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  1. Thanks guys, yeah I think I will wait since laptops seem to be really pricey right now. RTX 2060 laptops are still very expensive even though the 30 series are coming out, which does not make sense to me. Also I am mainly only looking at Lenovo, since the other companies have bad customer service and part availability (in my experience as a tech). Also, I don't find RGB to be nice at all and Lenovo does a good job at keeping their gaming products looking professional. And yeah, I will be moving to Japan maybe they have better deals there, but I lose a bit of money on the exchange u
  2. Right, but this one is 1400$ ( the picture ). Also, I am moving overseas and currently have no space for a desktop :-(
  3. Hey, is this a good deal? On the lenovo website a rtx 2060 laptop is around 2000$ CAD. Do you think I could get a better deal used? Thanks :)
  4. Wow, this is great information. Did not know that! I will try tonight thanks :)
  5. Yeah that's what it looks like, but man, I swear I installed them!
  6. Good evening forums, I have a problem with my Dell Latitude E5470. It has a i7-6600U (2C 4T), and it has a R7 M360 inside. Not the most powerful laptop, but I am just trying to play Valorant on 720p. The performance sucked but I realized it was running on the integrated graphics. So I disabled the integrated GPU and switched to the integrated AMD card. Problem is, I cannot change the brightness or the resolution in Windows settings. I downloaded the Radeon software and even installed the proper display drivers from the dell website. Yet still, my problem is still there.
  7. Okay, so you think it's better off I wait or take this offer? Because I'm in no big rush I just wanted to know if it was a good deal or not so much
  8. i5 9300H Oh, and I just confirmed it's a 60hz panel
  9. Hey there, Someone wants to sell me an msi Gl65 9sc for 750$ CAD. It's got a 1650 and 8gb of ram, however the ram and storage can be upgraded. He says he thought it was the 144hz model but windows only says it's 60hz? Is he being dishonest? Is this a good price? Thanks for the help!
  10. Thanks guys I think I'll open the backside of the ps4 and glue a Kensington lock to it, drill a hole in the plastic casing for the lock to stick out, and then screw the casing back in. Then I'll lock the ps4 to the desk leg or something like that. I'll post an update! You guys gave me a lot of good ideas but I don't like the "box" solutions cause ps4s already run really toasty and it might break it in the long run. Keep an eye out for an update!
  11. Haven't considered that! But I don't think I'll go as far as securing that. If ever he sells it his housemates will let him borrow it. He can't sell those!
  12. Hey there forums. I recently fixed up a broken/abandoned PS4 from my job. I'm giving it to my brother, who lives in a special home since he has schizophrenia. I have already given him an iMac and he also has a guitar, and those things are big enough so that he can't sneak them out of the house to sell them. Part of his condition is that he is extremely impulsive, and long story short, although he doesn't mean to he sells his things pretty often. The problem is that a PS4 is small enough for him to sneak it out and sell. So... my mom said that at her old job they had a w
  13. same, I just built a pc but settled for a rx 580 cause im not down to spend 700$ CAD on a 2080 lol. I'm happy playing 1440p on low for the time being
  14. I heard blower cards run hotter honestly, unless your case has bad cooling, but don't quote me on that honestly. You are right that at 83-84 blue screening is not normal. Cards should theoretically work up until around 90 c. What I think is going on, is that your gpu is becoming old so I would look into undervolting or underclocking your gpu in search of a more stable experience. This might improve your performance even though you have lower clock speeds, since it gets to work hard until higher temperatures. That said, I would look into getting an upgrade from your 1080. Personally, I would wa
  15. Check this out (Price in Canadian): https://www.amazon.ca/Corsair-CC-9011078-WW/dp/B00YJJBFIO/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=pc+case+good+airflow&qid=1590446648&s=electronics&sr=1-5 You see the fans in the front? A case like this will always have better temperatures for obvious reasons. Glass in the front is pretty, but not the best. Also don't forget to compare your gpu to the website i shared with you