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    Teaching and learning from others, traveling


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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6 core 3600Mhz
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    ASRock B450 Steel Legend
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    AMD Radeon RX 5700
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    2TB HHD, 120Gb SSD
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  1. So i changed my motherboard to an: ASUS M5A97 R2.0 AM3+ and everything works like a charm. Still have no idea why it didn't work. At least my system works perfectly but still have no idea why my motherboard "Worked" but didn't allow me to get any signal.. ? Weird, Thanks for all the support & comments!
  2. @The Spectator So finally I changed my motherboard to an ASUS M5A97 R2.0 AM3+ and everything works like a charm, no problem at all. Still have no idea what the problem was or how to fix it.. at least my system works now but it blows because I thought that my GPU was broken, so I bought another one (Facebook Market Place).
  3. Yeah that's the only thing left; I've tried everything else.
  4. @Semper Thing is.. I've got an old system laying around and I'm trying to sell it. I already got someone who's interested but can't sell him an pc that doesn't boot (no signal). I have to change the motherboard.. I think this one will work? -ASUS M5A97 R2.0 AM3+
  5. Yeah pretty much @minibois Because everything is working but I'm not getting any signal. Only thing that I have to change is the Motherboard. Trying to buy local (facebook Market place) so it doesn't take as long to get here. Anything I should be looking for..?
  6. So I have to change my motherboard - here is my current setup: processor: AMD FD6300WM6KHK 2011 motherboard: M5A781-MLX-PLUS* graphics card: GIGABYTE GEFORCE GTX 960 power supply: ANTEC 620w ram: KINGSTON 8GB DDR3 (KVR16N11/8) I'm buying from someone and these 3 are my only option: -ASUS B250H ROG -GIGABYTE B365M DS3H -GIGABYTE GA-H170-D3H I'm asking on here because I couldn't find these motherboards on pcpartpicker... thanks!
  7. Yeah I bought the computer from someone and it worked perfectly, but I still don't understand why I'm not getting any signal. spec: processor: AMD FD6300WM6KHK motherboard: M5A781-MLX-PLUS graphics card: GIGABYTE GEFORCE GTX 960 mini - GEFORCE GTX 760 power supply: ANTEC 620w hard drive: SEAGATE 1TB HDD cpu fan: DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400
  8. So i have an M5A781-MLX-PLUS motherboard with an Gigabyte Gtx 960 mini and it doesn't do anything. Everything is plugged in, everything turns on but I still have no signal. Thought that my GPU was cooked (even if the fans turned on) so i bought another gpu (Gefore Gtx 760) and it does the same thing. Fans go off, everything is turned on but still no signal. Tried some troubleshooting but now I'm completely clueless. Taken the OIM battery out from the motherboard (re setting the BIOS) and it didn't help... Really don't want to buy another motherboard... Anyone got any
  9. hmmm... okay. Well that is a huge pain. Yeah I've been looking out on where to download my stuff but I really just wanted to change from SSD to HDD. Thanks
  10. So I have 2 storage devices an 2T HDD and a 120gb SSD in my rig. When I built the PC I of course installed windows on my SSD for faster boot time and what not, but now my pc used my SSD as my primary storage source. Of course I want to keep my "important files (windows and everything attached to it)" to stay on it. How do I make my HDD the primary storage device without messing everything up? So, 1- make hdd primary device on my computer (file downloads and such) 2- transfer documents from sdd to hdd + keep windows and steam games on ssd for faster boot times and load u
  11. So I have a HyperX headset but I have some issues with it, (things that I would have liked to be on the Headset) I can't change the volume of my game and of my chat separately, Is there an audio interface that I could add to my setup to adjust more the audio without going through my settings? I know that my headset has an USB connection to my pc and not an audio cable (XLR) settings or macros? any tips would really help, highly appreciated ^^
  12. Hey guys, so I just build a new system a few weeks ago and it goes great, went to open a new word document and the only option that I have is WordPad, It's kinda the same but I would prefer to use Word. Anyone could help? Don't know why it doesn't even let me open it ( not in windows bar ) and all my other files ( that i transfered from another pc ) are all WordPad files now? Shot in the dark here* Bought my product key, but doesn't that usually come with office (word, powepoint and such.) Like I looked around, but on my other PC I didn't have to pay memberships or anyth
  13. yeah the computer and the monitor are brand new and I double checked all the connections, I have an motherboard: ASROCK B450 cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X memory: CORSAIR vengeance lpx 16gb
  14. I plugged it in as a second monitor on my laptop