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  1. I can't add to this but commenting to see if any more answers get posted as I am having the same error occur, but mine isnt even happening during gaming most of the time.
  2. I have now tried it without the additonal ram added and it is still happening. I do not have another monitor to try it with. I will give the graphics driver clean out a try. Also I have noticed after the screen goes black that a windows background alert tone sounds.
  3. I cant help with the headphones but I use DS4Widnows http://ds4windows.com/ to enable ps4 controller use on the pc. There are presets on there or you can remap buttons as you need to.
  4. No it happens seemingly at random, I've had it happen while gaming and I've had it happen just watching netflix. Also I've had the side panel off while its been running and the same thing happens, sometimes it can not happen for 2/3 days and then it could happen 2/3 times in an hour
  5. Hello everyone, I've got a feeling my GPU GTX 970 is going bad, but wanted confirmation or suggestions to see if it can be saved. There doesnt seem to be a pattern to when this happens but every so often my screen will go black and then my monitor will say it is not reciving input. While this is happening I will still be hearing sound out of my speakers. I have tried multiple cables on different outputs on the card, both hdmi and displayport, I have taken out and reseated the graphics card. This started after I added in ann extra set of ram to
  6. I honestly can't remember setting a colour when setting up windows but thanks for answering
  7. Hi all, first time posting to the forum. Just a quick question, when I log on to Windows or go into ctrl alt del menu my screen turns purple. Is this normal or is it indicating a problem I can't find? included an image to help show what I mean