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    xGGAx reacted to Majestic in Freesync / G-sync   
    Have you tried googling? No offense.
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    xGGAx got a reaction from KuJoe in Looking for the shortest USB 3.0 male to male (Type A) cable possible   
    this one is 25cm, about ~10in. I have yet to see smaller cables.
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    xGGAx got a reaction from Chennaiyen in Best Mechanical gaming Keyboard   
    the keyboard works on mac, but you need corsair's cue software for RGB effects. 
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    xGGAx got a reaction from Chennaiyen in Best Mechanical gaming Keyboard   
    if you dont need the macro keys get the k70 rapidfire. It is a k95 but smaller and cheaper.
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    xGGAx got a reaction from kirashi in Internet speed varies greatly by room   
    I could tell you at least 5 things that could be causing your problem.
    -thick walls
    -other AP interference
    -too many devices at once
    -low power output
    -bad AP placement
    You need to troubleshoot each and every one. First make sure your AP(wireless router) is high enough, like on a table or even higher(and away from walls).Set all the antennas completely vertical.
    Log into your device  configuration portal and make sure the output power is at 100%.Try different modes such as b/g only or b/g/n, see if that makes a difference.
    Review how many devices are active and make sure you own all of them(someone else could be using your wifi).
    Finally download Acrylic and scan all the networks, check the channels they are using and set your SSID channel to a different one.
    If everything fails then you might need a wifi extender. 
  6. Informative
    xGGAx reacted to mjwitz in Secure your EA account NOW!   
    What I heard is that they got the security questions to peoples accounts and used that to break in to accounts. And what they are doing is getting fifa along with micro transactions with stolen credit cards. After the charge back happens your account gets banned unless you play the money. 
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    xGGAx got a reaction from DriZyo in Mechanical Keyboard and Headphone   
    like I said, consider other features and design. Corsair keyboards have better lighting overall. Go with the k70, better design, software and  has a metal frame.
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    xGGAx got a reaction from DriZyo in Mechanical Keyboard and Headphone   
    the mic is removable and it is "good enough" for gaming, do not expect crystal clear audio but I guess you could tweak the input.
    As for keyboards I only have experience with logitech and corsair. Some people suggest that razer mechanical  keyboards are lower quality. Switches are the same across brands, meaning, a cherry mx red will feel the same in a corsair keyboard, logitech, ducky, etc. You should consider other features such as media keys, macro keys, rgb, etc. before making a purchase.
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    xGGAx got a reaction from DriZyo in Mechanical Keyboard and Headphone   
    The short answer is yes, they are good.  Long answer , it depends.
    I have the k70 with cherry mx speed and the hyperX cloud II. First of all, the cherry switches are very sensitive, it takes a while to get used to, but for gaming and typing they are pretty good (try different switches if you can or buy one of these). As for the headset, it is very comfortable, has decent audio and mic. However, it lacks some "punch" even with the base turned up. Unless you are an audiophile, I would suggest sticking to regular gaming headsets.
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    xGGAx got a reaction from RiqSha in GTX 1060 or GTX 1070? 2560 x 1080 @ 60fps   
    the 1060 is definitely capable, but you can get the 1070 to have some peace of mind.
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    xGGAx reacted to rookie.wanna.play in budget gaming peripherals?   
    Thanksss i watched some reviews on that.
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    xGGAx got a reaction from Crunchy Dragon in Changing hardware?   
    I say dont do it, unless you need the extra cores for productivity.
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    xGGAx reacted to LogicalDrm in Unhelpful replies   
    Neither points are valid to be honest. There are correct answers which leave much open. Like for example saying just yes or no to question like "Can I use Win10 key from my previous build with new build?" Question being good enough to earn better answers and answer really not giving out anything useful. And with bad questions we have things like "I have LGA1151 mobo, is this X cooler good?" Nothing to work with there. Or "I get black screen after 5min of gaming. Help?" usually titles with I NEED HELP! Those questions need first some more info before anyone can do anything.
    Ofc best thing would be if both question and answer would be specific to begin with. But that rarely happens. Another rarely happening thing is someone using search before posting. Which gives us daily/weekly questions about certain topics. Personally I've started to skip topics which have simple question stated in title and have 5+ replies. But to some of users here those kind of topics are annoying so they will post something too simple, or sometimes spammy just because they are annoyed by questions getting asked daily. New user won't know why they are getting that kind of reply, nor do they get if its supposed to be sarcastic or not if there isn't any good indicator like /s. Something not even then.
    Good example was one idiot posting that stupid ram video on every topic which asked about RAM.
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    xGGAx got a reaction from KenjiUmino in Best GPU for E5400, 4GB DDR3   
    hi and welcome to the forum. A GT1030 would be more than enough. But I would get a GTX1050 (non ti) just to be sure. 
  15. Informative
    xGGAx reacted to Draconid in Matchmaking in Overwatch   
    This forum post may help you, https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20745504371 It basically tells us how the matchmaking system works.
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    xGGAx reacted to SCHISCHKA in Unhelpful replies   
    A crap question attracts crap answers.
    If your question can be answered by reading wikipedia, then you cannot expect a quality response compared to a question that precisely identifies what you are struggling with.
    For example, asking "what is a thread" can be put into a web search, and the first result is a wikipedia page. If you do not understand something in the wikipedia page then you can go to a forum and ask for clarification on what you are struggling with.
    The amount of people who ask before googling just turns this forum into a collection of shit posts.
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    xGGAx got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in Oldest motherboard that has a PCIe x16 slot   
    If I remember correctly, 478 socket didnt have PcI-e x16 , most boards came with AGP.
    A safe bet would be 775 boards, still p4 but a bit better technology.
  18. Agree
    xGGAx reacted to MrWizzle in Newbie question on case   
    I got the NZXT S340 Elite. It was $10 off and then a $20 rebate on top of that, I couldn't pass it up!
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    xGGAx got a reaction from Emberstone in i7 950 to skylake or kabylake, gigabyte or asus   
    your dad is right, get a 7700k and z270 if you can. Even the 7600k struggles in games like battefield 1. If you dont want to overclock, then just get the regular 7700 and a H270 board.
  20. Funny
    xGGAx got a reaction from killer5247 in Newbie question on case   
    Get the NZXT S340 Elite if you can. That 1080 deserves some tempered glass.
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    xGGAx reacted to AT0MAC in Recommend power supply   
    Kind of think I found a solution, a silenced version of Lian Li PC-K6 case (because I also need a case for the build and hard drives makes a lot of annoying noises), a HDMI input card because I will partly use the workstation for streaming and recording gameplay and a Seasonic Platinium 760Watt PSU!
    It will end up costing way more than I first thought of, but I think this is the ultimate solution for this type of build: combined mass storage, workstation, streaming/recording, VMs and hardware testing.
    It also makes it clear that with this build I can sell off a lot of the parts I have laying around, because if I cant even use them in a scrap build, then when will I ever be able to use them... Also, a way to finance the higher than expected price tag. Thanks for confirming me in the choices made

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    xGGAx reacted to AT0MAC in Recommend power supply   
    I actually have a Seasonic X400FL gold already, true fanless. I have soo many parts just laying around from old builds, its too good to let go but too underappreciated to sell - and for this build im very sure it would not be enough, as that GTX 690 is a old school dual GPU monster before power efficiency was a term nVivia knew.
    Im kind of looking at the M12II-750 Evo as I am very sure its absolute awesome, its just a little pricey and only bronze rated, so thinking there might be better options elsewere but so far looks like Im only getting the same recommendations as I already know about. fellow LTT users have great taste in hardware apparently
  23. Informative
    xGGAx got a reaction from JamesHewitt in New mouse but can't decide which   
    you have to consider other things like your grip and what kind of games you play the most

  24. Informative
    xGGAx got a reaction from JamesHewitt in New mouse but can't decide which   
    in that case you should consider something like This G.Skill mouse with adjustable height and weight. 
  25. Funny
    xGGAx reacted to You_are_a_cunt in Random coil whine fixed with new PSU?   
    coil whine can apear after minutes os years. pixies get angry when they feel like it.