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  1. I get the impression Linus is not very good at body hair
  2. I bought a Note9 last week. Best Buy had the unlocked 128GB one for $799 which I thought was a good deal. You can't disable or remap the Bixby button, but as of a patch yesterday you can make the button require a double press to activate. I'm pleased with the speakers, battery life, performance. Samsung's build of Oreo has a few nice things, a few frustrating. I like the ease of setting up folders with the Samsung launcher, but they've made moving/removing/uninstalling more difficult than it needs to be. I'm getting used to the app drawer being a horizontal instead of vertical scroll. I
  3. I used to think Luke was the cutest on LTT I think Riley may be cuter now I'm so torn
  4. In this video, Linus talks about his shuttlecock
  5. @LinusTech I appreciate that you addressed the concerns quickly, and glad that it was just banter. One thing to consider - Riley is still relatively new to LTT viewers. While you have a long relationship with him, the viewers don't (at least within the context of LTT). From that perspective it was uncomfortable to watch. Looking at the ~25% downvote on YouTube I would say a sizable chunk of your viewers did not like it. If it had been Dennis, Luke, or especially James it would have way less awkward.
  6. Jon is definitely the most underrated LTT personality
  7. Our commissary has soda bottles for $1.65 plus tax = $1.80 Our vending machines have soda bottles for $1.75 Guess who sales more? Yep, the commissary.