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  1. 2 minutes ago, DiGiTaL FaKiE said:

    Code 28 on all 4 of those devices. Also they are duplicated cuz I only have one mouse and one keyboard. Unknown device is keyboard.

    that code refers to missing drivers so totally unrelated to my issue.
    Try installing drivers manually, download the latest one from the manufacturer and use the "update driver" option under properties, select the downloaded folder > ok.

    Do not use the setup that came with the drivers.

  2. I had a similar case with my own computer, suddenly no usb ports would work, except 2.0 ports. What I did was to manually remove all registry entries associated to usb:


    -Open device manager, find the ports that dont work > right click > properties then write down the error code.

    -If you get error code 19,31,32,37,39 or 41 then do this https://www.repairwin.com/fix-usb-error-code-39-usb-not-working-error/


    I would say first uninstall drivers, then delete registry entries> restart

  3. This mining craze is a big bubble. This is what will happen:


    -Crypto market crashes

    -Tons of used cards will flood the market

    -Next gen cards will be out by then, so no one will buy old cards except for budget builds


    We should not worry about the gpu market, but the memory market. 

    RAM prices keep rising and this has been going on for almost 2 years now. Expensive flash = expensive gpus, SSDs and RAM. Some people even suggest that phone prices will rise as well this 2018.

  4. 16 hours ago, dave4shmups said:

    What's that?  I never use the Windows key with Windows 10, and I know a lot of people have concerns about that when using one of these adapters.

    basically if you press multiple keys at once and keep them pressed, you should see the correct output on display. Some older and low end keyboards have only 3-6 key rollover. You have to make sure your keyboard has n-key rollover if you want to game with it.

  5. I could tell you at least 5 things that could be causing your problem.
    -thick walls

    -other AP interference

    -too many devices at once

    -low power output

    -bad AP placement


    You need to troubleshoot each and every one. First make sure your AP(wireless router) is high enough, like on a table or even higher(and away from walls).Set all the antennas completely vertical.

    Log into your device  configuration portal and make sure the output power is at 100%.Try different modes such as b/g only or b/g/n, see if that makes a difference.

    Review how many devices are active and make sure you own all of them(someone else could be using your wifi).

    Finally download Acrylic and scan all the networks, check the channels they are using and set your SSID channel to a different one.

    If everything fails then you might need a wifi extender.