakers, and that works, (I can hear myself talking). Setup is windows 10 Mic is Logitech G430 headset 3.5 green/pink > USB adaptor I have tried plugging the mic in to the back 3.5mm on both back and front of the computer, and I don't get any registration of its existence. 3.5mm
  4. I didn't know my motherboard listed above, accepts AMD.
  5. I have a Asrock Z370 extreme4 Motherboard. Bios is the same as when I bought it, (1.5 years ago? with in a month or 2 of the launch of 300 chipset boards). So question, should I update the bios? If so newest version, or other? Other info about bios updates? I just did a clean install of windows10 on a new M.2 boot drive. Just getting things set up and back to normal. (cross post just this question from my other thread, since this is the cpu/motherboard forum section.)
  6. I have had some troubles lately with my rig. Just yesterday it wouldn't boot up. I had already had plans to change boot drives/clean install on a new M.2 drive. so I did. Now I am running on the new windows 10 install on the new drive. I now am missing all my setting. I have a bit of trouble booting into the new drive with the other one plugged in, but after a few rounds of "reboot and chose boot drive" error, it lets me through. I am able to see the old boot drive and access it and its windows folder contents, in windows explorer. So here now I am trying to find and maybe copy over som
  7. I am reorganizing and reformatting some of my storage and I am having some issues. I have a drive that is partitioned to about 1 TB. I have emptied the drive all that I can, leaving 2 folders, Steam apps, and the other is Windows Apps. The only thing in the steam folder is WinRing0x64.sys (I have no idea what that is). And I cant delete it because it says its running. I've already copied this to other hdd. Windows Apps, Well I cant even open it because it wants Admin. I really don't know what this wants me to do, I've tried all Admin stuff I can, but I really don't know w
  8. Hi all. I recently bought a M.2 970 evo that I would like to make my boot drive. I am thinking that I would just start fresh with a clean install. My windows is a oem key, with I only just now found out what that even means. So my question is can I used the same key on my new drive, with all other hardware the same. Additionally, can I keep my old boot drive active on the same key, since its still on the same motherboard? w
  9. Hi all. Looking to buy the White Cooler master, masterbox 5 case. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119313&ignorebbr=1 Only problem is the front panel on these things stupidly block airflow. I want to buy the front panel mesh from the black edition. On the cooler master site, clicking on accessories, says they are not selling anything till next year. (stupid how they don't just show the items and prices. like WHY???). I am wondering if anyone knows IF they do sell it and for how much. They seem to have it on their EU store here http://www.cmstore.eu/spare-parts
  10. Ok, thanks all! The boot manager got me right into my desktop! Is there any thing I should do next? I know I need to go delete the old motherboard drivers. Other then that? Threads/articles/videos all welcomed and apriciated!
  11. I did get post, ssd was running old system yesterday. And it was detected by bios. Bios also has Windows boot manager as a boot option... Witch I don't know what that is.
  12. Evga 450 PSU coffee lake i5 8600k CPU asrock z370 exstreme4 mobo 16g ddr4 g.skill 3200ghz be quiet 150w cooler Evga Gta 1060sc Pyn ssd windows 10 64bit OEM old part are gigabyte b150m mobo Evga gtx 750ti i3 sky lake 6100
  13. Hi guys, I am in the process of upgrading my computer( mobo, graphics, cpu). I have plunged in my ssd boot drive with my OS. It is giving me a error saying reboot and select proper boot device.
  14. Photo from owners manual diagram Installing a Asrock z370 exstreme4 mobo currently. Pins are not marked completely straight forward, so I thought I'd ask so I don't blow it. The photo shows only the positive pins for power and reset, and 3 grounds around them. It is not clear to me if there is a set ground for each button, or if it doesn't matter.