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    Carlos1010 reacted to Djole123 in The iPhone XR isn't actually selling as well as we thought...   
    So, although Apple stopped sharing the per unit sales numbers, Nikkei received news that iPhone XR suppliers should ramp down or completely halt the production of its components.

    According to Nikkei's report, Apple told its main suppliers, Foxconn and Pegatron, to lower production volumes. In case of Foxconn, 60 production lines were ready for new iPhones, but only 45 were allocated.
    Apple's parts supplier, Wistron, although was expected to go full throttle for the holiday season, actually was instructed to halt production for that time period.
    This was actually a similar scenario to the iPhone 5c a few years ago, and although we don't know if the XR is going to flop as hard as the 5c did, we can see that there isn't much demand for the $750 sub-1080p smartphone.
    What do you think is the reason? Is it the lack of marketing or is simply the average consumer fed up with having less phone for a high price?
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    Carlos1010 reacted to Tabs in What certification is good for entry-level IT jobs?   
    Everyone has CCNA, CompTIA A+, Network+ and CEH.
    Show the company you have a modern Microsoft cert and they'll take super notice, since it sets you apart from the generic crowd.  (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/mcse-certification.aspx and https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/mcsa-certification.aspx)
    And yes, as @Shimejii said, make sure the cert is relevant to the position you want and the position that's been advertised.
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    Carlos1010 reacted to Shimejii in What certification is good for entry-level IT jobs?   
    Certs are not useful if the job you are going into does not require or use them. Make sure that you find what your job specifies in what they need, and also note that certs only last a few years, you will have to re-certify every few years
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    Carlos1010 reacted to Sir Asvald in Make a website questions   
    You'll have to pay to transfer your domain to wix.com. Not sure how much it costs.
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    Carlos1010 reacted to Hauklien in Make a website questions   
    So, if I understand you correctly, you want to use Wix's website builder, and you don't want to get into hardcoding HTML and so on?
    Using Wix, I think you'll have to subscribe to Wix hosting. That means you need to get one of the Wix subscriptions, then transfer your domain to Wix.
    It also looks like there may be other possibilities as well, please check out Wix's FAQ on domains:
    Another solution is to use the website builder software which comes with the hosting service you already bought (Namecheap?).
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    Carlos1010 reacted to xitywampas in What does DMI link mean?   
    Direct Media Interface. Faster GPU link basically. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_Media_Interface
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    Carlos1010 reacted to Megah3rtz in What does DMI link mean?   
    It is a link between the northbridge and southbridge on the motherboard. Direct Media Interface 
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    Carlos1010 reacted to LinusTech in Question for Linus   
    I ignore notifications. I’m quite active here (multiple times daily) but I mostly lurk. 
    Just want to keep my fingers on the pulse of the site and the tech community in general. 
    So so I scroll past a lot of subject lines to make sure nothing is on fire (Notes, CPUs, our videos, etc)
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    Carlos1010 reacted to Mira Yurizaki in What is port-forwarding?   
    In computer networks, port numbers are used to talk to a specific service that may be running on a computer. For example, 80 is a common port for computers to talk in HTTP which delivers web pages. 22 is a common port for remote shell logins.
    In a LAN, despite every computer having a different IP address, they all share the same external IP address. So if your external IP is, every computer in your LAN will be seen as the rest of the world as, even if one computer in the LAN claims it's and another
    The problem is when the internet wants to initiate communication to one of your computers in the LAN. Since every computer in the LAN is seen to the rest of the world as, your router doesn't know who to forward the data to. However, since the other computer is usually trying a specific service, it will use a port. So if you have a web server set up, it'll listen for communication requests on port 80. The other computer will connect to port 80. The router is then set up so that any requests on port 80 will forward traffic to the web server you set up. Let's say the web server on the LAN is So all traffic from the internet to port 80 will be forwarded to
    I suppose a real world quasi analogy is think of your LAN as an apartment building. Every apartment in it though shares the same street address. So in order for mail addressed to you to get to you, you have to tell the postal service which apartment number you're in so that all mail coming in to that street address and apartment number goes to your mailbox.
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    Carlos1010 reacted to Spork829 in Questions about 60GHz frequency band for WiFi.   
    1. If you're extending it through a cable and the AP is capable of a 60GHz frequency, I would think it would (some configuration might be necessary)
    2. Yes, the router/AP and the PC need to support wireless AD
    3. Yeah, though a really old router may be limited to 100Mbps or worse
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    Carlos1010 reacted to H0R53 in Hybrid or SC Gaming?   
    If they are the same GPU, you can get more or less the same performance results. 
    An Asus GTX 550ti has a higher stock clock but the reference design can achieve the same overclock as the Asus variant.
    The FTW cards are the highest performing variant of the EVGA cards.
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    Carlos1010 reacted to SPG in Worth getting a new GPU at this moment?   
    Vega comes out next month, I'd wait. Even if you don't want an AMD card they might bring Nvidia prices down.
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    Carlos1010 reacted to RadiatingLight in Why does the CPU choose what ram you should have?   
    It will most likely work - just means that the makers of the board haven't tested it with more than the rated amount of RAM, so any potential issues that might pop up are not covered under warranty, and support won't help you fix them.
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    Carlos1010 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Can you change the amount of lanes a GPU will have?   
    You need a chipset that supports splitting lanes so that's a z or x chipset. Other wise you just can't have them both plugged to. The cpu. 
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    Carlos1010 reacted to The Sloth in Ryzen help   
    in terms of raw proformance  
    ryzen 1600= 5820k/6800k 
    ryzen 1700= 5960x/6900k 
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    Carlos1010 reacted to mariushm in What does a website need to be https?   
    There's no such thing.
    You have to configure the web server to serve content encrypted (listen on port 443 along with regular port 80 for http) and you need a valid SSL certificate in order for encrypted communication to work ( a ssl certificate is like a notebook which contains a "public password" that's used by both the web server and the person accessing the website to create some secret passwords that are then used to encrypt content)
    Public tests simply check the SSL certificate for the authenticity, to make sure it wasn't "hacked" or altered in such a way as to allow people to go between you and the website and snoop on the communication.
    Let's Encrypt is an organization that makes it easier to install SSL certificates and obtain SSL certificates : https://letsencrypt.org/how-it-works/
    These are basic certificates, for websites that handle payments or more serious stuff, some browsers don't consider these free certificates good enough, you have to pay up to hundreds of dollars per year for a valid certificate from a more respected organization.
    Most web browsers try to encourage usage of encryption, of SSL (serving pages through https) by refusing to talk to web servers using the more modern and faster  HTTP/2 protocol (as opposed to HTTP/1.1 which is now years old) unless those web servers have encryption enabled.
    That's why some websites enable it even though technically it's not really required, like on this forum for example, where most of your posts are public anyway and indexed by Google within seconds from your posting.
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    Carlos1010 reacted to The Sloth in What does a website need to be https?   
    yes, sadly some scammers usually use "secure sites" to fool users into giving them information. 
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    Carlos1010 reacted to mariushm in What does a website need to be https?   
    No, it doesn't change automatically.
    Users could still simply type http in front of your site's address and it would work without encryption. You would have to configure the web server to automatically route browsers to the new encrypted connection.
    If users type https in front of the address AND you change your web servers from listing for connections only on port 80 (HTTP) to both port 80 (HTTP) AND port 443 (HTTPS) and the SSL certificate is properly installed THEN the connection would be encrypted.
    The articles simplfies things probably because it assumes most people would use shared hosting where the web servers or managed VPS  or managed servers which would already come pre-configured to listen for connections on both ports.
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    Carlos1010 reacted to DiamondShark286 in i7 6700k won't overclock at all + weird chirping   
    the previous user might have damaged the vrm by not cooling it well so that might be the problem and why your getting high voltages 
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    Carlos1010 reacted to ARikozuM in how do i overclock on linux??   
    You can overclock through the BIOS. These settings should carry over to all OS.
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    Carlos1010 reacted to colonel_mortis in Fresh windows install unable to boot   
    To try it, I connected one screen to my iGPU and one to my discrete GPU (780), and set my UEFI to use the integrated graphics. I am now able to boot into Windows, and both monitors work (with no extra software installed or anything, they just work)...
    I'm going to try changing some settings because the current setup isn't really sustainable (it doesn't work great in Linux - one screen gets text and the other gets a GUI), but at least it boots now.
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    Carlos1010 got a reaction from nitsuga5124 in RadMini Electric Folding Bike   
    I'm surprised he can ride it... 
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    Carlos1010 got a reaction from xDanielxOossiex in RadMini Electric Folding Bike   
    I'm surprised he can ride it... 
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    Carlos1010 reacted to givingtnt in Does it support packet injection?   
    packet injection works regardless of your network card. because, thats not how it works.

    the network card will transfer whatever packet it needs to transfer. the injection is done before the data is sent to the card and out in the network
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    Carlos1010 reacted to givingtnt in Does it support packet injection?   
    what do you mean ? like monitoring the packets coming in and out ?