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    VioletGiraffe reacted to aDoomGuy in Cyberpunk delayed again! Yes its true.   
    They have to test 9 different versions for it, yes 9. In a Covid world where they work from home. The delay is only 3 weeks and I'd rather another delay than ending up with ...another Anthem lol.
     they could easily sell more RTX 30 if they made more cards.  ++++
  2. Informative
    VioletGiraffe reacted to WoodenMarker in Case Fan Review Sites?   
    Although not impossible, it seems very difficult to keep objective. 
    Ranking by performance with loud fans at the top isn't useful for the general user. Picking an arbitrary noise 'sweet spot' seems necessary for a performance / noise list and dBA isn't everything when the frequency of noise can greatly affect perceived noise. Tests are performed in a variety of environments such as on radiators, case meshes, filters, heatsinks and with louder or quieter noise floors. Lumping them all together doesn't seem very accurate. When separating categories, what's considered high, low, or average restriction is also arbitrary. 
    There are many individual reviews of popular case fans and not nearly as many large roundup reviews of fans. Most in-depth fan reviews are of models that potentially compete with other quiet of well-performing fans as opposed to LED fans which are generally worse. The chances of finding a large round-up that includes a fan that isn't already very popular is pretty low. 140mm's are also less popular than 120mm's. 
    When it comes to looking for comparisons of LED fans, I recommend looking up specific models and reviews comparing it to a well-known fan and doesn't just talk about its lighting. 
    Here are some roundups:
    There are sites like DVTests that also have multiple fans reviewed but don't lump them into a comparison.
  3. Informative
    VioletGiraffe reacted to WoodenMarker in Best 140 mm fans for ultra quiet operation (700 RPM?) on a thin radiator?   
    Depends on the fan. Different models have different 'sweet spots' and comparing them with rpm is a bit arbitrary when performance is what should ultimately matter. Testing often normalizes for noise or temps.
    Have you tried running lower rpm? I personally find NF-A14's very quiet around 550-600rpm. Are you using NF-A14's in push or pull? In pull, the fan blades can be too close to a dust filter or fins which can cause noise that wouldn't be present when fans are in push. 
    If you wanted to look at fan roundups, there are some results here: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1261692-case-fan-review-sites/?do=findComment&comment=14150730
    Make sure to quote a post or tag a member when replying or else they won't get a notification that you replied to them.
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    VioletGiraffe reacted to bowrilla in Best 140 mm fans for ultra quiet operation (700 RPM?) on a thin radiator?   
    The PST version means there's some built in splitter to chain the fans and to share the PWM signal. It's (to my knowledge) just a fancy expression for that. The CO version is meant for 24/7 usage. The P14 are pressure optimized, the F14 are not. P14 are all black, the F14 are black frame + white blades
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    VioletGiraffe got a reaction from Allptraum1989 in Any improvements on my airflow?   
    I have one of the two radiators in my case on the intake (that is, air is blown through the rad and into the case), and I don't like it. It gets too hot inside. I suppose you could alleviate the problem by having enough case fans blowing the air through fast, but that's extra noise and extra cost (the fans) just to fix the problem you created in the first place. I don't recommend inward-blowing radiators.
  6. Informative
    VioletGiraffe reacted to bowrilla in Best 140 mm fans for ultra quiet operation (700 RPM?) on a thin radiator?   
    Arctic P14. Cheap as hell,very good performers (among the best if not the best at low revs). The Noctua NF-A14 (Industrial PPC) are good but noisier and you just don't need anything above 1500 rpm obviously. Thin rads benefit less from higher rpms than thicker rads so the 500-1000rpm range is what you want. For the price of 2-3 Arctic P14 you can get 1 Noctua NF-A14.
  7. Informative
    VioletGiraffe reacted to Senzelian in Best 140 mm fans for ultra quiet operation (700 RPM?) on a thin radiator?   
    I'd get one of the two depending on what you want to pay:
    Scythe Kaze Flex 140. Noiseblocker NB-eLoop B14-2.  
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    VioletGiraffe reacted to Jurrunio in Motherboard VRM Tier List v2 (currently AMD only)   
    Credit to:@VegetableStu @GoldenLag @LukeSavenije
    The following list is based on facts, ranked on power delivery and known problems. The list will include boards that support CPU overclocking available at retail from different brands.
    There are still differences in performance among boards of the same tier. As a result, those that barely made it into that tier will be in orange while those that are better than others in the same tier are in blue. Unless specified, boards sharing the same name and chipset in different form factors are ranked the same.
    For advanced users: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Smj5dh97n32wJqm5dkdDcQt8ID7vH52-lKzaaXUUQx8/edit?usp=sharing
    All current draw figures are based on Prime95 small FFT with AVX unless otherwise specified, in other words the worst case scenario.
    Only often recommended sku of CPUs in the same generation and core/thread count configuration is named, others share the same rating.
    Zen scales down frequency and voltage according to EDC (current limit) and TDC (thermal limit) settings of the motherboard so in theory you won’t cook the VRM of any board at stock, you just lose frequency.
    For tier A and above, due to lack of feasible CPUs that allow testing of the boards at higher current ratings, there are some level on guessing in terms of how much more power the VRM can take.
    AM4 (Athlon, Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9)
    B550 Speculation: If you cant find the board above, then it should be here. If it's already up there, then ignore what it's placed here
    TR4 (Ryzen Threadripper 1xxx and 2xxx) X399
    sTRX4 (Ryzen Threadripper 3xxx) TRX40 (largely guessing since there's little data)
    Legacy list thread: Those looking to dive into Intel's outdated process node and recycled (for many times) architecture please refer to the old list
  9. Informative
    VioletGiraffe reacted to SupaKomputa in Choosing 2x16 RAM kit for Ryzen 1st gen, does anyone know about F4-3200C16D-32GTZSK?   
    The Samsung UDIMM with manufacturer reference M378A2K43CB1-CRC is a unbuffered DIMM non-ECC DDR4 2400MHz 288Pin
    It's an unbuffered non-ecc, so probably work with Ryzen 1700.
    At 2400 base clock you'll be lucky if it reach 3000.
    F4-3200C16D-32GTZSK is Gskill modules, it's a popular brand.
  10. Informative
    VioletGiraffe reacted to James Brooks in Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro   
    Hello Linus media group ,
    my name is James , I am a certified Apple Technician in Spain.First of all to clarify , I don´t believe this is fair for you , regardless of the origin of the damage. For the components that you mentioned that are damaged ( LCD , MLB and PSU) you would have to get replacement parts , but with a catch , the screen if it´s only shattered would be at a standard cost , but if the logic board and power supply have been tampered by non authorized party , the price of the part is increased. This is known as STOCK price. 
    I would suggest speaking with any authorized service provider / Apple premium service to get this sorted and make sure to speak with a technician and mention the stock price for the parts. Another option is to call AppleCare and mention the full story and try to make an exception (Known  as a CS Code)
    As I mentioned , I am in Spain and hard to do anything from that distance , but if you provide your iMac serial number I will check all that I can do for you guys.
    For any information or questions please contact me at james_ibz@hotmail.com 
    Kind regards , 
    James Brooks 
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    VioletGiraffe reacted to donalgodon in Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro   
    Travel to Shengen and have it repaired while you wait for $100 plus parts.
  12. Agree
    VioletGiraffe reacted to Saad1993 in Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro   
    I literally registered just to tell everyone here to stay the fuck away from Apple. 
    You're welcome.
  13. Agree
    VioletGiraffe reacted to Snuggies in Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro   
    Definitely a disappointment on #teamApple. That being said, I don't think this would really wreck their standing with their user-base which is also kind of sad but hey, that's the power of branding. 
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    VioletGiraffe reacted to Enter Plasma in Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro   
    I would show this to wall street and their shareholders 
    I'm pretty sure that would get you a helpful and positive reply in the end
  15. Informative
    VioletGiraffe reacted to Diglio in Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro   
    I am part of an AASP company, and certified in all Apple Devices for repairs, and I want to start by saying that it is quite a nightmare to go through Repairs and get parts needed for repairs. 
    To start, just going through the process to get parts ordered takes forever. It doesn't matter if you know for certain which part is needed, you have to go through their troubleshooting guides which are both a nightmare in their wording, and send you in circles when it comes to testing. 
    Second, I have done a repair for the iMac pro recently (within the past 3 weeks) and was able to get a Logic Board, Screen and Power Supply without issue. Granted I am in NYC so it is possible they had a supplier close by. The repair process was a pain (as are most Apple Repairs) and the turn around time you have to do the repair is only 10 days. That means from the moment you receive the part, you have 10 days to install it, serialize it in the system and send the old part back for shipping. 10 days doesn't seem like a short amount of time, but when the part you ordered requires other parts that are broken to test, 10 days flies by. 
    Third, in my 5 years of doing Apple Repairs, I have never had them turn around and tell me they weren't able to receive the part and thus the repair would be decline. What most likely happened, and what I have seen in the past, is that the store had no certified employees for iMac Pro repairs, so none of them were able to order the needed parts. If that isn't the case, then you were straight up lied to. From the day the product is available for shipping, items are available for order (I have had this happen on multiple ocassions, including the day 1 release of the Mac Pro Trash Can video card recall). 
    Lastly, the parts you need to replace are a complete pain. With Apple's new Security in-place, and with High Sierra, getting everything to function properly blows. There are issues with screen brightness, drives not running at proper speeds, etc.. I wouldn't be surprised if you do get this thing repaired, that you won't have issues at a later date. 
    Hopefully you guys can find an AASP within a short drive of you to have the part(s) ordered and repaired. Granted, the repair cost for a screen, logic board and PSU are going to be pretty insane. 
  16. Funny
    VioletGiraffe reacted to DoctorWho1975 in Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro   
    Jesus, talk about putting the crap in crApple.
  17. Agree
    VioletGiraffe reacted to Glenwing in How can you tell if a monitor has an IPS, TN panel etc?   
    IPS or VA is a selling point.  If it doesn't mention the panel type, then it's a TN panel.
  18. Agree
    VioletGiraffe reacted to done12many2 in Samsung 960 evo or Pro?   
    Maybe spend 10 seconds next time and search for the right drives?
  19. Funny
    VioletGiraffe reacted to Simon771 in Ryzen owners with CMK16GX4M2B3200C16   
    I'm also using those RAMs
    Version 5.39 ... so Hynix sadly.
    It doesn't go above 2933MHz. I can run it at 2933 and CL14, but it won't post if I use 3066/3200/3400 even if I use timings between 14 and 20. Even tried 1,45V and still wouldn't wok.
    So 2933MHz CL14 at 1,36V seems to be a wall for me.
    Guess I will have to live with it untill Zen2 comes around ... or if Intel decided to start soldering i9 CPUs lol
  20. Agree
    VioletGiraffe reacted to done12many2 in What do you think about Intel coffee lake?   
    If the pricing of Kaby Lake is what you consider "insane" you've got a lot bigger surprises in life awaiting you. 
    Agreed that they are higher, but to exaggerate things by calling something a joke based on what you call insane prices is just sensationalizing to make a point.  The best tech always has and always will cost you substantially more than the next closest thing.  
  21. Informative
    VioletGiraffe reacted to Kinda Bottleneck in Which X370 motherboard is best for Ryzen 1800X?   
    What I've seen so far
    Asrock X370(Taichi/Fatal1ty Pro) - Solid vrm for CPU, TI Nexfets. Not many issues with the bios, has problems with some high speed ram kits.
    Asus X370(Prime/CH6) - Solid vrm, Ti Nexfets, Prime Pro uses similar vrm components but lesser phases than ch6. By far the most problems I've seen with bios(bricking issueson the CH6) but it seems to have stabilized. First few pages of the ch6 OC thread in ocn was filled with people being told to rma their ch6, has problems with some high speed ram kits. 
    Gigabyte X370(G5/K7) - Solid vrm, PowIRstages, Not many issues with bios. Reports of TridentZ RGB killing themselves on the GB boards, has problems with some high speed ram kits.
    Msi(Xpower) - OK vrm, Nikos Mosfets. So far no real issue with the bios, has problems with some high speed ram kits. The Xpower is quite controversial since msi opted for the use of subpar quality nikos mosfet(it works fine, just not as good as other high end boards) which I do really hate them for doing that since the xpower is the most costly. And comparing it to the z170/270 Xpower really make one question what the fuck msi is doing. Though the only real setback of this board is msi's questionable use of Nikos mosfets on such a premium board. If the bios is anything similar to my Old Msi G43 board, its really good. And OC'ing doesn't really seem to be much of a problem as well. I'll wait for tweaktown's review of this board. 
    Biotstar GT7 - Solid VRM(Similar to GB) Bios has lots to improve, very little user experience about this board.
    Haven't seen any of those board burn from overclocking.
    And the rest leaves your Lower end X370 boards and B350 boards. Mostly lower end stuff. 
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    VioletGiraffe reacted to PCGuy_5960 in What do you think about Intel coffee lake?   
    Depends. In single threaded tasks and in gaming, DEFINITELY. In multi threaded tasks probably not, but it will be very close, unless, it can clock higher than Kabylake or it has a 5%+ IPC increase (both are extremely unlikely)
  23. Agree
    VioletGiraffe reacted to facesmacker3 in What do you think about Intel coffee lake?   
    I believe that the pricing will be reasonable and more comparable to the competition. We already saw how Ryzen took a lot of market share away from Intel, so they would not want that process to continue on much longer.
  24. Agree
    VioletGiraffe reacted to Noirgheos in What do you think about Intel coffee lake?   
    All you have to do is take a look at a recent 7900X review to know that's not true. It pulls ahead of the 7700K in most games, and it doesn't have a clockspeed advantage either. 
    Intel won't suddenly price mainstream models at HEDT. It makes no sense for a new generation and release. The 8700K will likely be $350 USD, like every other mainstream i7 before it.
  25. Agree
    VioletGiraffe reacted to SpaceGhostC2C in What do you think about Intel coffee lake?   
    I think that the great news that Ryzen was sometimes makes us forget what the broad situation is. To begin with, how is it not going to be faster than Ryzen, when Intel's current lineup already is faster than Ryzen core vs core?
    I see more of a contest for Threadripper, because the differences in approach for the HEDT do indeed make AMD outright faster in some scenarios, and how these two platforms will evolve over time is really interesting. But in the mainstream the situation is simpler: AMD improved a lot, kept prices down, and just by being not much slower (i.e., not faster) it ruined Intel from the value perspective. Hence, in the mainstream platform, there's nothing preventing Intel from releasing Kaby Lake based CPUs that de-throne Ryzen even in value terms, except for their own calculations on what maximizes their profits. Having the faster core means that it's up to them to come with a product that at the very least is not worse value, while being better in absolute performance terms, than Ryzen, perhaps with the exception of Ryzen 7 for multithreaded use cases if they can't fit 8 cores in 1151. In fact, they could just adjust the pricing of their current CPUs and that would be it. No new development needed.
    However, Intel has shown at least in the very recent past that they prefer to keep prices for their existing products and do the price adjustment with a new release instead. Plus the difference in core count meant that the price adjustment needed would be too savage, leaving the higher end to AMD for a while. What Coffe Lake will allow them to do, even if there's no improvement in IPC, is to adjust their features and prices to the new, smaller performance margin over AMD. Kaby Lake vs Ryzen isn't the same as Skylake vs. Piledriver; the 2066 lineup already reflects that, and I expect Coffe Lake to reflect that as well.
    On the contrary, I'm quite sure Coffee Lake's release will be used to realign Intel's offering in terms of performance per dollar. In fact, I suspect the increase in core count will be use to keep the price range more or less unchanged.
    But crystal ball can fail  
    And even before that, under the name of Skylake  
    But there has to be new tech for that... what is it exactly that they released? A slightly higher overclock for the top 1% chips? I mean, you can disagree, but you have to understand that the main argument behind the "Kaby Lake could have been skipped" claim is precisely that it wasn't really making anything available compared to Skylake, other than artificially baked in DRM, etc.
    I think that, at the end of the day, the discussion depends on whether you read that as equivalent to "AMD shouldn't have released Ryzen until they could add features X, Y, Z, just run with Excavator in the meantime", or closer to "AMD should have skipped the FX-9xxx series, and just roll with Piledriver until Ryzen". I'm more inclined to the latter, hence why I tend to agree with @Princess Cadence; if you see it more like the former, you will tend to disagree.